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Friday, May 16, 2008

The Silent Symphony

memory-angel07: just something I made out of boredom

Author’s notes


Inner Sakura


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Our sweetest songs come from our saddest thoughts…

Author: memory-angel07


A young girl came running into the building. Her shoes clicked on the tiled floor. Almost there…She frantically rushed to her classroom. She hurriedly opened the knob.


“What’s the rush Sakura?”

The pink haired girl looked at the sight. Empty chairs; no one was inside the classroom.


“Don’t tell me you forgot today’s a Saturday, no classes”


The silver haired teacher sweat dropped at his student’s antics.

“Since you’re here, Sakura, do you mind doing a favor for me?”

“Not at all Kakashi-sensei”

“Arigatuo Sakura, you see I lost one of my novels on the lower floor…”

Her eye brow twitched at the mention of his beloved novel. One day I’ll burn all your perverted books Kakashi-sensei. One day! Her thoughts began to think of ways on how to burn his novel.

Oi Sakura! Look I found the book in the depths of our mind!”


I’ll go ahead and read it while you go look for his Icha icha Paradise! Good luck”

Oi wait!”

Before she knew it Inner Sakura was long gone.

“It’s the special edition of my most beloved Icha icha Paradise so I can’t afford to loose it”

“Um…then why don’t you look for it yourself?”

She was getting annoyed with her perverted sensei.

“You see I got lost in the road of life and forgot the time to total your grades”

Liar! She looked at her sensei and with a look that says do-I-look-like-I-care-what’s-in-your-perverted-mind.

“Please Sakura!”

He was doing that puppy dog eyes again.

“That won’t work on me again Kaka-sensei, remember what happened last time you gave me that look. Tsumade practically killed me when she found out all those acorns were of my doing”

“Hey! It’s not my fault! Those chipmunks were about to kill someone!”

“Aha… She had me remove all of them from the room!”

“Oh well please Sakura-sama I’ll do anything for you”

The words made Sakura think hard.

If we tell him to remove his mask then we wouldn’t have to listen to Naruto’s ramblings!”

You’re a genius Inner!”

“Okie Kaka-sensei I accept but…”

“Thanks so much Sakura, meet me in the faculty room once you found it! I owe you one in the future!”

Before she could even say what he had to do I return, her oh so beloved teacher left the room with a cloud of dust trailing his tracks. Kakashi-sensei is so dead!

“Better get searching now if I want to go home early”



Sakura sneezed as dust floated over her. She looked around; it looked like an old music room. Why would there be a music room on the second floor?

Yeah! I thought they were only in the third and fourth floor of our school”

A dusty table, a sheet music stand, a cabinet filled with books and sheet music, and a violin case.

“What would a violin be doing around this place?”

It was dusty but out of all the mess, Sakura saw something out of the ordinary. Inside the case was a golden plate with words engraved on it.

To my beloved,

Your music forever fills my heart with love.

Truly yours now and forever,

That’s funny, the name was erased

Your right

She looked at the violin. There was a flowery design etched in gold.

“How beautiful”

It looks pretty expensive. Must have been custom made.


Hey Sak, can you play a song? Like the old times.

Alright, just one song for old time’s sake, it’s been a long time since I last played right?

She positioned the instrument and held the bow in one hand.

As she gracefully played the notes, the melody enchanted her to even play more. Her movements flowed. The music was coming to its climax when she heard the door click open thus halting the flow of the song.

Her eyes widened at the visitor. Emerald clashed with onyx. His black hair was tied in a pony tail with some locks framing his pale face. His lips muttered something in audible to Sakura’s ears.

“What are you doing here?”

His tone was cold and distant but his eyes said something different.

“Gomenasai, I was just wandering around and I seemed to stumble here…”

Sakura knew this man. She had once seen him once somewhere but couldn’t put a finger on it. She hesitantly placed the violin back in its dusty case. This man frightened her; his aura gave the room a bone chilling air. She had to leave.

“…I didn’t mean to offend you but I must go now, sayonara”

The woman bowed deeply and rushed towards the door but was halted by the man’s hand. It’s cold.

“Sakura… ”

The said woman looked into his onyx orbs. Her head suddenly began spinning and her eye sight became blurry but before she stumbled into complete unconsciousness she heard his words.

“…you came back”


Sakura awoke in a room she didn’t remember being into. A fire place was lit. Its light illuminated the furniture but what caught her eye was the painting on the wall opposite to her.

.A melody played in the midst of the night.

“You’re awake”


“Who are you?”

The emerald eyed woman looked at the man. A sad smile etched his face.

“Gomenasia, my name is Uchiha, Itachi”

Hai Itachi”

“Ano…Uchiha-san where am I?”

“Don’t worry Sakura you’re somewhere safe”

Sakura looked at the man called Itachi curiously.

“After you fainted I took you into my home, seeing as the school’s nurse office was closed”

“Sou ka… Arigatuo Uchiha-san”

“Please Itachi is just fine”

“Arigatou Itachi-san”

“You must be thirsty, please have some tea”

Sakura carefully entwined her small fingers on the tea cup. The hot liquid somehow replenished her strength.

“It’s delicious”

“It was your favorite”

She was surprised at what the man said but decided not to push the matter when she was a bit of loneliness in those cold black pools. Her eyes drifted to the painting once again.

“She’s beautiful”


The moonlight illuminated her pink locks and emerald eyes. She looked like an angel.

What are you doing here?”

I would like to ask you the same thing?”

“Let me share you a story about her Sakura…”

“…Long ago this household was once the home of a prestigious clan.”

It’s very rare to see the heir to the Uchiha throne nowadays”

He snorted at her words.

“…One day, the head of the clan died. The elders were worried for the extinction of their clan for without the head there is no one to lead clan”

“The head’s eldest son was chosen to follow his father’s footsteps, in other words the heir to the throne. The heir was a genius as what they called but his life was spent in solitude and emptiness.”

“It was until that one day, he met her: the woman who changed his life.”

Thus I shall grace his majesty’s presence”

He watched her intensely as she played the melody with her violin.

“She was a stranger who wandered around the country with her beloved violin but somehow captivated the man’s heart with her music.”

“He would secretly watch every day her performance on the streets till he decided to finally introduce himself.”

“She was a bit startled at first but soon both were growing to like each other. She opened his heart to many things. He was soon falling deeply in love with the woman.”

Her melody came to an end.

Was that goon enough to grace you, Uchiha-sama?”

Enough with the formalities Sakura”

He was inching closer to her. She could almost feel his breath on her face.

Why do make me feel so weak?”

A gift”

A smirk graced her plump rosy lips he had been eager to taste. He returned the gesture. His fangs glowed in the light.

Sakura was listening to his story with much interest.

“But all things must come to an end. He found out his younger brother had been in love with her too.”

He slowly closed to gap between them. She tasted something exotic he can’t get enough.

Their arms were wrapped around each other but their actions were halted.


The Uchiha heir looked at his younger brother.


His younger brother’s eyes burned hatred towards him.


Bitterness and hate were evident in his words.


He charged towards them.

A battle was held.


Itachi looked at the bloody grass. His bangs covered his eyes as he shook in anger.

He will pay.

Swirling commas flashed in crimson.

“He went insane and killed off his clan one by one until all that was left was his brother. When he came he was too late…”


His gaze lingered on the woman. She was a bloody heap. He couldn’t stop himself from his insanity.


More blood spatted out of her.


I love you”

He saw the life slowly fade from her eyes.

“…she died along with his heart”

“What a sad history…”

“Hai… ”

Sakura saw the painful look in his eyes.

“I’m very sorry”

“No, you just remind me of her Sakura.”

“Sou ka, if I had to let go of someone that important I might have done something crazy like that too”

“Arigatuo and gomen a while ago, the violin you played a while ago used to belong to her.”

“Its fine Itachi-san but I better get home it’s already dark”

“Aright Sakura”

“Arigatuo for everything Itachi-san”

She exited the door. A few minutes later he saw her as she exited the compound.

We will meet again Sakura…

When she was in a good distance she looked back at the mansion, then realization hit her. I didn’t give him my name before.

“How do you know…? Uchiha Itachi”


memory-angel07: I’m still debating on whether to put up another chapter or not

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memory-angel07: things tend to get boring around our house and this is the fruit of all that boringness

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