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Saturday, May 10, 2008

There's No Such Thing as a Happy Ending

Oh Jesus…this is the longest oneshot in my writing experience and the most painful…

Be warned: there is a HUGE amount of gore, blood & mature content.

Summary: Unsuspecting and vulnerable, Hinata suffers from a cataclysmic event that leads to so much more. HUGE content warning; little children must NOT read.

Disclaimer: Anything Naruto related is © Kishimoto Masashi-sama.

There's no Such Thing as a Happy Ending

Author: Kima-Mitsura

“N-Naruto-kun…” Hinata whispered as she watched her blonde-haired crush, or should I say boyfriend, amble down the street. He’d just dropped her off in front of the Hyuuga compound after some serious training and gave her the sweetest kiss farewell. Naruto and Hinata had been going out for several weeks and were crazy in love, to absolutely no one’s surprise; pretty much everyone in Konohagakure had known about the two lovebirds and their relationship.

Hinata’s father Lord Hyuuga Hiashi, who watched as the nineteen-year-old son of the Fourth Hokage bid his daughter goodbye, had taken it as a small admiration between the two; it was a bond he wanted to not exist; a bond he refused to accept. When Hinata came in after her love had rounded a corner, Hiashi pounced.

“Hinata.” He said in a quiet tone that scared the living daylights out of Hinata. She recovered her breath and looked at her father respectfully.

“K-konnichiwa, Otoo-san.” Hinata said, taking a respectful bow, “D-did you n-need me for s-something?” She stuttered, having been unable to kill the nervous habit after so many years.

“I did.” Hiashi answered plainly, “How would you feel to get married, Hinata? Get married and lead the clan?” Hiashi raised an eyebrow on his harsh features as he looked at his daughter. Her heart had skipped a beat and she looked at her father shocked with her mouth slightly agape.

Father is…letting me marry Naruto-kun?’ Hinata thought ecstatically. No words would come from her opening and closing mouth, so she just nodded happily, hope shining brightly in her eyes.

“Good.” Hiashi said as he made his way to the council room to meet with the elders, “I will hold a meeting with the elders on this subject. No one is permitted in.” Hinata nodded at her fathers command and could barely hide the spring in her step as she pranced up the stairs to her room to write a new entry in her diary. Hinata sat happily on her bed and took out a blue pen as she dug in a secret hiding place in the wall for her diary. (Her whole family has x-ray vision, so I think she might’ve locked her diary in a lead box or something.) She set the book to a new page and began to write avidly about the events that day.

Hiashi, meanwhile, had seen his daughter’s joy and frowned, knowing she wanted to be married to the Kyuubi container. His thoughts were spinning now and he had to close his ghostly eyes to sort things out in his mind before meeting the elders. ‘HinataI refuse to accept any relationship you have with that boy. Because there is no relationship, there will be no heartbreak, and you will be happy with the boy I’ve chosen.

(the following day)

Hinata had just finished her morning meal with her father, sister, and other members of the main branch of the Hyuuga clan. She asked to be excused, but her father would not let her, Hiashi had everyone else, including Hinata’s sister Hanabi, to leave instead. When the room was cleared, Hiashi spoke:

“Hinata. I have spoken with the elders.” Hinata’s attention was solely on her father’s words, “And…we have decided…to permit you to marry.” Just like the day prior, Hinata had stars in her eyes and her breath hitched excitedly.

“O-otoo-san…I…I don’t know what to say…” Hinata was so excited, she had forgotton this was her father, Lord Hyuuga Hiashi, head of the Hyuuga clan, that was speaking to her. Hinata sat back and took a couple deep breaths before meeting her father’s commanding gaze, silently asking him to continue.

“I’ve heard from Tsunade-sama that he had gone out on a mission early this morning and should return at nine o’clock tonight. I want you here before then, understood?” Hinata nodded to her father and he dismissed her for the day. She quickly checked in with Tsunade to see if she was given any missions. Tsunade knew that her father wanted her home no later than necessary that evening and so gave Hinata a small mission: babysitting a set of triplets for the day with Inuzuka Kiba’s and Yamanaka Ino’s help.

(later that same day)

Hinata jogged excitedly home after babysitting the three children, she even got a fairly nice tip to keep to herself. It was just past seven-thirty, which gave her plenty of time to get herself washed and changed for later that evening. She removed her shoes at the entrance and walked around the household, bubbling from the inside like the pink cherry sodas at festivals. She rounded a corner and nearly ran into her cousin Neji.

“Sumimasen, Neji-nii-san!” Hinata said as she skipped to her bedroom to get ready, leaving Neji utterly puzzled about what made her so happy. As he was going along his way, he ran into another Main branch family member: Hyuuga Hiashi himself.

“Lord Hiashi.” Neji greeted as he bowed respectfully and moved to continue to his room in another part of the Hyuuga complex.

“You’re back early, Neji…” Hiashi stated, looking at his shinobi nephew, “I have to speak with you.” With that, Hiashi turned and walked into the meeting room, with Neji following his commanding uncle.

Hinata had finished her bath and wrapped her curvy form in a soft, fluffy white towel before walking into her connected bedroom. She was humming lightly before she heard a click come from behind her. She quickly whipped around, holding a kunai that she’d grabbed from inside her dresser. To her surprise, she saw Uchiha Sasuke, the ex-missing-nin of Konoha leaning against the doorway with an impassive face and his arms folded in front of his chest.

“U-Uchiha-s-san?” Hinata stuttered, having a huge blush on her face (She’s friggin’ nekkid and only dressed in a friggin’ towel.) and stood cautiously, hiding her ahem assets from his blood-red gaze. Hinata barely blinked and the Uchiha avenger had her pinned to her queen-sized bed, her kunai long forgotten on the hardwood floor. Hinata moved to scream, but found her screams muffled by a callused hand.

“Shhh…you wouldn’t want to worry your father, Hinata-hime.” Sasuke said huskily in her ear. Hinata’s eyes widened as she smelled sake on his breath and felt his chapped lips kiss along her jaw and down the side of her neck. Hinata struggled beneath the Uchiha, but to no avail, Sasuke had managed to pin down all of her limbs and her body was weighed down by the male’s heavily muscled form. The Uchiha kissed down her neck before sucking and licking at the juncture of her neck and shoulder; Hinata screamed into his hand and struggled more. Sasuke growled angrily and bit down on her neck, breaking the skin and drawing crimson blood.

“I warned you Hinata-hime. Now be quiet.” Sasuke said as he quickly removed his hand and covered her mouth with his. He prodded at her lips with his tongue, but he received no answer, Hinata refused to let the Uchiha in and kept her mouth clamed shut and her eyes closed. Sasuke was infuriated by this and gripped her left forearm with his right hand tight enough to bruise Hinata’s porcelain skin. Hinata whimpered in response, but her mouth and eyes stayed tightly shut as a small tear escaped. Before she knew it, Hinata’s towel had been ripped off, her legs forcefully spread wide and the violent male ripped right through Hinata’s virgin barrier, making her scream in agony and her eyes widen. She bled fiercely as the Uchiha gripped and badly bruised her hips, constantly violating her with painful thrust after painful thrust. Hinata felt like she was being torn in two, both from the agonizing pain in her nether regions and from the regret: she had promised she would only give herself to Naruto, someone she truly loved; not to anyone like this…this…pig of a man.

After nearly thirty minutes, the Uchiha had his release and removed his limp, bloodied member from inside the Hyuuga heiress. He gave her a smirk and a quick kiss before bounding out Hinata’s window, just as footsteps were coming up the stairs to her room. Hinata curled herself up on the blood-stained bed sheets and sobbed uncontrollably, not caring that someone was now pounding on her door. The next instant the door was blasted down and an angry Hiashi walked into the heiress’s room, followed by both Neji and Hanabi. Once his eyes met his first-born daughter’s naked, bloodied, and bruised form sobbing on the ruined bed, Hiashi’s jaw dropped slightly and his eyes widened in genuine concern for Hinata.

“Hi…Hinata?” Hiashi whispered. Hinata looked at her father over her shoulder and cried again, ashamed of the state she was in. Hiashi had Neji take Hanabi away and guard the broken doorway from anyone else. The lord sat beside his daughter and cradled her sobbing figure in his arms; he had an idea of what happened, but who did it…that was something he would have to ask Hinata. Hiashi had wrapped Hinata in a clean set of blankets, courtesy of Hanabi, and carried his daughter to the hospital, followed by his nephew Neji and several anbu guards.

(one week later)

Everyone in Konoha had a vibe of anger and of fear after word got out of what happened to the Hyuuga heiress, the rape which had destroyed the beautiful young woman they once knew. The shy, smiling, and blushing face of Hinata vanished after that night, only to be replaced by sleep deprived skin, hollow, spiritless eyes bordered by dark rings of restlessness, and a mouth that always sat in a dismal line on the girl’s face. Hinata’s once vibrant, blue-purple hair had lost its luster, her skin grew even paler, and many of her friends swore she’d lost a lot of healthy weight. Hinata even surrendered her violet and cream colored coats for black coats with hoods to hide her broken face.

Hinata, though very seriously affected, was not the only one vastly bothered by the rape; Sakura, Tenten, and Ino, Hinata’s best female friends, had refused to go on missions so that they could protect their delicate friend. Naruto was almost as badly affected as Hinata; being the known container of the Kyuubi and Hinata’s boyfriend made him the biggest suspect of all. But Tsunade made it clear to everyone that it wasn’t Naruto, especially because she was watching Naruto complete his mission at the time of the rape. Only Hinata, Tsunade and a few doctors knew who had done it and she had made sure no one would speak of that night. Hiashi was deeply wounded and refused to allow Hinata anywhere without him, Neji, or an anbu officer as Hinata’s escort. But Hinata didn’t mind, she was finally being recognized as a daughter, a sister, a friend, and cousin.

Maybe…’ Hinata thought as she sat in her room, fondling a kunai she’d had since her days as a genin, ‘MaybeI should tell everyoneUchiha-san will be taken away foreverbuthe might come back to hurt meand everyone else…’ Hinata faltered in her thoughts as she looked at her still bruised left arm. She’d refused to be healed or even touched for the first three days, so she kept the wounds as a reminder of her inability to protect herself. The hand-shaped bruise she wore was fading into a brilliant bluish yellow-green on her pallid skin. Without thinking, Hinata ran the still sharp kunai horizontally against her wrist.

“Beautiful…” the heiress whispered as blood coursed from her wrist. For the first time in a while she smiled. Every day she would reopen a wound or cut a new slice along her wrist to regain that smile. She wrapped her arms in bandages and people began seeing a smile on her face again, but it felt wrong; the smile didn’t seem to belong to her anymore; it was so dark…so cold…Hinata craved the sight of red on her black and white form. It made her feel like she would be noticed again, that people would care again. The sick thoughts in her head gave birth to the dark smirk as she again plotted the next pattern she would carve.

However, Hinata’s habit was soon discovered by Neji and he confiscated all of the weaponry in her room. The long series of events made Hinata feel sicker by the day; she often found herself vomiting into the toilet in the mornings and she silently cried to herself as her middle was hurting her…she knew what was happening…she knew what would happen if she didn’t stop it.

The same day that Neji had taken away Hinata’s things, he had decided to discretely watch his beloved cousin. As days passed, Hinata became more reserved, spending days at a time in her room, and Neji grew more concerned. He sensed a second presence in the room whenever he stopped by to check on Hinata, but he couldn’t see the person with his byakugan. However, toward the middle of the third week after the rape, Neji discovered the presence and ran to the Hokage for answers.

“Tsunade,” Neji addressed the female Hokage pleadingly, “I’m begging you, tell me who did this to Hinata-sama.” Neji was currently out of breath, he sped through the streets and above the buildings to find Tsunade in the dwindling light of evening. He’d never thought Tsunade would be staying in the Hokage office after hours.

“Neji…” Tsunade started as she placed her papers sadly in front of her, “Hinata made me swear it on the Hokage monuments. I can’t just-”

“You know what, Tsunade-sama? I can’t just stand by and watch my fiancé let that bastard’s child grow inside of her! She’s dying because of it!” Neji shouted, slamming his fist on the desk and scaring Tsunade’s piggy companion Tonton and her assistant Shizune out of their wits. Tsunade was outright surprised by this news; she was well aware of Neji and Hinata’s arranged marriage, but she wasn’t prepared to hear that the child in Hinata still lived. She swore she’d killed off every foreign cell inside of the girl…apparently even the Hokage can make a mistake.

“Alright,” Tsunade said, leading the enraged Hyuuga out of her office, “Just promise me you won’t kill him.” Tsunade said, opening a door into a private discussion room.

“I promise.” Neji answered, much calmer than he had been. ‘I won’t kill him Tsunade-sama, I’ll murder him in cold blood.’ The furious boy added mentally as the Hokage seated him in a private room.

(several days later)

“Hinata-chan! Hinata-chan!” Naruto called, speeding through the village. Hinata had gone missing that morning and Naruto was worried sick for his girlfriend. The Kyuubi holder raced through the city, asking everyone he knew if they’d seen Hinata that day. Then he saw it, a gruesome sight: blood at the gate of the Uchiha compound. Anbu officers hadn’t arrived yet, but many people were crowding around the gate, waiting to know what was happening inside the compound.

Suspicious that this had everything to do with Hinata, Naruto sprang over the closed gate and searched the grounds of the Uchiha’s part of the village. After a minute, Naruto came upon the main of the compound; blood was everywhere and scraps of clothing were pinned to the ground and walls by various kunai and shuriken. He heard sobbing coming from inside and he cautiously set forth with five shadow clones to cover him. Naruto rounded a corner and saw a dark figure slumped over a bloody corpse; another dead body lay on the other side.

“Hinata-chan…” Naruto whispered, knowing the dark figure was his beloved Hinata. She turned to him and the Jinchuuriki choked back a sob as he saw the girl’s face. Hinata looked very sick: her skin was paper white, what makeup she wore was running down her face, her hair was ragged like it hadn’t been brushed in days, and her clothes were deeply wrinkled, as if the girl had slept in them. Naruto knelt next to Hinata and cradled her lovingly as he studied the body before him: it was Hyuuga Neji. He’d been laid out from where he’d been, but there was a gaping hole where his heart should have been. Glancing to his left, Naruto saw his long time rival and best friend pinned to the wall by nearly one hundred kunai and shuriken, his left arm was loose and slightly burned at the hand; Neji died to the chidori and Sasuke perished from a deadly hole in the right of his chest.

“Naruto-kun…” Hinata choked out, clinging to her beloved shinobi. Naruto held Hinata close and cried with the girl. He stayed there with her until the anbu arrived to deal with the corpses.

Two weeks after Neji’s and Sasuke’s bodies had been dealt with and one week before their funeral, Naruto went to the Hyuuga compound to comfort and surprise Hinata; in his hand, hidden behind his back, was a bouquet of white and rare blue roses and in his pocket laid a suspicious small box covered in black velvet. Hiashi opened the front gate and saw the blonde had come for his daughter, but that was least of his concerns.

“Er…hello, Hyuuga Hiashi. Um…is Hinata available?” Naruto asked sweetly. Hiashi’s face was sad, more wrinkled with sorrow than of his age, and he allowed the boy in.

“Follow me. It’s rather urgent…important for…for you to know…” Hiashi said softly as he led the boy to his daughter’s room. Hanabi was sitting on one side of the hallway, rubbing her eyes and trying to suppress her cries. Naruto could immediately sense the air of really, really bad news and his heart rate increased from the worry. Outside the heiress’s room stood someone Naruto was none too familiar with.

“I-Itachi?!” Naruto asked, startled; he nearly dropped the flowers in his surprise. “What’re you doing here you son of a-” Naruto growled angrily.

“I’m so sorry, Naruto-kun…” Itachi said, interrupting Naruto. His voice was doused in remorse, “…if only I’d killed him…this…this would have never happened…” Naruto was surprised; Itachi was choking on his sentences. Tears ran free from Itachi’s blind eyes as he shook his head and turned away from the lord and the fox boy, vanishing into thin air. Naruto was getting more scared with every passing second; for one, he’d never thought he’d see a bloodthirsty killer cry like that, let alone someone that would kill anyone for the Kyuubi, and two…well…he really didn’t want to think about two.

“Hinata-chan…” Naruto whispered, dashing into the heiress’s room and witnessing a sight he never thought he’d see. Hinata, having used a katana she stole from the Hyuuga parlor the night prior, had cut her stomach open, vertically and horizontally, and stabbed herself repeatedly through her uterus. Naruto felt sick and he dropped the roses on the floor to soak up the Hyuuga girl’s blood. His knees buckled and Naruto stared at the bloody corpse of his beloved Hyuuga Hinata. That was when Hiashi placed a hand on Naruto’s shoulder and produced a piece of paper in front of the blonde’s face.

“For you…” Hiashi said quietly. Naruto took the letter and slowly, painfully opened the letter with his shaking hands. The following was written on the letter:

Dearest Naruto-kun,

By the time you read this note, I will have been long gone from this world…myself and my son. I never wanted you or Uchiha-san hurt. Please forgive me for never telling you about anything…so many secrets I hid from you…it tears me up to even write this note, Naruto-kun. I’m just glad to confide these secrets in you at last.

Just under two months ago, my father announced I was going to marry; I thought I would marry you and be happy forever…but…I was betrothed to Neji. The same night I was told I was free to marry, Uchiha-san…Sasuke came and raped me. I was heartbroken Naruto-kun…my prayers for a happy ending, like a princess in a story, never happened.

I would never be your loving wife, I would raise my first child that wouldn’t even be yours, my family would be even more ashamed of me, few would mourn the little Hyuuga…the disappointment of the Hyuuga…I should never make anyone suffer, Naruto-kun. This is why I’m gone.

All I wanted was to love and be loved by you, Naruto-kun…live a story with a happy ending…but…there’s no such thing as a happy ending…is there, Naruto-kun?


Hyuuga Hinata

Tears began to stain the paper, further than it had been, for Hinata cried deeply while writing her final farewell. Naruto’s tears fell freely from his eyes and blended with the dark blood…the box fell from his pocket and Hiashi picked it up. Inside was the most beautiful ring Hiashi had ever seen; the ring was littered in diamonds and high quality solid gold made the band. Naruto had planned to propose to Hinata and all along, Hiashi refused to believe the boy would ever truly love the Hyuuga heiress and now…

“Hinata-chan…” Naruto whispered, his tears were being engulfed in the darkened blood as he held one of Hinata’s white hands and cupped one of her icy cheeks with his tanned hand. Soon, word had spread through the village: Hyuuga Hinata was dead and would share the day of the funeral with her cousin Neji and distant relative Sasuke. Naruto was absolutely crushed and his resolve to live was beginning to dwindle as he ceased attending his meals at Ichiraku Ramen. Naruto even spent his days crying in his room. On the day of Hinata’s funeral, Naruto set out, secretly carrying a rope in his formal black yukata. He looked like a husband in mourning rather than someone’s grieving boyfriend.

“Hinata-chan…” Naruto said as he gripped the ring he was going to give Hinata. It was a few hours before the ceremony would begin. No one was around when Naruto appeared at the funeral site. He placed his white rose, with his proposal ring attached, and kissed the picture of Hinata lovingly. “Don’t worry Hinata-chan…” Naruto said as he put the picture back in place, “…I’ll see you again soon…” he gripped the rope in his yukata nervously, “…very soon…” The sky had already begun a light drizzle, it was crying. Just like the day the third Hokage Sarutobi had his funeral.

(several hours later)

“Sakura,” Hatake Kakashi, Naruto’s and Sasuke’s sensei, said, addressing his female ex-student, “have you seen Naruto? He wasn’t at the funeral.”

“No. I can’t think of any place really.” Sakura, the only pinkette in all of Konohagakure, answered. She thought for a moment and turned to her gray-haired sensei, “Maybe he’s at the KIA stone.” Kakashi nodded thoughtfully. He himself visited the KIA memorial stone as often as he could to pay respects for his lost teammates Uchiha Obito and Rin as well as his family, whose names also decorated the stone. The two shinobi headed to their old training ground, the three logs, though rotting, still stood. Leaning on the middle log, Jiraiya, one of the three legendary sannin, was crying softly, but noticeably.

“Jiraiya? What are you-?” Kakashi started. Jiraiya quickly pointed to the tree in the middle of the training field. Jiraiya was sobbing now and Kakashi followed Jiraiya’s finger warily. Sakura let out a loud gasp and covered her mouth with both hands, tears springing into her eyes and running down her face. Kakashi stood silently, too shocked to even make a sound. There, hanging from the tallest branch of the old tree, was a rope, with a noose suffocating the lifeless body of the once bright and cheery boy, Uzumaki Naruto. His arms were bare of the yukata and had “there’s no such thing” on the right arm and “and there never was” carved deeply into his other arm. At the base of the tree were the torn sleeves of Naruto’s yukata and his once prized hitai-ate was atop the sleeves, slashed through the middle.

Naruto had hanged himself mere moments after the funeral began.

The wind wound around the three grieving shinobi and it seemed to be whispering in their ears the final words of Hinata and Naruto, “…there really is no such thing…as a happy ending…”

That hurt so much to write…I am devoid of comments. choked sob, sniffle

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