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Thursday, May 1, 2008

Gengetsugakure chapter 3

Chapter 3: Otogakure to Konohagakure

By: DeathNoteMaker

Kagome let out an annoyed sigh as she looked at the young man in front of her, Onigumo Hakudoshi, has asked her out for the 10th time that day. “I’m sorry Onigumo-san but I can’t for I have lots of work to do and won’t have any energy to go out in the town.”

The man’s crimson eyes narrowed on her figure as she continued with her work not bothering to look up at him, Hakudoshi left the room and Kagome released a relieved sigh as she then turned towards the window.

The moon was still high in the sky and it shown that t was still early in the night and her thoughts were confirmed when she looked at the digital clock on the wall, 12:00. She stood up brushing imaginary dirt off her skirt and walked out of the building and walked into none other than… Uchiha Itachi.

He stood there in his regular black and red coat but you could see a Kitsune in front of a silver moon signifying him as one of Gengetsugakure’s ANBU, Kagome smiled up at stoic Uchiha and shut the door to the academy and walked with him down the street saying hello to everyone they came by until they reached the ANBU headquarters.

Itachi placed his hand on a pad where it verified his identity and the doors opened allowing the couple to walk through, they passed other ANBU and went to the top floor and stopped in front of the door and knocked. Itachi turned to Kagome and asked,

“What do you need to ask Taisho-sama?”

Kagome grinned as she pulled out a scroll, “Something from Naruto-sama.”

A silky baritone voice that could make you melt into a puddle of mush came through the door, “Come in.” Itachi was about to say good bye to Kagome when a guy with blonde hair in a really high ponytail and blue eyes, a hawk mask hanging from his neck as he grinned at the stoic yet annoyed Uchiha,

“Hey Uchiha! Come get some of the donuts in the break room!” Grabbing the said onyx-haired man and dragged him down the hall leaving a silently chuckling Kagome whom then stepped into the office. When she got in she came face to face with Taisho Sesshoumaru, top commander of the ANBU also another of the legendary Sannin whom has been on a vacation outside the village and was no doubt getting smacked by offended women.

“Kagome-chan what do I owe the honor?”

Kagome smirked as she handed him the scroll, “Some special orders from Naruto-chan! It seems that were having some unwanted guest and they must be properly supervised.” Sesshoumaru’s eyes scanned the scroll and nodded before signing it and writing something else before handing it back to Kagome, Kagome then asked.

“Sesshou-kun…have you heard from You-kun?”

Sesshoumaru nodded and told her, “He should be coming back with in the village tomorrow while indirectly escorting the Konoha shinobi here.” Kagome giggled as she imagined ‘You-kun’ disguised as some old man giving the Konoha shinobi problems by pretending to throw his back out and etc. Kagome then turned to walk out of the office but bumped into Sesshoumaru frame, she looked up and saw lust in those usually stoic eyes and couldn’t help but shudder at the intensity that filled the room before she felt a clawed hand trace her hips.


A kind-looking old man with silver hair and a walking stick in his left hand, he smiled at every person he crossed and received a smile in return. He then heard mumurs of Konoha shinobi whom the small villages surrounding Gengetsugakure all knew of the grudge that the Tsukikage had for them though he tolerates them, showing he wasn’t some vengeful person.

The old man saw the group of shinobi and was surprised to recognize the Hokage was traveling with them, a smirked crossed his features as he walked up to the group and asked, “Are you on your way to Gengetsugakure?”

Sasuke was walking with Sakura, Neji, Hinata, Kiba, Shino, Kurenai, and Kakashi. This was the usual group they went out on over the years when Sasuke would make search parties to find Naruto, though the council didn’t protest they weren’t supportive of them but couldn’t complain for Sasuke was doing a good job as Hokage. Neji, Hinata, and the rest of the Rookie nine weren’t on good terms with him as they were still bitter about Naruto leaving the village and pinned the blame on him, Sasuke didn’t want to become Hokage no one knew this except for Tsunade for she was the only one he had told.

They noticed an old man walking up to them with a kind smile something they haven’t seen in any of the villages going towards Gengetsugakure, even the children just stared at them with hatred and a kid even kick Kakashi in the shin. Sakura turned towards the old man and brushed some imaginary dust from her red sleeveless top and her beige shorts.

“Yes we are from Konohagakure and were going to Gengetsugakure.” The man nodded and then announced, “I am going to take you there for I know the way like the back of my hand.” As they were passing by the villagers people would bow to the old man and had short conversations with him, they could tell that he was well respected as people referred to him as sama and were bowing to him.

They walked for 2 more hours and then came to a cave where a woman was waiting with an irritated look on her face, the first thing the Konoha shinobi noticed was the pale red skin the woman possessed and confirmed the rumors of Gengetsugakure allows any if all races into their village.

“Hey You-Baka! What has taken you so long?!”

The old man scratched the back of his head as he looked at his old teammate and current lover Higurashi Kagome, “Ah Kagome-chan! It has been so long since I have basked in your beauty!” The Konoha shinobi watched as the old man seemed to grow a little taller and his skin losing signs of aging as he walked towards the woman who’s arms were crossed in front of her chest and eyes rolled in annoyance.

“Yeah ,yeah, whatever, and are these the Konoha shinobi?”

He turned his head towards them and grinned at the shocked look on their faces as his once old looking face was replaced with a sexy face you would only found on a porn star!

He had an elegant face with sharp amber eyes, his silver hair was shinier then before and on his head were Kitsune ears and he also had a tail which was currently circling around Kagome waist.

“Follow me.”

The solid wall of rock they had seen split apart and they watched in awe as they saw the beautiful village of the crescent moon, Kagome smirked at their expressions.

“I guess this is the part where I say, Welcome to Gengetsugakure…The Village Hidden by the Crescent Moon.”

End of Chapter 3!

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