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Thursday, May 1, 2008

Gengetsugakure chapter 2

Disclaimer: I don’t own Naruto, InuYasha, Yu Yu Hakusho, but I do own this fanfic, my ideas, and my OCS!

A/N: I dedicate this chapter to maiya, Surfer Tsunamiya, Anttolas, Kitsune-chan, Bloody-dawn, TrapedSoul, maschingon, blueinu, sportygurl2006, SomeoneUnknown, BloodRedSword, armanstay, lovergal1227, IY1, The PhantomHokage, YES PLEASE!, AnimeMaster 168, Soul of the Silver Phoenix, the dark icon writers, KyuubiFang, ofdarknesschaos, Somnus, silverrayne03, J!

Surfer Tsunamiya I was going to put the flashback of when he saved Ino in this chapter! I was just feeling a little “perezoso”(Lazy in Spanish if you don’t know) at the time Naruto and Ino are not together yet! Naruto smiled at her for she is the only person who is sticking by his side, though he hasn’t seen the rest of the rookie nine for they were being held up by their families who were breaking the hard news to them about what happened in the council at the exact same time that Naruto was leaving! I hoped that cleared up your question! Also all I have to say is that someone isn’t against Naruto like it seemed in the village like a former best friend (hint hint!)

Pairings: Same as first chapter for now!


Naruto: 25

Ino: 25

Chapter 2: Tsukikage to Gengetsugakure!

By: DeathNoteMaker

The silver light of the crescent moon shined on the land as a man with long golden blonde hair with soft spikes stood in a robe of silver and white as he then turned to the woman at his side, her platinum blonde hair had grown over the past 5 years as her body was now fully developed. Her pale blue eyes were looking at him with such love and admiration that it kinda made him upset with himself for not returning her declarations of love yet even after all these years.

This man was Uzumaki Naruto the Tsukikage of Gengetsugakure, the village hidden by the Crescent Moon and next to him was his assistant Yamanaka Ino.

Ino watched as Naruto looked over the village and smiled at the love of her life, she then looked back on that day she had met her one true love.


Ino at 6 years old ran down the deserted streets of Konoha, as everyone was at that festival for Kyuubi’s defeat, no one was there to save her from the boys chasing her.

“Just stop where you are little bitch! We just want to have a little fun with you!”

Ino shook her head and yelled in retort, “Leave me alone!” She ran down a alley and then came to a dead-end and she turned looking at the boys fearfully as they slowly walked up to them, Ino slid down against the wall slowly and her eyes were starting to fill up with tears when a orange blur appeared in front of her.

She looked up into azure eyes with awe as a smile spread across his tanned face,

“Don’t worry I will protect you…for I am the future Hokage!”

/End of Flashback/

She would never forget what he did and would follow him to the ends of the earth, her eyes narrowed as she thought of their former village with disgust and a silent promise that they would pay. Naruto saw the emotions passing over her face but didn’t comment as he felt two auras appearing behind the couple, “Tsukikage-sama we have a ambassador from the sound village and we also have some people from the stone village and others…also tomorrow we have some people coming from that village.”

Naruto turned towards the two and smiled softly as they had a hardened look in their eyes, “Don’t worry I am perfectly fine with them trying to make us their allies and they don’t know who exactly I am for one thing I just cant wait until I announce who I really am.” Naruto’s eyes locked on a violet and crimson ones and the two stepped into the light showing to feminine bodies.

The one with violet orbs had mid-back length dark green hair and was wearing a black halter top with baggy cargo pants, she was wearing black shinobi sandals. Her skin was pale and her face held a grin of amusement. On her hands were fingerless gloves with the kanji for Envy for that was her name. (No not Envy from FMA! The reason for her name you will find out later on.) She was the shortest of the two girls coming to 5”5’.

The second one with crimson eyes with knee-length crimson hair and was wearing a Chinese style dress that reached her mid-thigh with slits to her hips, her kunai holsters on her right thigh and she was wearing sandals like Tsunade’s. On her left thigh there is the Kanji ‘shi’ meaning ‘Death’. Her name is Shiga and she was 6”0’ and she was the tallest women in the village, many girls have been going after her affections as well as men, but she doesn’t give anyone the time of day for she was raising an orphan child by herself.

Shiga looked at Naruto with unconditional admiration for the blonde as he was also her savior as well as a father figure that she had never had she was only 16 and he found her when she was 5 and raised her with Ino whom was like a mother to her not that she would admit this to the two she rather showed them by dedicated her self to fulfilling Naruto’s dreams. Envy had a similar case but Shiga found her and Naruto took her in, the girls were like sisters and had similar attacks which made them a formidable duo in combat (you’ll find out their attacks later!) and were two of Naruto’s bodyguards.

Gengetsugakure though a year-old was already a very powerful country and the reason for that is they don’t discriminate whom they let become ninjas, they even had a few nuke-nin here and there, but the biggest reason was that they allowed other races such as demons, elves, dwarves, and other creatures even druids they were part of the council of Gengetsugakure. They were all on Naruto’s side and were unlike Konoha’s and the lower clans also got their own representation, everyone respected Naruto for his acceptance for every race even the undead (yeah! Wow theme! XD).

Naruto looked over his beautiful village that he has sworn to protect as well as his people; he then felt a powerful energy spike and smirked as he felt the arrivals from other villages. He nodded at them with a smirk as he then said,

“Let the games begin.”

In Konohagakure…

A young man with raven hair and ebony eyes walked down the street ignoring the looks of admiration as he then walked towards his family compound, he punched the wall as he clenched his teeth in anger.

Why did they do this to him?! The man he considered as his brother! They threw away his dream and expected him to betray brother! Even Sakura was starting to realize how this must have affected Naruto after she said all those things, the entire Rookie Nine were furious and were with their parents who supported Naruto but were voted out by the lesser clans and Danzo.

Naruto and the others appeared in the room to meet no other than Naruto’s head Medic-nin Higurashi Kagome as well as priestess of the Gengetsu temple, academy teacher, and one of the Sannin of the village. “Tsukikage-sama! I have the reports on the new wave of Genins that you wanted.” Naruto nodded with a smile as he stared at the older women, believe it or not Kagome was a demon/blood elf. Her mother was the priestess of an ancient temple and met Kagome’s father whom was a powerful demon, Kagome had light red skin with electric blue eyes and ankle-length raven-hair. She was wearing an outfit similar to Tsunade’s that also complimented her curvy figure except for the fact that it was a red outer coat and silver under shirt and her pants were black. She wore black combat boots.

Kagome handed him the reports and then he dismissed her with a wave of the hand and she bowed before disappearing. Ino was beside him helping with the paperwork and snuck a peek at the reports and couldn’t help but whistle in appreciation at the stats of their villages Genins, “Wow! This years Genins are even more impressive than last year…most of last years are already Chunins, Jounins, Special Jounins, and a majority are regular ANBU, Black Ops ANBU, and very talented Medic-Nins!”

Naruto smiled as he read about the progress of every child as well as Ino’s remarks for he is also amazed at the accomplishments of everyone, he laughed inwardly as he imagined the look on the faces of the council when they heard of this at their next meeting which was next week. With that in mind he set the report to the side and picked up Taisho Sesshoumaru’s report.

“Well it seems that we are getting tons of new missions from the feudal lords as well.”

Shiga and Envy nodded though they weren’t surprised, it didn’t matter that they were a new village to put it simply they were a very powerful village that could take on any of the other 5 main villages. They had lots of defenses for their countries and it was all thanks to the talents of the other races, they also had machinery thanks to the Dwarves and Gnomes (yeah there are Gnomes!) and they had magic thanks to the Trolls, Orcs, Undead, as well as the elves and Druids.

Naruto then turned towards the problem bin for the village and was surprised that there were only about two things, and sighed in relief, Naruto had worked hard to get the races to tolerate each other as they used to belong to different factions and they are even friendly with each other now thanks to Naruto’s meetings with them all. Naruto sighed as he massaged his temples the aura he sensed earlier was getting closer by every second and his eyes narrowed dangerously with silent fury as he remembered the aura, and then he whispered silently.


The three women in the room tensed as Naruto’s killer intent spiked slightly before being suppressed and he put on his hat signifying him as the Kage of the village. The door opened to reveal Taisho InuYasha followed by another silver-haired man with glasses with two shinobis with him, Naruto’s eyes narrowed from behind the shadow of the hat that covered his features at Kabuto’s formal apparel clothed form and then put in fake enthusiasm.

“Hello Yakushi-san…what do I owe the honor of your visit to our ‘humble’ village?”

The shinobi on either side of Kabuto were watching the man in front of them in awe and a little anticipation as Kabuto put on that care-free smile and pushed the glasses up the bridge of his nose and answered,

“Orichimaru-sama has requested that we make an alliance with your village, for Iam sure you are well aware that the shinobi nations are almost on the brink of war and everyone will need as many allies as possible.”

Naruto nodded his head and then leaned back in his chair and noticed the recognition that passed through Kabuto’s eyes as they landed on Ino’s lithe form, “Ah…Yamanaka-san…What are you doing here in Gengetsugakure? I thought you were apart of Konohagakure?” Ino’s eyes crinkled as she smiled falsely at him and she then answered,

“Konoha didn’t accept someone who was important to me so I left and Tsukikage-sama gave me solace here.” Kabuto nodded and then turned back to the Kage and nodded that the other shinobi were there as well, the two girls behind his desk he could already tell they were extremely powerful as well as Ino, much more powerful than she was in Konoha.

Kabuto looked at the corner of his eyes and noticed the silver-headed escort was sitting on the windowsill watching him with his amber eyes, Naruto looked at his shinobi asked.

“Who are these shinobi with you?”

Kabuto turned towards the two shinobi grinned and then introduced them, “The one my my right’s name is Canna Nobutoshi and the one on my other side is Houshi Soichiro.” The shinobi Naruto could tell were about Shiga and Envy’s ages probably two years older but could tell that this must be their first escort mission and maybe if Kabuto does anything that someone calls suspisicious then it would be their last unless they joined the village of course. Naruto then sat silently as he listened to Kabuto. End of Chapter 2! I have to end it right there for my dad is being an ass! And telling me to get off the computer! -- asshole!


By: DeathNoteMaker

Disclaimer: I don’t own Naruto, or any of the characters from any other animes and even the characters from World of Warcraft, but I do own my OCS, this fanfic and my ideas!

A/N: Thank you all for reviewing!

PirateCaptainBo, ChaosAvatar18, ChaosKnight999, Sounds Good!, Bloody-dawn, bigbabidi, ninjgaiden119, AnimeMaster168, TrapedSoul, maiya, sportygurl2006, angel-1844, mjkm, mundis, The PhantomHokage, Envy-chan, Meca Vegeta!


ChaosKnight999: Sorry you don’t like the pairing of Sess/Kag, I sorry but I am just a die-hard of this pairing! Inu/Kag is okay and I will only read it if it was well written for I really don’t like to see those two together after watching the anime and reading way too many fanfiction! XD the OCS are necessary for like Kabuto’s escorts for example thereisn’t really any important people in Sound that we know them by their names, the people we do are dead. My OCS have a purpose unlike some other fanfics that have OCS just to have them and fill up space. Plus the OCS all have different features that I point out when I type about them or I just say their names so you don’t get confused.

PirateCaptainBo: I am using Taisho as the last name for InuYasha and Sesshoumaru!

Thanks for the profiles which I will be using! XD

Traped Soul: How Naruto met all the races will be explained in flashbacks that will appear periodically!

Ninjagaiden119: Don’t worry I wont let Konoha have a quick and painless death, I am too cruel to allow that to happen! XP

lovergal1227: Yes my friend you get to do what you want to! Just don’t hurt me!

Character Profiles (courtesy of PirateCaptainBo!)

Name: Uzumaki Naruto

Occupation: Tsukikage of Gengetsugakure and Father Figure

Age: 25

Village: Hidden by the Crescent

Appearance: Long golden blonde hair, with soft spikes and azure eyes.


Robe of silver and white

Other Info: Left leaf, after Sasuke became Hokage, after quitting his job as a Shinobi. Left with Yamanaka Ino. Doesn’t discriminate whom they let become

Ninjas. Even have a few nuke-Nins. The village he runs is so strong is because

he allows other races like: Demons, Elves, Dwarves, Gnomes, Undead, Orcs,

Trolls and other creatures become ninjas. Even druids were part of the council!

He makes sure that all clans are represented; even the lower clans he made sure

Got their own representation. They respected Naruto, for many things, but manly

For his acceptance for every race.

Name: Yamanaka Ino

Occupation: Assistant to Tsukikage and Mother Figure

Age: 25

Village: Hidden by the Crescent

Appearance: Platinum blonde hair, pale blue eyes.

Other Info: Has had a crush on Naruto since she was 6, after he saved her. Later left with Naruto after quitting her job as a Shinobi so she could always be by

his side. Sensei was Asuma with teammates Shikamaru and Chouji. Best friend

Sakura, but also rival with familiar nicknames “Ino-Pig” and “billboard

Brow”, who faked her love for Sasuke to get Naruto jealous that didn’t work.

Later confessing her love for him, he still has not replied.

Name: Envy

Occupation: Bodyguard of Naruto and Ninja

Age: 17

Village: Hidden by the Crescent

Appearance: violet eyes, mid-black length dark green hair, pale skin.

Wearing: black shinobi sandals, black halter top with baggy cargo pants

Other Info: Was found by Shiga, and Naruto took her in. Loves Shiga as a sister,

and they make formidable duo in combat. Looks at Naruto as a Father, and Ino as

her Mother.

Name: Shiga

Occupation: Bodyguard of Naruto and Ninja

Age: 16

Village: Hidden by the Crescent

Appearance: Crimson eyes, knee-length crimson hair.

Wearing: Chinese style dress

reaching mid-thigh and slits to her hips, kunai holster on right thigh. On left

thigh the kanji ‘shi’ was there. Meaning ‘death’

Other Info: Looks at Naruto as a Father figure, Ino as her Mother Figure. She

was found and saved by Naruto at the age of 5. Loves Envy like a sister, and

Make formidable duo in combat.

Name: Higurashi Kagome

Occupation: Head Medic-nin, Academy Teacher, Priestess

Age: Wouldn’t you like to know Okay she is about 1020!

Village: Hidden by the Crescent

Appearance: light red skin, electric blue eyes, ankle-length raven-hair.

Wearing: Red outer coat, silver under shirt, her pants were black, black combat


Other Info: Holds many duties, being the Head Medic-nin, Academy teacher, the

Priestess of the Gengetsu Temple, and is also one of the Sannin of the village.

She is demon/blood elf. Her mother was the priestess of an ancient temple, and

Met her father. He was a powerful demon.

Name: Uchiha Sasuke

Occupation: Hokage

Age: 25

Village: Hidden in the Leaf

Appearance: raven hair and ebony eyes

Other Info: Sensei was Kakashi, with Naruto and Sakura as teammates. Wanted to

avenge his family, after his brother killed them. Was, Naruto's friend at one

point, and also considered him as a bother. Went off to work with Orochimaru

only to have Naruto bring him back. Later to become, the 6th Hokage.

Name: Haruno Sakura

Occupation: Shinobi

Age: 25

Village: Hidden in the Leaf

Appearance: Same thing she wears in part two of Cannon.

Other Info: Sensei was Kakashi, with teammates Naruto and Sasuke. Has a huge

crush on Sasuke, only to be ignored by him. And quite rude to Naruto. Best

friend Ino, but also rival with familiar nicknames Ino-Pig and

billboard brow.

Name: Hatake Kakashi

Occupation: Jounin

Age: 39

Village: Hidden in the Leaf

Appearance: silver-haired (same outfit as Manga and Anime)

Other Info: Sensei for team 7. Tried to stop Naruto from leaving but failed.

Favored Sasuke, more then Naruto and Sakura. Also likes reading a certain orange


Name: Kabuto

Occupation: Shinobi, Med-Nin, Assign tent to Kage, Ambassador.

Age: 31

Village: Hidden in the Sound

Appearance: silver-haired, glasses

Other Info: ambassador, for the sound village to make allies with


Name: Orochimaru

Occupation: Kage

Age: Nobody fuckin’ knows!

Village: Hidden in the Sound

Appearance: tall, pale, and creepy snake eyes (nough said.)

Other Info: Evil, snake man. Was student for the 3rd Hokage, with teammates-

Jiraiya 'Super Pervert' and 'Hermit Pervert', and Tsunade 'Old Hag' and '5th

Hokage'. Also, left Konoha to make his own country. And, left curse mark on

Sasuke Uchiha, (but not sure if that’s going to be included in story.)

Name: Canna Nobutoshi

Occupation: Shinobi, escort

Age: 16

Village: Hidden in the Sound

Appearance: find out in this chapter!

Other Info: Escorted Kabuto to Village Hidden by the Crescent

Name: Houshi Soichiro

Occupation: escort, Shinobi

Age: 17

Village: Hidden in the Sound

Appearance: In this chapter!

Other Info: Escorted Kabuto to Village Hidden by the Crescent

Name: Taisho InuYasha

Occupation: Shinobi

Age: 500 years old

Village: Hidden by the Crescent

Appearance: amber eyes, silver-headed

Other Info: mostly uses his sword the Tetsaiga. What he wears outfit from Anime except has more of a bankotsu look.)

Next chapter will feature more! Thanks PirateCaptainBo!

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