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Thursday, May 1, 2008

Gengetsugakure chapter 5

Disclaimer: I don’t own Naruto, or any of the characters I am using from other animes, though I own my descriptions, the profiles belong to PirateCaptainBo…eh heh heh, my ideas, and this fanfic!

A/N: Heh heh…I am sorry about the profiles! I have just been putting them up for a reviewer has taken time to actually make their own profiles of the characters, I will not be putting profiles in the story unless it is an OC…THERE ARE YOU HAPPY NOW?!

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Story thus far: Naruto the Shodaime (sp?) of Gengetsugakure, and is getting asked by multiple villages for alliances and now he is about to have a party celebrating the village’s success. With his Konohagakure and Otogakure competing for their Gengetsugakure as their allies, will one become victorious or will they both be left in the dust of the powerful new village?

Profiles: Just Kidding: Dodges pitchforks and torches: God I was just kidding!

Chapter 5

By: DeathNoteMaker

Taisho Sesshoumaru stood and looked out the window from the highest room of the skyscraper, which is the Gengetsugakure ANBU headquarters. His golden eyes narrowed in slits, as there was a knock at his office door, he beckoned whomever the person was into his office and couldn’t help but scowl as it revealed his younger brother,

Taisho InuYasha.

“What do you want half-breed?”

The younger Taisho growled but then answered, “Youko-teme and Kagome-chan have returned to the village with the Konoha shinobi and are escorting them as we speak to Naruto-sama.”

The ANBU commander’s eyes widened for a few seconds before he returned to his stoic façade, “Very well.” He then looked at his younger brother and said, “I will be taking my break now and you will watch over the office for me…if I come back and anything is wrong you will feel my wrath.”

InuYasha watched as his brother left the room and sighed before crossing his arms commented, “He only takes that icicle out of his ass when he is with Kagome-chan.”

As Sesshoumaru was walking down the street females of every race were giggling with blushes on their faces (Well except Undead for they have no blood in their bodies to enable them to blush), Sesshoumaru ignored them and continued on to the Tsukikage’s Tower. Those women were of no use to him for he only had one woman that he wanted to spend the rest of his life with. An image of Kagome came to mind, as he neared the tower the guards at the front stood an attention and saluted their commander with respect practically rolling off them in waves.

Other part of Town…

Orichimaru and Kabuto were walking through the village and were intrigued by all the machinery and jutsu that some of the villagers were doing, Orichimaru was now convinced about Kabuto’s words about having this village as their allies were a top priority. This village had a lot of secrets and Justus that could help him reach his goals, and with this rumor of this village’s hate of Konoha they were perfect candidates for allies against the leaf village.

Violet eyes twinkled with a sadistic gleam and she watched the Otokage walk through her village with a plotting look crossing his snake-like face, she was given specific instructions from Naruto and she was sticking to this. She also got the permission to kill Orichimaru if he ever decided to try and attack them, though Naruto was more than a match for the snake man she asked to take care of the stupid snake and gain his attention.

Youko’s eyes glowed with a playful gleam as he watched Kagome gracefully walked towards the door and knock, couldn’t help but let his perverted nature get a hold of him watch her ass sway side to side. Youko noticed the women in the group of Konoha Shinobi were all looking at him with looks of disgust, but ignored them, he was a known pervert in the village and all the ladies loved him anyway.

Though he really didn’t care much about other women for he only wanted Kagome, the door opened to the room and they came face to face with Shiga whom was looking at them with a smile to them before looking emotionlessly at their ‘guests’.

Sasuke’s eyes widened as the door was opened and a beautiful redheaded woman was there to greet the two Gengetsugakure citizens with a smile before turning to them with an emotionless façade, His heartbeat quickened from that split second before he then continued into the room.

The group of Konoha shinobi all walked into the room with hopes of finally seeing this powerful Tsukikage, and the hope that they could ally with this powerful nation. Sasuke was also going to ask if they had ever met Naruto before and if they had any idea where he is, they were all shocked as they saw Ino next to the Tsukikage whom had his headdress covering his features.


Ino looked coldly at Sakura, her usual warm pale blue eyes now as cold as artic ice. The pink-haired girl cringed back as did everyone else except the people from the village, Ino turned answered, “What I am doing here has nothing to do with you Haruno.”

Ino then turned her head away ignoring the hurt look flashing through Sakura’s eyes and turned to the Tsukikage and then stated, “Before we can start the meeting ‘Weasel’ has a report…come in.”

A swirl of leaves appeared as a man in a silver ANBU outfit and weasel mask appeared before looking at the occupants of the room and smirking before the Tsukikage then ordered softly surprising the others, “Take off your mask.”

The ANBU nodded and then slowly lifted his hand to his mask and slowly pulled it off his face his long bangs falling to the sides of his face. Sasuke’s eyes widened before narrowing in anger,


Itachi smirked as his brother brought his hand into the position to ignite the Chidori and dashed towards Itachi with the intent to kill, Sasuke appeared in front of a stoic Itachi and swiped at him only drawing a cut on his cheek.

The Konoha shinobi was nervous now, Itachi was apart of Gengetsugakure and because of Sasuke’s blind rage the Tsukikage could declare war on them and they would accomplish the exact opposite of what they were trying to do.

A red blur stopped in front of Sasuke’s next attack and slammed him into the right wall of the office making a small crack in the wall, the chidori stopped and Sasuke looked with shocked eyes at the girl he had saw at the door.

Her crimson eyes were burning with anger as she then warned, “Never hurt Itachi-kun or I will kill you!”

She then let Sasuke slide to the floor in shock before going to Itachi’s side and checking the small cut on his cheek with concern written all over her face, Sakura ran to Sasuke’s side and then turned to the girl and demanded.


Shiga smirked as then commented, “You should be grateful that I stopped your Hokage from making a fatal mistake and starting a war with our village.” With that comment Sakura shut up and grit her teeth, then everyone’s attention then turned to the Tsukikage whom was laughing heartily as he then stood up and said,

“Wow this is entertaining! Now that you have learned your lesson, I would advise you to not try attacking any of my shinobi again…just because we used to be friends doesn’t mean I will spare you.”

The Konoha group looked at him with confused looks when Hinata stepped forward and asked, “Do we know you Tsukikage-sama?” The Kage looked at her from behind his hat and then slowly picked it off his head revealing his face to the shocked shinobi and then grinned,

“Why I am the Demon of Konoha, the one who always said I was going to be Hokage, the one who put my life on the line and saved a worthless village thousands of time…I am now the Tsukikage of Gengetsugakure one of the most powerful shinobi villages in the land…my name is Uzumaki Naruto.”

End of Chapter 5!

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