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Tuesday, August 25, 2009


from neptune: i don't know what i think about this story, but after i read it... it's so funny


author: YumiXD

it's complicated. Trust me.

"Eto....Naruto-chan, what's that you're holding?" A 6yr old Hinata asked curiosly, while eying the foreign, circular object that rested on Naruto's palm.

"Ahh! Hinata chan! This?"A 7 yr, old Naruto asked, pointing at his palm then grinned like an idiot. "This is a condom!"

Hinata tilted her head to her side, confusion still present in her face. "A condom?"

Naruto nodded his head in response, still grinning. "Hai, a condom"

"What does it do?"

This time, Naruto stopped grinning as confusion crept to him also "Actually, I dont know Hinata-chan..."

"Then why'd you buy it?"

"Ehh.... Kakashi told me to buy it!"Naruto smiled "Besides, I'll get free Ramens for the whole week!!!" he exclaimed happily, pumping his fist into the air.

Hinata still had her attention to the small, foreign object. "Maybe it's a candy" she whispered, but loud enough for Naruto to hear as she scrutinized the circular shape the seemed to resemble her favorite candy.

Naruto shook his head, as if rejecting her idea. "No, Hinata-chan! When I bought it from the convenience store, the man was looking at me weirdly and muttered something about 'kids these days...' yadayada, so it couldn't have been a candy because when people buy candies, they're suppose to be super happy! But that man was not!"

"Ohh.... I see, you're right. Maybe it's a spooky circular toy thingy!"suggested Hinata

"You're right! Hinata! Why else would Kakashi want that thing?" Naruto frowned "But just to make sure, we must open it!"

Her face lit up immediately from his brilliant idea. "Hai!"

Naruto began biting the plastic wrapper off. "this will take a second" he said as he raised one finger up. "Okay it's done!"

"Wow...." Hinata was the first to react. "It........"

"stretches." Naruto contined for her then grinned.

"Ohhh.... so condom in other words is a...."

"Balloon" they both said in chorus

"Awesome!" Naruto exclaimed joyfully. "We should tell Kurenai-sensei!"

Hinata gave him a confused expression "Why?"

"Have you already forgotten? Kurenai loves balloons..."

"Oh right! we should tell the other kids as well"


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