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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Stolen Away

Author's note:

This ... *shrugs* is what it is. (a Kiba one - shot) In the midst of the other stories, I found this while looking for a pic XD'. I looked at the date, and was like: 'damn...I've had this way too long without doing anything with it, so figured I'd post it. I wrote it for fun, and boredom. rofl. but I think it turned out, kinda cute, anyways. On to the story!


Stolen Away

by karamoonchild

Sitting down on the boulder, she tucked her legs up underneath. Looking out towards the lake, she let her smile fade slowly. Her pale blue eyes, shined, but no tears were let to fall. Lost within her own thoughts, the approaching shadows went unnoticed, until kunai sank into the ground below her feet.

Snapping back from her daydreams, she looked up, only to find herself being tackled and restrained. Struggling against the ropes was useless, as she was tied, and had been completely caught offguard. She whirled to look at her captors, and stared wide-eyed, recognizing the dark-haired, form of Hyuuga Neji.

A warning growl, was heard from the massive hound who accompanied the men. She looked over, at it's rider, studying the red stripes upon his cheeks; until a sudden jerk, let her know she was being carried. She shook her head, and struggled to concentrate her blurry thoughts. She glanced around quickly, as they darted away, and kicked off her sandals.

She stared back towards the lake, from over the man's shoulder; and trembled in fear. She took a deep breath, and before slipping into unconsciousness, she screamed as loud, and high pitched as she could.

Then her world went black.


She could feel a soft, puff of air, touching against her cheek. Her eyes opened slowly, and she was greeted by the furry, sighing face of the dog from before. Without thinking, she reached out and scratched under it's chin, and behind it's ears. She laughed a little as it's leg started to thump, and stopped, so she could sit up.

Yawning, she stretched. Then it came to her...this dog, had been with the men who'd taken her. Looking around quickly, she realized she had been laid on a cot. The door to the room was slid open, and she was greeted by one of her captors. The dog whimpered, and grumbled, seeming to talk to the man, with red stripes on his cheeks.

"I see your finally awake," a woman's voice spoke up. She looked back over at the door, and tilted her head to the side. The woman had pale yellow hair, and their was a oval-shaped bead mark on her forehead.

She only laughed under the girl's stare. "I guess you don't speak much anymore?"

"Um, no."

"Well, whatever. You're free now, you can do whatever you want."

"What do you mean free?" she asked, lifting her eyebrow.

"One of our teams rescued you, " the woman beamed.

The girl snorted, and stood up then. "Rescued from what, exactly?"

"The clan, of course!" The girl's jaw dropped, and her face went blank.

She slapped her forehead with her palm. "I didn't need rescued from them, at all!"


"I don't need rescued when I'm a member of the clan!" she snapped.

"Your saying your a member of them...?" the dog-boy spoke up.

"Yes." she sighed, a vein appearing on her forehead.

"Well, you're not going back to them," the woman scoffed, and turned to the boy. "Kiba, you and Akamaru, are to make sure she doesn't escape."

She shook her head, and sighed heavily. "Why are you doing this?" she demanded.

"That clan is an evil organization..."

"You don't know anything!" the girl yelled.

"I know more than you." The woman, finished, and left.

"arghhh! I can't believe this happening!" she groaned, burying her face in her hands.

"Why is it, you really want to go back there?" the boy asked, tapping her shoulder.

"They are my clan... I never wanted to leave them." She said, quietly.

"How can you be loyal to criminals?"

"How can you judge them, when you don't know them at all?" she said back, stiffly; and walked out into the village.

He was able to see her inner struggle. She knew his village had meant well, but she wanted to return so much, it was tearing her apart. It would be difficult to fight to go back, and her growing connection with her guards, only made it all harder.

She had found a friend in Kiba...but she needed to be with her clan. Yet, as she would sit along the border of the village, as they both looked on, and she refused to attack them, to be free. She wanted to go home... to her home...but she didn't have the heart to kill them.

That only made the other shinobi wonder why she had been allowed to join the clan at all. It was smaller in number true..but they were known to be vicious, and cold hearted killers; who had no remorse for what they thought was great fun.

And yet, here she was. A person who was openly friendly, outgoing, and peaceful. She showed kindness to strangers, and revealed her skills as a medic. They had found out, she was ranked as a Jounin, and yet, had not ever completed a single mission. She avoided fighting, and would rather talk, or goof around.

He caught her crying into her knees, off in some isolated place. He put his hand on her head, and patted it reassuringly. She glanced over at him, and Akamaru, whimpered, burying his face in her lap. Her face flushed when she realized he'd seen her, and bent over, covering her face with Akamaru's shoulder - blades, and crying into his fur.

Kiba lay his jacket over her head, and sat down. Her body was shaking with held-in sobs, and he looked on, as her cries remained silent, and Akamaru whimpered his sympathy. She pulled back, up, after only a short while, and smoothed out, Akamaru's ruffled fur. He licked her hands softly, and she only scratched under his chin, and kissed his forehead to thank him, for letting her cry.

She turned toward Kiba, and wiped away her remaining tears. Tugging off the jacket, she lay it on his lap slowly. "Thank you..." she said, softly, as he looked at her.

He grabbed her suddenly, and pulled her into a tight hug. "You don't have to hide from me," he said, quietly. She lay her foreheard on his shoulder for a long while; gripping his shirt slightly.

"I never hide..." she whispered. Then her body relaxed, and her arms wrapped around his chest, as she hugged him back.

Over the time that passed, they grew closer; more than they ever realized. They shared an apartment... and he was her guard, the one who couldn't let her go back. It had become more than that....she wasn't sure when, but she'd started to wait, for him to get back.

He was a shinobi, and would get called out on missions; leaving her with Lee, to guard her, and often, she would have to stay inside the infirmary, watching the leaf medics struggle to get everyone sought after. But even, she could not stay still, when someone need help; and would sometime go over and help care for a patient. Naruto or Lee, were often the ones who came looking for her, after Kiba came back; and she'd hurry over to greet them, after they'd report to Tsunade.

But one day, she had been training, when Tenten, hurried over, and saying that Kiba and Akamaru had been attacked. She rushed back, running over to the Infirmary, and it was Sakura, who told her, things were looking bad. They'd gone up against, a man called, Naru. Her eyes widened, with recognition.

Sakura, went on to say, their health was failing fast; They were both in a great deal of pain, but she couldn't find any poison or substance to cause it. Though, they did have many, deep, and heavy gashes all over.

Sakura apologized, saying Akamaru would pull through; but there was nothing she could do for Kiba; The girl asked where he was, and she was taken to the room, then left alone. She hurried to his bedside, and saw Akamaru, lay on a cot, on the floor nearby, whimpering in pain and distress. Kiba was gazing over at him, and only turned to look, when she touched her hand to his forehead.

His vision was blurry, but he recognized her scent; and whispered her name. Her hands started shaking, and she shook her head quickly, and pressed down on his stomach hard; as her hands glowed silver. He screamed, and thrashed beneath her hands; and Akamaru started to growl, knowing she was causing him, more pain.

Kiba's eyes widened, in shock, and fear; he clawed at her arms, even as the glow intensified; He thrashed around in pain; and howled in sheer agony. She concentrated, on keeping contact, even as the one grip he had on her, dug his claw-like nails, deeper beneath her skin. Suddenly, he stopped moving, and the glow disappeared completely; just as Sakura came running into the room; greeted by a fully angered Akamaru.

"What did you do...?" Sakura gasped.

Kiba sat up quickly, and she realized all the gashes were gone. "How did you know what to do?" the former hokage apprentice asked, in amazement.

"I know the man who attacked him..." The girl stared at the floor. " a member...of the clan..."

A call was heard, and Sakura, rushed out of the room. "Sorry, gotta go."

He pulled his claws out of her arm slowly; She bit her lower lip, as he did, so; and looked back at him. He had turned away, to glance at Akamaru. "It's okay...boy. I'm okay, Akamaru," he told him, and the dog, relaxed only then. Lifting the arm he held up further, he leaned forward, and licked the cut he'd made there. He kept lapping at it, slowly with his tongue,until all the blood was cleared away; and still he let his tongue, keep licking it gently. She had froze as he did, so, and, only after a long while, he paused then.

"I'm sorry..." he whispered, and went back to licking the cut.


"I'm sorry..." he repeated, pausing and resting his forehead, against her palm. She took her free hand, and brushed his bangs from out in front of his eyes. He had them half-closed, and she could see the remorse, he held there.

She smiled softly. "It's okay, Kiba..." She said, and he left her arm free, as they both hugged each other tightly. She could feel him trembling slightly, and she shook her head, in his shoulder. "I already forgave..." she whispered, and he only nodded.


Then the time came:

Some of the clan, had come to get to her back...She gasped in recognition, as several voices called out her name. She rushed outside, and was suddenly tackled by an emotional blur; and greeted by a relieved looking Kenshin, and Shikamaru. The blur was crying, and hugging her tightly; not wanting to let go for a second. She realized then, it was her son; and smiled; and hugged him back; rubbing swirls into his back, reassuringly. Shikamaru spoke up.

"We're going to get you out of here."

"All three, of you came to find me?" she said, still in shock, to be back amongst members of her clan.

"All four of us, actually," he grinned.


"Later, now we really have to go!" They all led her towards the border.

"Where the hell do you think your taking her!" a voice yelled, and she found herself snatched by Kiba, back towards into the village.

"Let go of my mother!" a furious scream, called out, and her son rushed, forward, only to be held by a shadow possesion. "Damn it, Shikamaru!" Kiba set her down, and Kenshin, grabbed her.

She struggled violently in his hold, until he was forced to drop her. She was about to dash back, when Shikamaru, grabbed her shoulder. "What are you doing?"

"I have to go back!" she yelled, trying to shrug off his hand.

"But we're taking your home!"

"I know that!" she snapped.

"Then come on!" he insisted. She punched him across the face, breaking his grip.

"I'm coming back...but there's something i have to do first!" She yelled back over her shoulder, flickering away quickly.

She rushed back, not noticing the redhead, she passed by. She hurried over to the crumpled forms of the Inuzuka pair. She knelt next to Kiba, and her eyes widened at the sight of so much blood, pooled beneath him. She pressed her hands to his stomach, and realized she was shaking. "Please, please..."

She could feel his heart beat had stopped; and she kept going, her hands glowing brighter and brighter, as tears streamed down her face. "Please... oh, please..." she begged, aloud, even as she felt her eyes getting heavy.

The last thing she felt, was a warm breath of Akamaru, licking the tears from her face, and whimpering.


Her eyes snapped open, and she looked over next to her, realizing Akamaru was laying next to her. "'s..." her voice caught in her throat, and she trembled in fear, raising her hand to her head.

A gentle lick on her fingers, caused her to bolt up, and turn around. She froze... staring at the resting, healed, uninjured form of the Inuzuka man, she had feared for. "Kiba...?" she squeaked, slightly, and he opened his eyes then.

"Your awake..." he smiled faintly.

She crawled her way over to him, and brushed the bangs out of his eyes. "Your okay..." she whispered, and tears slid down her cheeks.

He tugged at her arm, causing her to fall down to the floor; before wrapping his arm around her waist, and pulling her into his embrace. "I'm sorry..." he said, in a low voice, and brushed away her tears.

"I'm so happy..." she said, gripping his arm. He hugged her from behind, leaning forward, to kiss her on the forehead.


She could only blush deeply, as the clan came in, once they knew she was awake. Kiba had pulled her into his lap, with one arm over her shoulder, and another wrapped around her waist, possesively. The other girls only laughed, teasing her lightly, about her new man.

Kenshin and Shikamaru seemed pleased that he was so devoted to her, and had already been won over, by the boy's refusal to leave her side, while she was unconscious. Sasori, had taken to it better, since he had seen her determination to keep him alive, firsthand, and the boy, though
"a terrible fighter and weak", had earned his respect.

Kuromi was the least friendly of all the other girls, as Kara, was like a sister to her; and Kiba, had been among the squad who'd taken her away. She was rather slow to forgive about that; but seeing how happy, the girl looked, was softening that a bit.

Tazuo-kun, her son, was furious; He was pissed off that the man was even near his mother, let alone holding her in his lap. But she climbed off, of his legs, and Tazuo rushed into her arms; hugging her tighly, and telling her how glad he was that she was back; he rambled how he missed mommy; and caused Kiba to stare in shock, when he transformed back into his 4 yr old, self.

The clans members only laughed at the Inuzuka's reaction; while Akamaru, had pressed himself up against his owner's side. Whimpering and growling, both, in response to things the clan did. He rubbed the dog's back, reassuringly.

Suddenly, Tazuo whipped over to stand next to him and yelled in his face. "Don't you dare touch my mother again!"

She sighed, and went back over, hugging her son quickly. "It's okay... he's allowed to."

"No he's not!" Tazuo yelled. "I won't let him take away mommy again!"

Her face softened slightly, but she let go of Tazuo, and went back to Kiba on her own, even though, her son tried to keep her held back. Kiba yanked her arm free, and set her back into his lap, and Tazuo cried hysterically.

Kiba leaned down and whispered into her ear. "Are you sure?" she looked back at him, and he nodded.

"Sure about what?" Tazuo said, his tears quickly vanishing.

"hehe," he chuckled lightly.


"Hm?" she giggled.

"Is he my new daddy?" He asked, eyes wide. She only nodded once, before he tackled Kiba, almost knocking him over; and hugging him tightly. She laughed then, and so did the others, who saw it. Kiba hugged back, and struggled to answer the flood of questions the boy had for him.

"Alright, Tazuo-sama. That's enough excitement for today, that it is," the samurai spoke up. "Good night, Kara-dono...Kiba-sama." Kenshin ushered the energetic boy outside, winking, and closing the door behind them. She felt an arm tug lightly on her waist.

"He likes you, now," she teased, turning to face him slightly.

"Is he always gonna be like that?" Kiba's eyes widened.

"Heehe, probably...but wait till you see what happens in his teenage form."

"Oh...geez..." He groaned, and she laughed.

Akamaru nuzzled against them both, and she scratched her knees softly through his fur. He lay down, beneath her hands, and completely relaxed. He grumbled a few times. "Haha...I know those mean your enjoying this, at least!" she giggled.

"You were serious about wanting to know what he's saying?" Kiba asked, cocking his head, sideways a bit.

"Well, yeah!" she replied, shaking her head like the answer had been obvious.

"Well, right now, he's saying your scatching feels really good," he spoke up. As a member of the Inuzuka clan, he was able to communicate, and understand his canine companion.

"Maybe if i keep practising the telepathy, i'd get to hear his voice someday, " she said, softly.

"That would be awesome! You'd be the first person outside of the bloodline to get to!"

"haha...maybe so, but I'd rather get to just talk once, through telepathy at least," she giggled at his enthusiasm.

End, Stolen Away

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