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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Akatsuki Chef

Akatsuki Chef
by silverwolf-fox

Let the story begin!

Rated for language, (mostly Hidan’s)


The Akatsuki members woke up and went to the kitchen. None of them could cook. At all. Yet when they walked in the table was covered in delicious food. It wasn’t burnt or anything.

“Dig in. It’s all freshly made.” The feminine voice made them look. A girl looking about 17 was standing there. She had short brown hair and big brown eyes. (She wears the same thing as the girl who works in the ramen place in Konoha.)

“Who are you?” Kisame asked.

“My name’s Kenta,” (Kent-ay) she replied merrily. Suddenly Leader-sama walked in.

“Since I know all of us are tired of eating black food I thought I’d find us a chef,” Leader-sama explained.

The other members were wary until they tried her food. They all agreed a second later.


At the next meal Kenta politely explained to everyone that anyone who is rude/cruel or does anything impolite to her they will regret it. None of them took her seriously.

Hidan made the mistake of trying to sacrifice her to Jashin. Thankfully Konan found them before Kenta was harmed.

Hidan let her go and Kenta walked away but not before she looked over her shoulder at him. Hidan swore that her eyes turned red for a second.

“Just wait Hidan. I have a way of getting back at people,” Kenta told him coldly. Hidan smirked.

“Just try. I’m invincible. You can’t do anything to me.” Kenta looked thoughtful and walked away.


At the next meal, Hidan was eager to get away. Even if he was invincible he hadn’t liked the look the girl gave him at the beginning. Hidan ate quicker than anyone thought possible and he walked away. He was the first one gone.

Kenta took his seat while sipping some tea. After a minute she smiled and everyone heard a recorded message that sounded when Hidan opened his door.

“JASHIN-SAMA’S A SPAZZ! JASHIN-SAMA’S A SPAZZ! JASHIN-SAMA’S A SPAZZ!” The message wouldn’t stop until someone closed his door but before he could the members still eating heard an explosion.


Blood was seeping down the hall.

Sasori, curious, went to see what happened. He came back with a blank look on his face.

“What happened Sasori-danna?” Deidara asked. Sasori sat down before answering.

“Hidan got blown up. His individual appendages are still intact, sort of, and his head’s still in one piece so he can appreciate that message.” Everyone looked towards Chef Kenta who had her eyes closed peacefully as she calmly sipped at her tea. When she put the cut down they saw her smile.

“He should have heeded my warning. He made the decision to try and sacrifice me. I just repaid the favor.” Kenta stood up and started washing the dishes.


“You’re insane aren’t you?” Kakuzu asked. Kenta turned and had on a blinding smile and laughed.


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