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Saturday, May 10, 2008

The perfect time chapter 2

AN: Finally Part 2!! I hope you guys enjoy this one; this is a lemon chapter, so if that’s not your thing stop reading now!! My poll for my next story is still up and It’s going to stay up for at least another week if not a little longer. Right now narusaku is heavily in the lead followed by minakush, so don’t forget to vote, and you can vote for 4 couples out of the 8! Please Review!! Reviews always make me happy, but if you’re reviewing to complain about the way I write or something please don’t waste your time. Because I’m not a professional writer or anything, I write for fun and in my spare time so I don’t expect people to take my writing seriously, especially on a pwp (porn without plot) like this one. The details in this chapter are dedicated to my online friend rustyrayz, who insisted on reviewing this chapter before I posted it!! lol Rusty does some nice art that might interest you guys, especially this one narusaku that he has.

The perfect time chapter 2

Author: animefan28

Naruto turned to look at the room he noticed two things; one there was a bed and two Sakura was standing near the edge of the bed seemingly waiting for him to make the first move.

Not wasting any time, Naruto made his way over to Sakura and captured her lips with his in a sweet gentle kiss that despite its calmness left them both breathless and flushed in the face.

“Sakura-chan you won’t regret this will you?”

“No. Never.”

Naruto smiled at her quick response but, he had to make sure one last time that she knew what she was getting into.

“ This can’t just be a casual thing. I want us to be together in a real relationship, not like the other ones we’ve had, but a meaningful one that will last.”

“ I know Naruto and I want that too.”

Before he could make any further inquires Sakura silenced him with a kiss of her own. This kiss was filled with passion, love and lust. And when Sakura began to stroke Naruto’s tongue with her own he couldn’t help the small yet evident groan that escaped from him.

Naruto and Sakura were by no means new to kissing, but they found that this kiss was more arousing and passionate than any either of them had before.

Finally breaking away from each other Naruto took the initiative to slowly start the removal of clothing. He silently asked for permission to remove her shirt by tugging on the zipper slightly, she gave him a short nod that it was ok to continue.

Naruto slowly pulled down the zipper of her red uniform shirt; they didn’t have time to change so they were both wearing the majority of their usual ninja clothes. He finished removing the garment only to find that she was wearing another shirt underneath, a black undershirt. He frowned slightly; he had hoped to find that she was wearing nothing underneath, or maybe just a bra. Oh well looks like I’ll have to take this off too.

As he was reaching for the hem of her other shirt Sakura’s hand stopped him, promptly saying something about how it was only fair that she remove a piece of his clothing now. Naruto was slightly disappointed, his impatience showing on his face but he knew the reasoning behind it. Neither of them wanted this to be quick, it would be their first time together and they should make it last.

Sakura noted happily that Naruto had taken off his usual jacket earlier, so she had no doubt that she’d be able to see Naruto shirtless before he got that far with her. It made her grin widely because she knew how irritating that would be for him.

After what seemed like years to Naruto, Sakura finally grabbed the bottom of Naruto’s shirt lifting it up over his arms and head. Just as she suspected Naruto wasn’t wearing another shirt, which meant she got to stare and ogle at his perfect body.

His torso was tanned just like the rest of him, and his chest and ab’s were perfectly muscled and toned. Sakura couldn’t help but run a hand all the way down from his chest to the line of his pants; his skin was smooth and surprisingly unscarred. She also noticed how uncharacteristically stiff Naruto stood and she realized that he was probably having a difficult time restraining himself, especially when she touched him. So she touched him again only this time she brushed her hand over his nipples And took pride in the pleasurable shudder that she felt Naruto give.

She was teasing him and it was starting to irritate him, so when he saw her hand move further south he quickly stopped it and reminded her that it was his turn now.

Naruto hastily removed her black undershirt temporarily forgetting about his silent promise to go slow. Once the obtrusive shirt was out of the way, Naruto’s eyes roamed over Sakura’s newly exposed skin. If her skin felt as soft as it looked Naruto doubted he would be able to contain himself much longer.

Her stomach was toned yet distinctly feminine, her skin was milky white and flawless quite the contrast to his own. She still had a bra on he noticed, but this article of clothing didn’t bother him as much as the others. Although it was covering a crucial part of her anatomy it didn’t cover everything, he could clearly see two round bulbs of flesh peeking out from the garment that hung ridiculously low on her. He always thought bra’s where there for support and coverage, this bra however seemed to provide the basics as well as a teasing look at her chest. He’d never been one to ogle at underwear before, it was just gonna come off anyway so why bother. But he couldn’t deny how aroused he was getting from staring at her chest covered by the black lacy material. He reached out a hand and brushed the front of the bra and he noticed that although it had lace around the edges it also had a silky feel to it. It feels nice he thought, shaking his head to snap himself out of his bra induces haze.

Sakura on the other hand had a very amused expression on her face, and suddenly she felt thankful that she didn’t get a chance to do laundry before the mission. If she had she’d be wearing a normal boring bra, but because she had no clean underwear left, she had no choice but to bring along her sexy sets of underwear. It had been uncomfortable jumping from tree to tree in bra and panties that offered little support and coverage but now as she saw the lustful look on Naruto’s face ,she realized that it was worth it.

“Naruto are you just going to stare at me all day?”

The silky seductive tone in her voice made Naruto’s mouth go dry and he realized that he’d been admiring her bra for far too long, when he should be concentrating on getting her out of it.

“Sorry Sakura-chan, I got a little distracted.”

Before her bra could distract him further, he turned his attention to feeling the smoothness of her skin with his hands. Lightly his hands ghosted over her exposed stomach and arms, his touches were gentle and innocent. Her skin was smoother than he anticipated, and it made his ego swell when he saw how his touch was affected Sakura. Even the smallest touch brought a look of pleasure to her face that he knew he’d never get tired of seeing.

The slow pace was torture for both of them, they still had the majority of their clothes on for gods sake! Well I’ll just have to change that Naruto thought smugly, as he brought his lips down to meet with Sakura’s, in a kiss that was short but more demanding than the others.

Breaking the kiss Naruto gently turned Sakura’s head to the side, exposing her neck to him and began lavishing the side of her neck with hot opened mouth kisses, having every intention to mark her as his. The attention he was showering on her neck was quickly weakening Sakura’s balance and she knew she’d have to lie down soon or she’d fall. But for the time being Naruto’s arms held her in place.

Naruto quickly learned what part of Sakura’s neck was most sensitive and whenever he wanted to hear her gasp and moan softly all he had to do was lick and nibble on that spot at the side of her neck.

The sinful sounds she was making while he was he was kissing her was driving him out of his mind, so without really thinking his hands went to her back and found the small clasp that held her bra in place, quickly he snapped it open and peeled it of her.

He pulled back so he could get a good look at her. Her breasts were perfect in his eyes, they were round and full and he saw that her nipples were already hard.

Sakura’s face was completely flushed as this point. She’d gotten use to the feeling of being exposed from her previous encounters, but it was the way Naruto was ogling her that had her blushing like a 15 year old virgin. She didn’t think her chest was anything special, she wasn’t flat but she knew for a fact that Naruto had been with women who were much bigger than she was, so she hadn’t expected him to be looking at her with such a profound desire that made her stomach turn pleasantly.

Quite suddenly Naruto cupped both of her breasts in his hands and massaged them gently, and at the same time he kissed her slowly and deliberately trying to tease her. The combined sensations of Naruto’s hands on her and his tongue exploring her mouth caused Sakura to moan loudly and push her tongue in his mouth, becoming the aggressor.

Sakura had never known her body to be so responsive to simple touches; Naruto still had his hands on her breasts as they kissed but he was being gentle, almost too gentle and it was making Sakura squirm in agony.

“Stop teasing me Naruto.” Sakura spoke in a breathless and clearly frustrated tone.

Naruto responded by giving her a quick chaste kiss on the lips before reaching down and pulling off her medic skirt. She still had her shorts on and he went to pull them off but was stopped once again by Sakura’s hand and a small shake of her head. He knew what she wanted so he let go of her and let her take the lead for a while.

Sakura was tempted to rip off the remainder of Naruto’s clothes but she decided to exercise self restraint, it was their first time together and she wanted it to be memorable for him.

She slowly reached down and undid his pants making sure to brush against the obvious bulge, earning a small gasp from Naruto. The gasp from Naruto trigged neediness from Sakura that she had never experienced before, and instead of just removing his pants she surprised him by bringing down his boxers as well.

His impressive erection sprung free and Sakura noticed that Ino hadn’t been exaggerating when she talked about Naruto’s size. He was both thick and long and she instinctively licked her lips at the sight of it.

Although Naruto was taken by surprise by her move he didn’t feel abashed at being exposed, what did bother him was that he was naked before Sakura was. He also felt a sense of pride when he noticed the way Sakura was looking at him and when she licked her lips he had to restrain himself from taking her right then.

The atmosphere in the room changed drastically. Until now they had gone at a ridiculously slow pace and had been ok with that. But as Sakura admired Naruto’s naked form she forgot the reason why they were going slow to begin with. As if reading her mind Naruto pulled Sakura to him and kissed her frantically, and this time she could clearly feel his hardness press into her lower stomach and gasped at the sensation.

Without breaking the kiss Naruto hooked his fingers in Sakura’s shorts and swiftly pulled them off her; leaving her panties on for the time being.

Still kissing, Naruto placed both hands on Sakura’s backside and squeezed, causing her to squeal in delight in his mouth.

Finally the need to breathe caused them to break apart and while he waited for their breathing to return to normal Naruto took a moment to appreciate Sakura in her very sexy panties that matched her bra perfectly. And just like the bra, it covered the essentials but still left little to the imagination. The garment was cut ridiculously low exposing more flesh then conventional underwear and it looked like it was made of the same black silky material as the bra, this time with dark red lace as decoration. Naruto traced the lace with one finger but unfortunately for Sakura the lace wasn’t near where she needed attention most, and Naruto rather enjoyed the annoyed look she gave him.

Deciding that further teasing was un necessary, Naruto hooked his fingers in the side of her panties and trailed them down her long legs; and Sakura did the rest by stepping out of them.

Before doing anything else Naruto picked Sakura up Bridal style and gently laid her on her back on the bed. The room was too dark for his liking, so he turned on one of the lamps in the corner of the room. That’s better he thought.

He turned his attention back to the pink haired woman lying on the bed. He looked at her entire form and he immediately felt his temperature rise several degrees. She was the most stunning woman he had ever seen, and he noticed her deep blush when he told her so.

Chuckling slightly Naruto crawled on the large bed on top of her, putting his hands on either side of her head and his legs trapping her in-between his own.

Sakura quickly brought his head down for another smouldering kiss, her hands finding themselves in his hair. While one of Naruto’s hands traced intangible patterns on her breasts. Sakura moaned when she felt Naruto’s fingers brush one of her nipples and pinched him hard on the shoulder when he pulled his hands away; making Naruto break their kiss.

“Geez Sakura-chan, I didn’t know you were so impatient.”

His voice was deeper than usual, making Sakura want him even more.

“ Naruto!”

He could tell she was irritated by his small teasing touches, so before she had a chance to start yelling at him he bent down quickly and captured one of her rosy nipples in his mouth. Sakura’s head immediately fell back against the pillow and her hands grasped Naruto’s head, keeping him in place.

He was twirling his tongue around one of her nipples, and the feel of his soft tongue on her like that caused her to moan and arch her back into him.

Naruto wasn’t really paying attention to his surroundings; all he knew was the more he licked and sucked on Sakura’s breasts the more she squirmed and moaned beneath him. Naruto was trapped in his own little world where his mission was to lavish as much attention to Sakura’s breasts as possible, and only when he felt her hands sliding down his back did he come out of his trance like state.

Sakura couldn’t believe how wonderful it felt to have Naruto’s mouth on her like that, he was sucking and biting her gently and she couldn’t remember ever being this turned on so quickly. She let her hands wander down his back, feeling his muscles contract at her touch and since it was just too tempting she gave his firm ass a squeeze making Naruto gasp and jump slightly.

With that touch to his backside Naruto gave one last tender suck to each of her nipples before pulling back to kiss her full lips. As he was kissing her Sakura shifted their positions so that Naruto’s legs were no in-between her own and both groaned at the added contact.

The strong scent of Sakura’s arousal permeated the air, causing Naruto’s cock to throb in anticipation.

Still kissing her Naruto trailed one of his hands down her body until he reached her core. He slowly ran a finger in between her wet folds and enjoyed the muffled moans that tumbled from Sakura’s mouth. His finger made its way to her clit and he rubbed her in slow circular motions. This caused Sakura to tear her mouth away from his and scream in pleasure.

Trying to encourage him to go faster Sakura kissed him frantically, taking his tongue and sexily sucking on it. His grunt of approval told her he liked it when she did that but he still continued to only rub his fingers against her and it was driving her to her wits end.

Naruto knew that she was growing hotter every moment; he could feel her wetness increasing and the desire in his own body was almost unbearable. Deciding to relieve some of the pressure at least for her Naruto gave Sakura one more peck on the lips before trailing his mouth down the rest of her body, making sure to kiss and lick as much of her as he could reach on his trip down. Sakura’s breathing turned into harsh pant’s as she waited in anticipation for what Naruto was going to do next.

Finally reaching his destination between her legs Naruto only briefly gazed at her beautifully glistening flesh. He would’ve looked at her for longer but it was just too tempting to taste her instead.

He grabbed her thighs and gently pulled them further apart, he kept his hands on her to hold her still while he reached down and gave a slow swipe of the tongue. Her reaction as he predicted was fierce and instantaneous; she deftly arched her back and moaned happily in pleasure.

Grinning to himself Naruto began greedily lapping at her core, enjoying her taste and swearing to himself that he would do anything to keep her his.

Sakura was having a hard time stringing any thoughts together. She was completely at the mercy of what Naruto was doing to her and god did it feel good. She trusted him enough to let herself go, to be completely vulnerable in his presence. Never before did she experience such huge amounts of pleasure all at once, and she knew it was because being with Naruto promised more than just one night of pleasure, she knew that he was offering her a life time. She would be a fool to refuse him. Before she could think any further she felt a strong finger slip inside her and instantly her mind was wiped blank; only feeling and enjoying the wonderful sensations caused by Naruto.

“Oh-my-God!” Sakura managed to scream out as Naruto entered a second finger, all while continuing to alternately lick and suck on her clit.

Naruto could feel her tight muscles squeezing down on his fingers, and that only encouraged him to pull them in and out of her faster. And when he heard Sakura moan his name he had to grit his teeth to stop himself from plunging into her.

He knew she was close to release and he couldn’t pull away from her even if he wanted to, Sakura’s firm grip on his hair took care of that.

To drive her over the edge Naruto increased the penetration of his fingers by pulling them apart in a V motion and at the same time licking her folds and clit at an inhuman speed. Sakura’s back immediately went into a perfect arch, her head fell back and loud moans and whimpers left her lips, her entrance grew incredibly wet and her inner muscles contracted against his fingers sharply. Sakura screamed her release, and Naruto was satisfied to hear her call his name as she came.

He gently pulled his fingers out of her now throbbing body, and propped himself on his hands and hovered on top of her. Although Sakura was still breathless from her powerful orgasm, she still managed to bring him down for a slow tender kiss that was all about the love and passion they felt for each other. Sakura was the one to break the kiss out of necessity.

“Naruto...thank you.”


“Thank you for being so good to me. I wasn’t sure if I deserved you but I’m willing to be selfish again if that means I get to have you all to myself.”

“It’s not selfishness Sakura-chan, I love you and there’s no way I’m going to let us go back to just being friends ever again!”

Then quite suddenly Naruto found himself pinned beneath her and a mischievous look adorned her features.

“I love you too Naruto, now let me show you just how much.”

Sakura turned her attention to Naruto’s toned chest, allowing her hands to explore briefly before bringing her mouth down to lay hot kisses on his torso accompanied by the wet swipe of her tongue. Naruto moaned loudly when he felt Sakura’s hot breath on his lower abdomen.

Sakura knew that she wouldn’t be able to have as much fun with Naruto’s body as he had with hers; he was already close to losing it and she knew he’d be upset with her if she made him come before he got a chance to be inside her.

With that in mind Sakura got level with Naruto’s tip, which was already covered in his pre cum, and swiftly wiped it off with her tongue, she heard Naruto groan in pleasure and it sent arousing shivers down her spine. She suddenly engulfed his tip in her mouth and gave a testing suck, causing Naruto to moan her name and softly run his fingers through her hair.

She brought as much of him into her mouth as possible and placed her hand at the base; stroking him while her mouth eagerly went up and down on him.

Naruto was in heaven, Sakura’s gentle yet forceful ministrations were bringing him to the edge quickly and he couldn’t remember ever feeling this needy before.

With a final wet suck Sakura released Naruto from her mouth and, ran her tongue all around his straining erection before lifting herself up to face him.

He was panting and flush faced. She noted with great satisfaction that his eyes were shut and his face was contorted in a mixture of pleasure and agony, obviously he had been holding himself back. Her amused giggle brought him back from the clouds.

‘J-Just what are you laughing at huh?”

“ Nothing, nothing at all.”

He was having a hard time being angry at her, especially since he still had a hard on that needed attention. Without giving it further thought he turned them back over so that she was on the bottom with him between her legs.

Keeping their eyes locked, he grabbed his erection in his hand and teasingly rubbed it the length of her slit, making sure she was ready for him. When she moaned out loud and gave him an adorable pout he figured it was sign that she wanted him as much as he wanted her.

Naruto gently pushed his tip inside her and found that already she was squeezing down on him hard. He willed himself to ignore her tightness for the time being, as he pushed the rest of his cock inside her. Both lovers gave a mutual groan of pleasure at being joined in this way.

Naruto steadied himself on his arms and forearms; already he was feeling shaky and he didn’t know how long he could last.

Sakura felt immense pleasure at being stretched and filled up to the hilt, she gave Naruto a small gentle kiss on the mouth trying to convey to him how much this meant to her. And he seemed to get it as he started moving his hips in slow deep thrusts.

Sakura moaned at the friction being created by their joined bodies, she slid her arms around his neck for leverage as she began moving against him.

They found their rhythm rather quickly and soon Naruto had Sakura begging him for more.

“o g-god, Naruto... go f-faster please!”

Naruto didn’t need to be told twice as he started thrusting into her at a faster pace.

Sakura wrapped her legs more fully around Naruto, causing their bodies to press closely together which only added to the contact and experience. He brought his lips down to hers and gave her possibly the most passionate lust filled kiss of the night, and never during the kiss did he pause or stop the mind blowing pace and thrusts of his hips.

Beads of sweat where forming freely on both their bodies as they continued to move, but Sakura noticed that Naruto looked especially tired. She knew he had lots of stamina and could probably go for another round after this, but he had been holding his weight up and doing most of the work for a while now. So being the considerate lover that she was, Sakura swiftly rolled them over so she was on top with him still inside her.

Sakura took a moment to adjust to the new sensation flowing through her. In this position Naruto’s cock slid even deeper inside of her warmth, earning another loud moan from the pair of them. Sakura steadied herself on her knees before placing her hands on his chest before impaling herself on his hard shaft. Shit that feels good she thought before doing it again.

She continued with a slow deep pace for a little while; enjoying the feel of his hot, hard arousal moving deep inside her. She increased her pace when she felt him take her breasts in his skilful hands and gently tweak and twirl her nipples. Naruto in turn began thrusting hard up into her, driving himself wonderfully deep into her core.

Naruto moaned loudly at the feeling of Sakura’s wet tightness embracing him from the inside. She was incredible and he could feel his climax quickly approaching. Her enthusiastic movements told him she was nearing completion too, but to make absolute sure he wouldn’t leave her behind, he brought one of his hands down between their bodies and started kneading her clit with fast careful movements. He instantly felt her inner muscles tighten their hold on him and the increase of volume in her moans caused him to grab her by the hips with his remaining hand and frantically thrust himself harder into her.

“Oh my God! Naruto!” Was the last thing Sakura managed to say before orgasm took over her and a loud fit to burst scream left her.

Naruto vaguely heard her scream his name before he too went over the edge. She was squeezing him impossibly tight and yet her excessive wetness meant his cock was able to continuously slide in and out of her with ease. When he felt her walls contract around his length in an almost painful manner he knew it was safe to let go. Grabbing her hips for support Naruto thrust himself up into her hard one last time before loudly groaning his release and spilling his cum inside her.

Sakura feel limply on his chest and enjoyed the warm feeling of his seed filling her up from the inside. She enjoyed the way he said her name when he came even more.

They simply lay there in each other’s arms for several minutes, both of them enjoying the reprieve to catch their breath and get comfortable in the others embrace.

“Well...that was amazing.” Naruto said with a childish grin.

“Hmmm, I guess it’s true what they say.”


“You know that making love to someone you actually love makes the experience at least 100 times better.”

“A hundred times better huh? Who told you that?”

“Oh uh a friend.”

There was no way she was going to tell Naruto that those were Kakashi’s parting words to her. At the time she was too upset and angry to think on what he said or why he said it, but now that she thought about it, Kakashi probably knew about how her and Naruto felt for each other; he wasn’t considered a genius for nothing. Still she didn’t want to ruin the moment by mentioning one of her ex lovers to him, not when they were together like this.

Sakura snuggled into Naruto and for the first time in her life wished for the snow to keep falling. Both Sakura and Naruto felt immensely relieved, they had waited years for something to happen between them and it was never right, things always got in the way, but maybe it was better this way. If they had gotten together at 16 when they first wanted each other they may not have had the patience or the commitment to stay together for too long. But now that they were older and both had plenty of experience, they could easily say that this was for good, no matter what the circumstance they were committed to making their relationship last a life time.

AN: Well that's the end of this story! I had fun writing it so hopefully you guys enjoyed it too. Please vote for up to 4 couples on my poll thats on my profile page; I'll write a story on the couple that wins. And also please Review this story! Thanks for reading and thanks to everyone who reviewed and/or send me pm's! Oh and before I forget after I finish writing the story on my poll I will be taking requests for one shot lemon stories!! So if you have any requests let me know and I'll put you on the list, there are certain couples I won't do and I'll post the list on my profile!!

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