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Saturday, May 10, 2008

Sakura's Love

A/N: Well this is for Spazzgirls contest so hope you enjoy it.

Sakura’s True Love

Author: Kage Okami

The moon shines brightly down on Konoha illuminating the streets as the city sleeps peacefully.

“Naruto-kun…Naruto-kun no you can’t be gone…Naruto-kun please don’t leave me…Please Naruto-kun” Whimpered a pink haired girl as she toss and turns in her bed sweat rolling down her face. “NARUTO-KUN!” She screams sitting up fear etched on her face as she looked around and sighed. “Only a dream.” She muttered running her hands over her face then through her short pink hair. “It’s been two weeks since we saved Gaara-sama from the Akatsuki But now I keep having theses dreams…Naruto-kun…wait when did I start calling Naruto Naruto-kun?” She thought looking at herself in the mirror in her room before tapping was heard on her window. She turned and found that it started to rain making her bring her knees to her chest. “I always feel alone the most when it rains I wonder if Naruto feels the same?” She thought looking at the picture of a blond haired boy with three whiskeer marks on his cheeks, cerulean blue eye’s, wearing orange pants and a orange and black jacket both of them holding up V signs a bell in each of there hands and big smiles on there faces.

Else where

“Sakura-chan…” Thought a blond haired boy as he looked at a photo of a pink haired girl with jade green eyes, she wore a red top, tight black bicycle shorts, a tanish skirt with a zipper going down the front two slits on either side held together by a strap and a buckle. She was holding a bell next to him a smiling as she flashed the V sign. The boy smiled as he listened to the rain hit his window. “Sakura-chan I wish I could make you see how important you are to me.” He thought closing his eyes and letting sleep over take him while the rain picked up and thinder boomed across the sky.


“What’s troubling you Sakura?” Asked a blond haired woman wearing a green gamboling jacket her hair tied into two ponytails as her soft brown eyes looked at the pink haired girl in front of her.

“It’s nothing Tsunade-sensei.” Replied Sakura as Tsunade crossed her arms.

“Bullshit.” She replied as Sakura looked at her. “You’re barely paying attention to what you’re doing which only happens when something’s bothering you.” Said Tsunade as Sakura sighed.

“I’ve been having dreams about when we rescued Gaara-sama.” She said as Tsunade nodded.

“What kind of dreams?” Tsunade asked as Sakura looked at her.

“I relive the whole mission only it’s not Gaara-sama that we’re trying to rescue…it’s Naruto.” She replied as Tsunade sighed.

“I see and how dose it make you feel?” She asked as Sakura looked at her like she was from another world.

“How do you think it makes me feel?” She said angrily. “It makes me feel like I lost someone important to me like my whole world has been taken away.” She said as Tsunade nodded a small smile across her lips. “Even thinking about it makes my heart ach.” She continued as Tsunade placed both hands on Sakura’s shoulders.

“Do you know why you feel like that?” She asked as Sakura frowned.

“Of course I do he’s my friend and I don’t want anything to happen to him.” She replied as Tsunade frowned before shaking her head.

“Sakura look deep down inside you, you know the true reason why you feel like this.” She said as Sakura tilted her head confused. “Hopeless.” Tsunade muttered before leaving.

“Naruto’s my friend that’s why I care so much.” Sakura thought. “But…he’s more then a friend to…I don’t understand.” She continued to think before sighing. “I need some air.” Muttering to herself as she left the Hokage office.

Sakura walked around Konoha with no destination in mind She was confused and perplexed on how she felt about Naruto it didn’t seem as simple as friendship to her anymore.

“Hey Sakura what’s up you look a little confused?” Asked a platinum blond girl wearing bandages and a purple skirt with a matching top.

“Hey Ino…I just…How would you describe my relationship with Naruto?” She asked as Ino blinked.

“Jeeze forehead you really don’t see it do you and hear I thought you were the smartest one in our class.” Said Ino as Sakura scowled at her.

“Hey it was a simple question piggy.” Replied Sakura as Ino sighed.

“Sakura Naruto’s the only person you would talk about for the past two years you were always wondering what he was doing, if he was okay, and when he would be back.” Said Ino as Sakura nodded.

“So.” She replied as Ino deadpanned.

“Sakura you’ve hardly said anything about Sasuke in fact you told me that it was always Naruto that looked after your well being over his own no matter the situation.” Replied Ino as Sakura smiled.

“That’s what I like about him, Naruto’s a caring person, funny, a bit annoying, but he’s a good person and one the best friends I have and trust.” Sakura replied as Ino slapped her face before running her hand down it.

“Damn it Sakura wake up you see Naruto as more then just a friend!” She yelled as Sakura looked at her. “Sakura you love Naruto not as a friend but as more and the sooner you admit that the sooner everything will make sense to you.” Said Ino walking away leaving a stunned Sakura.

Training ground

Naruto quickly dispelled three of his Kage Bushin as he panted heavily the training field nothing but barren land and fallen trees.

“Naruto-kun.” Came a voice as Naruto turned to find Tsunade standing behind him.

“Baa-chan what‘s up?” He asked canceling the rest of his bushins.

“Naruto-kun have you seen Sakura anywhere she stepped out for a bit but that was about an hour ago?” She asked as Naruto shook his head. “I see…could you help me look then I know it’s cutting into your training but she really hasn’t been herself today.” She said as Naruto nodded.

“Sure not a problem.” He said making a small army of Kage Bushin who quickly scattered in all directions.

Hokage Monument

“I remember following Naruto up here secretly once now I see why he likes it it’s a perfect place to think without being disturbed.” Thought Sakura as she sat down on the grass looking over the village. “How can I love Naruto don’t I love Sasuke-kun?” She thought.

Wow it’s a rarity anymore that I actually have to help you sort through anything but this complicated so I’m not surprised.” Said a mirror image of Sakura as she looked at herself.

“I’m so confused I love Sasuke-kun but I…?” Sakura thought looking at her inner self.

Alright lets break things down from the beginning then.” Replied her inner self as the real Sakura nodded. “Alright in the beginning we loved Sasuke but why did we love him?” asked I.S. (I’ll be using this abbreviation for Inner Self from now on because I’m tired and feel like being lazy.)

“I…because he…I don’t know he’s cool and everything he’s the last of his clan-” Started Sakura as I.S. tapped her finger on her arm.

He’s also a jerk bent on revenge and gaining nothing but power and doesn’t care who he hurts or kills to get it.” Replied I.S. as Sakura nodded.

“That’s true.” She replied.

What characteristics have we always wanted in a guy?” I.S. asked as Sakura looked at her.

“Strong, gentle, caring, funny, someone who respects me and will always be there for me.” She replied as her eye’s widened. “Someone like-”

Naruto-kun.” Replied I.S. cutting her off. “You’ve always loved Naruto-kun deep down in your heart you knew and know he’s everything you’ve wanted but you let your fan girl ways cover it up and became like almost every other girl in Konoha.” I.S. continued as Sakura sighed.

“Hey Sakura-chan you alright?” Asked Naruto shaking Sakura from her inner conversation as she looked up at him. “It’s going to start raining again soon and Baa-chan has been looking for you.” He continued as Sakura looked at him.

“Naruto-kun…sit.” She replied as Naruto looked at her confused but had a dopy smile on his face just the same. “There’s something I want to tell you…something that I just recently realized but have felt for a long time.” She said as Naruto cocked his head to the side cutely.

“What’s up Sakura-chan you’re usually never this serious unless you’re mad or something really bad has happened.” He replied as a rain drop hit his cheek followed by another then another. “Maybe we should go back to the tower first I don’t want you to catch a cold.” He said starting to get up the rain fall starting to increase as Sakura grabbed his wrist.

“No.” She replied as Naruto looked at her droplets of water beginning to drip from the tips of her hair and down her face but her eyes sparkled and danced happily as she looked into his. “Naruto-kun for a long time now I haven’t been honest to myself about my feelings and now that I’ve realized it I need to tell you…I need to tell you who I really love.” She continued as Naruto seemed to freeze in place. “Sasuke isn’t the one I love I do care about him as his friend but the person I love, the one who I want to be with is you Naruto.” SHe said as Naruto looked at her wide eyed. “I love you Uzumaki Naruto and I’ve always loved you but I was blind to it if you can forgive me I would gladly spend the rest of my life making it up to you.” She continued as Naruto looked at her eyes tears falling from them mixing with the rain water that was pouring down on them soaking there hair and clothing. Sakura waited for what seemed like a eternity before he moved his hand up and cupped her cheek running his thumb under her left eye wiping the water and tears away.

“I’ve always loved you Sakura-chan that has never nor will it ever change.” He said as Sakura smiled more tears streaking down her face as she threw herself at him. She wrapped her arms around his neck and pulled his head down her lips lightly brushing against his before they pressed together in a light kiss her hands gripping his soaked golden locks pulling him closer as he wrapped his arms around her waist and pulled her against his body. Sakura lightly licked his bottom lip asking for entrance before he opened his mouth a little her tongue darting inside exploring it vigorously Naruto’s tongue sliding against hers earning a small moan from her as she wrapped her right leg around his. Naruto slid his left hand from Sakura’s waist and lightly squeezed her butt making her gasp as she pulled him closer deepening there kiss as much as possible before she pulled away a dazed look in Naruto’s eyes making her giggle at his reaction.

“Let’s go to my place Naruto-kun and get out of the rain.” She said as Naruto nodded slowly still mesmerized by the kiss.

Sakura was thankful that her apartment wasn’t far away as she and Naruto ran through the streets of Konoha before going up the stairs of a apartment complex. Sakura fished her key out and opened the door letting Naruto go in first before following then closing and locking the door.

Naruto looked around her apartment it was spacious with a large living room two coaches and chair situated in the living room, the kitchen next to it with a large enough table to sit six people in front of the wall separating the two rooms.

“Wow.” Said Naruto as Sakura smiled.

“I just moved in about two days before you came back so I haven’t been here long.” She said as looked out her sliding glass door which lead to her balcony flower boxes lined up across it and hanging baskets dangling from the balcony above hers with different floors and what looked like herbs in each.

“It’s amazing.” He said as Sakura snaked her arms around him unzipping his soaked jacket.

“We need to get out these wet cloths or we’ll catch a cold.” She said pulling his jacket off and letting it fall to the floor before slowly kissing down his exposed neck her hands undoing his pants and letting them fall to floor as a small moan escaped Naruto’s lips. “Sit.” She whispered pushing him onto one of coaches then pulled his pants the rest of the way off his face slightly red. “Naru-kun I’m going to make you feel good.” She whispered her hand sliding over the bulge in his boxers making him whimper a little.

“Bu…but Sakura-chan are-” Naruto started to say but was cut off by her lips.

“Naru-kun our lives as Shinobi aren’t expected to be long so we need to make the most of the time we have together.” She replied standing up and unbuckling one side of her skirt and let it fall to the floor then turned around so her back was facing him then pulled down her tight bicycle shorts and panties slowly as she bent over shaking her butt a little at Naruto who felt himself grow harder. Sakura then unzipped her top and let it fall to the ground after shrugging it off her shoulders then proceeded to pull off her purple sports bra. She slowly turned letting Naruto look at her body a slight blush on her face. “Do you like what you see Naru-kun?” She asked cutely bending forward as Naruto nodded dumbly. “It’s only fair that you take your shirt and boxers off.” She continued as he pulled his shirt off followed by his boxers releasing his stiff cock. Sakura gazed at him for a moment before getting on her knees her silky hands reaching up and lightly rubbing the hard shaft in front of her. “It’s got be at least six inches long and three inches wide.” She thought smiling before dragging her tongue across it making Naruto moan.

“Sakura-chan that feels great.” He said as she grinned while swirling her tongue around the tip of the head making him moan louder.

“I’ve only begun Naru-kun so just enjoy yourself.” She replied before engulfing his dick and began to suck on it while stroking the shaft. She moved down the shaft till she was at the hilt before moving back up again slowly while swiping her tongue across it before sucking hard on the head her tongue wrapping around it making his moans grow louder his hands grabbing her hair as he tried to thrust.

“Aaah…Sa…Sakura-chan…Oh Kami it feels so good I’m…I’m…SAKURA!” He yelled as Sakura began sucking the head hard her hand pumping him vigorously while he came in her mouth. Sakura drank as much of his cum as she could before it became to much and began spilling from the corners of her mouth and onto her breasts.

“You taste so good Naru-kun.” She said licking the corners of her mouth before using her finger to wipe up the spilled cum on her breasts and licking off each finger slowly as Naruto watched, her tongue wrapping around her finger as she made soft moaning sounds while sucking on each digit.

“It’s your turn now Sakura-chan.” Said Naruto as Sakura laid down and waited to see what he would do. Naruto bent over her and kissed her patiently his finger tips gliding over her stomach then her side making her giggle a little as he started kissing down her neck.

“Naru-kun that feels so good.” Sakura whispered pulling his head closer. Naruto slowly moved down to her left breast lightly licking it as Sakura inhaled sharply the small pink nipple standing at attention before he began to lightly suck on it his hand moving down her stomach and down to her pussy before her began to rub it slowly his middle finger sinking into her folds making her inhale sharply while loud moans escaped her lips.

“Naru-kun ooh…please…aaah…oh fuck give me more…don’t stop…Naru-kun…YES!” She screamed in delight as Naruto switched her other breast before lightly rolling the nipple of her other breast between his finger and thumb. “NARU-KUN!” She screamed again before he began to kiss down her stomach. Naruto spread Sakura’s legs open her juices beginning to spill onto her floor before lightly licking the entire length of her slit making her back arch upward her hands grabbing his head pulling him closer to her. “OOOH YES THAT’S IT I’M CLOSE!” She screamed as Naruto continued licking her before finding a hard nub then began to suck on it Sakura’s hand clenching his hair turning her knuckles white her breath hitching in her throat. “NAAARRRUUUTOOO!” She screamed her juices gushing out of her and onto his face while he lapped at her pussy drinking as much as he could. Naruto sat up and looked at Sakura who was panting heavily before she looked at him while she sat up. “Let’s go to my bedroom now.” She said taking his hand as she got up and began to pull him toward her room.

They entered a white bed room with a bed big enough for three people in the center against the wall between two windows a dresser on the right side in the corner of the room. Sakura laid down on the red satin sheets of her bed spreading her legs open before spreading her pussy open as Naruto looked at her.

“Naru-kun take me, I want your cock inside me I want to be one with you.” She said as Naruto moved closer to her getting on the bed and placing his hands on each side of her head looking down at her.

“Sakura-chan are you sure this is what you want once we do this-” Naruto started as Sakura placed her finger over his lips silencing him.

“Naru-kun I wouldn’t be doing this if I wasn’t sure.” She said wrapping her arms around his neck. Naruto looked into her eyes her love for him shinning in them, he felt the tip of his dick brushing against the folds of her entrance. Naruto bent down capturing Sakura in a kiss as he thrust forward hearing her whimper a little as tears streaked down her face her grip tightening on him. Naruto pulled away to look at her as she slowly nodded, he slowly pulled back and thrust forward again making her gasp then did it again speeding up.

“Oooh Naruto!” She moaned as pleasure began to over take her body. “HARDER!” She moaned again as he pulled almost all the way out of her pussy then slammed it into her making her gasp as another moan escaped her. Sakura wrapped her legs around Naruto’s waist. “FASTER…OOOH KAMI NARUTO IT”S SO GOOD!” She screamed.

“Sakura-chan you’re so tight and it’s so warm inside you it’s feels incredible.” Said Naruto thrusting harder and faster into Sakura as her back arched upward.

“HARDER NARUTO SPLIT ME HALF!” Sakura moaned out as Naruto moved Sakura’s legs to his shoulder so he could go deeper into her pussy with each thrust Sakura’s hands clenching her sheets tightly her eyes shut tightly as her head thrashed back and forth before another scream of pleasure escaped her lips.

“Sakura-chan…I’m close.” Naruto grunted out.

“Cum inside me Naru-kun fill me with your seed fill me till I’m over flowing!” She yelled as Naruto grunted thrusting faster.

“YES OH KAMI NARUTO DON’T STOP I’M SO CLOSE…CUM WITH ME NARUTO CUM…NARUTO!” Sakura screamed, Naruto felt sakura’s pussy clamp tightly around him sending him over as well.

“SAKURA!” He screamed after her giving one final thrust his cum shooting like a jet deep inside her then another stream after that one. Naruto pulled out of Sakura who got on her hands and knees.

“Now fuck me like an animal.” She said as Naruto smirked slamming his hard cock back into her again. “HARDER!” She moaned as he began pounding into her relentlessly. “OH KAMI I’M GOING TO CUM AGAIN…THAT’S IT GIVE IT TO ME…FASTER!” She screamed as she placed her hands on the railing of the bed Naruto cock sliding deeper inside her sweat covering there bodies as she panted.

“SAKURA…OOOH KAMI IT’S SO GOOD I LOVE YOU SAKURA!” He yelled as Sakura looked back at him smiling.

“Then give it to me Naruto give me every last drop of your cum!” She moaned pushing up from her bed so her back was against his chest her hand pulling his head down into a kiss his cock twitching before she released him and fell forward on to her bed Naruto’s cock slipping out of her before he fell next to her. Sakura looked at Naruto sleepily. “I hope you’re ready to take responsibility for your actions Naru-kun she said smiling as Naruto looked at her before smiling a little pulling her closer.

“Gladly my cherry blossom.” He whispered.

“Good because I’m pretty sure today wasn’t one of my safe days.” She said snuggling into him making his eye’s widen.

“Bu…but what-” But Sakura placed her finger on his lips again silencing him.

“Things maybe difficult for a little bit but thing’s will work out Naru-kun after all we have our friends to help us and we won’t know if I’m pregnant for a little bit anyway and even if I am I’m glad he or she is yours you‘re a caring person Naruto and you‘ll be a great father.” Replied Sakura as Naruto smiled.

“I love you Sakura-chan.” He whispered as she smiled her eyes slowly closing.

“I love you too Naru-kun.” She whispered back as she fell asleep while Naruto pulled the covers over them.

Nine months later

Sakura sat in a hospital bed a smile on her face as looked at the baby in her arms. The baby had her forehead and pink hair except in the front which was blond as little blue eyes full of wonder looked up at her.

“I still can’t believe you didn’t use the birth control jutsu Sakura.” Said Tsunade looking her over then the baby.

“It was my choice, I still have ten years to make up to Naru-kun and this little guy is the first step him and his future brothers and sister’s.” She replied as the baby gurgled happily at her before yawning.

“How many children were you planning on having?” Asked Tsunade smiling as the baby fell asleep.

“I was thinking four.” She replied as Tsunade shook her head.

“Do you think I could watch him sometime?” She asked as Sakura smiled.

“If you can pry him away from his godmother, Hinata’s already gone to pick out outfits for him.” Said Sakura laughing Tsunade doing the same remembering the happy and excited expression on Hinata’s face when Naruto and Sakura asked her to be there sons godmother. They both turned to a passed out Naruto his head resting on the edge of her bed.

“Two days straight that boy stayed awake just to help you through labor and protect you incase someone tried to attack.” Said Tsunade shaking her head. “You know loosing you as a ninja is going to be a big blow to our roster.” She continued as Sakura lazily stroked Naruto’s hair.

“I’m still in the reserves and I’ll be helping Shizune here at the hospital with training new and promising medics which will help aid the teams we do send out and Minato-chan here won’t be left with a sitter everyday, after all he has a big name to live up to since he’s the new Namikaze heir.” Said Sakura as Tsunade smiled.

“That he dose but he also has two of the best parents in the world even if one is a immature brat.” She replied before leaving so Sakura could rest taking Minato with her so he could be placed back with the other babies. Sakura held Naruto’s hand as he lightly squeezed it in his sleep making her smile before lying back and letting sleep over take her a smile on her face.

The End

A/N: Well hope you like that little one shot and before people ask this will not become a multi chapter story.

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