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Thursday, May 1, 2008

Gengetsugakure chapter 7

Disclaimer: I don’t own Naruto or any of the other animes that I have taken characters from! X3 but I do own Shiga and Envy though, as well as this fanfic, and my ideas.

A/N: Finally I am updating this story! Thanks to my friend lovergal1227 I have been able to update this story and please all of you readers who have been waiting so long! XD I would like to thank all my reviewers which are: Cre A. Tor00x, Nigh7, ofdarknesschaos, SomeoneUnknown, MiseryluvsDeath aka Fidele, TrapedSoul, Cupid’s Bride, Kawaii-Aikurushii-Kitsune, twilightcloud18, The PhantomHokage, Isane., PirateCaptainBo, JadeStoneTheYounger, Freedomforlove, Miss.Studder, Dark Wolf 021, colddeadkiller, David1582, xXxLuna-the-ChosenxXx, Get-Lost!

Pairings: Naru/Ino (I can add more people like that princess from the first movie if you guys want but it will be mostly Ino!) Itachi/OC/Sasuke (This is already decided!) Sesshoumaru/Kagome/Youko Shino/OC Shikamaru/OC others apparent later.

Time for Q&A with Shiga-chan and Itachi-kun!

Q: When are Ino and Naruto going out?

Shiga: Well this is a much discussed topic in the ANBU break room isn’t it Itachi-kun?

Itachi nods and Shiga then answers: Well Tonight is the Banquet and Ino has told me that she is going with Naruto so that answers your question.

Q: not bad but not great either, so far this story ranks about a 5.8 on 1-10

Shiga sweat drops as well as Itachi though his was small.

Itachi: Wow DeathNoteMaker-sama is not going to like this.

Q: OMFG WTF UPDATE FASTER FOO! Why is this rated M anyway? There isn't even sexual references... I AM FLABBERGASTED:P

Shiga rolling on the floor laughing and Itachi brings his hands to his mouth to keep from laughing.

Shiga: Well there may be a little bit of lemons in this chapter since partiesdrunken people and you know where that leads. She looks at Itachi with an evil gleam in her eyes that makes him shiver.

DeathNoteMaker: Anyway we need to get to the chapter so break it up. Geez can’t leave these two alone for a couple of seconds.

Anyway here is the newest installment of Gengetsugakure!

Chapter 7: The Banquet Part 1!

By: DeathNoteMaker

"Ino, do you think you can call Envy here for a moment?" Naruto said the next morning as he went through the stack of paperwork that seemed to collect in the three hours he was asleep, mostly complaints about perverts peeping in the young boy's section of the bathhouse.

"Hai, Tsukikage-sama." Ino bowed and went of to fetch the green haired troublemaker. It was almost a wonder how such a hyperactive female could turn out to be the Head of Torture and Interrogation, but no one could deny that she did a pretty good (and terrifying) job at it. There hasn't been one nut she hasn't been able to crack, and that makes people want to stay on her good side.

He was taken out of his thoughts when the door creaked open and a pair of violet eyes peered in. "Hai, Naruto-sama?"

"Come in, come in." He said. She nodded and skipped into the room, closing the door behind her. She seemed really satisfied with herself, meaning she just finished trapping the living quarters of one of their guests.

"Envy-chan, I'm aware that you've been allowing Orochimaru to do some...inappropriate things." He said with a frown. Envy pouted, expecting a lecture about letting Orochimaru peep.

"But, Tsukikage-sama, you said to kill him if he did anything threatening to the village. He wasn't threatening anyone by just looking. I would have severed his head off in an instant if he was closer to the boys than the walls were, and he was punished for peeping by the mothers who caught him." She explained. Naruto sighed, knowing she would have an argument.

"Nonetheless, because you allowed him to peep, I've got more paperwork mostly complaints about him, the blood on the streets from the beating, and damaged houses from the beating. So, I am going to have to punish you." The girl gulped, knowing that their Tsukikage could be more sadistic than her at times, especially when he had more paperwork to do.

"You're going to have to escort, not only the representatives from the Sound, but also, the representatives from the Leaf."


Itachi frowned as he looked on the streets from the small apartment he called his home. There were many whispers and glares being sent to a large group in the middle of the streets, some looks of pity also, for the person leading this parade. Envy must have done something really bad for Naruto to assign her to escort the reps. for the two most despised villages in Gengetsugakure.

In between the two groups that were forced to be escorted together, the Hokage was glaring angrily at Orochimaru, who was licking his lips as if he wanted to eat the younger boy there. Envy, in front of the group, had waterfalls of tears streaming down her face. Muttering things like 'why me?', 'and he calls me the sadist!', and, mostly, 'Kami, I want to hit somebody!'

After another ten seconds of brooding, the green haired girl looked up and gasped, before running and glomping a strange boy with black hair sticking straight up as if he stuck a fork in a toaster, or something like that. "Hiei-kun!!" She squealed. The male, now identified as Hiei, turned his head and glared at her with eerily crimson eyes.

"Get off of me, baka onna." He snarled. She pouted and put most of her weight on her feet, but she still kept her arms around him.

"Hiei-kun, you're so mean! Why did you disappear for so long, anyways? If it weren't for you, I wouldn't be stuck escorting a pair of lame Kages and their stupid pets!" She said, earning glares from both parties.

"Envy, you shouldn’t insult our guest no matter how unwanted they are.”

Everyone looked forward as they saw the girl from the other day that was with Itachi; she was dressed differently in a black ANBU outfit with a crimson vest and a mask with the design of a wolf. Envy pouted as she turned towards her escortees and just sheepishly scratched the back of her head before turning back towards Shiga whom informed her,

“Tsukikage-sama has assigned me to make sure you don’t fool around Envy.”

Envy shook her fist towards the direction of the Tsukikage’s tower while cursing him to hell and back for everything he was punishing her with, now she wouldn’t be able to mess with their minds with Shiga around. Shiga took her spot next to Envy and bid Hiei a see you later before they walked off.

As they were walking the group from Konoha and Otogakure watched the village people walking by and giving them non-too friendly looks, basically everyone was looking at them the way that the villagers of Konoha stared at Naruto so many years ago. Sasuke had questions about the village since he arrived there was not many of the different races here besides humans showing that this was an experiment of some kind to see if they could live in harmony and so far things were going fine by the looks of it.

Naruto was doing a good job.

“Umm…Shiga-san?” Shiga turned her crimson gaze on the younger Uchiha and waited for his questions, after all she was helping with their tour around the village, “Yes Hokage-sama?” Though she really didn’t like calling anyone besides Naruto “sama” she had to show respect no matter how much pain they have caused her father figure.

“How many different races are there in Gengetsugakure?” Shiga contemplated the question before answering,

“There are many such as humans obviously, elves, dwarfs, orcs, some forsaken as in the undead, tauren, gnomes, and some others even demons and half demons. This village is a place where no matter how you look on the outside, no matter what race you are you are welcome here.” Turning towards the two groups she concluded with, “Unlike other villages we do not have a silly prejudice against others because they are different from us.”

She then turned her back towards them and continued walking with a complaining Envy, she sighed and massaged her temples as she looked around, where was Itachi when she needed to release some tension? Envy looked at the Uchiha Hokage at the corner of her eye and saw that he was looking at Shiga with a dazed look and couldn’t help but almost feel sorry for him…the keyword being almost.

Kagome was having a good day when there was a knock at her office door and in came Youko with a bouquet of lilies, Kagome sighed when he almost tripped over a pen that rolled on the floor. Youko went behind Kagome and wrapped his arms around Kagome’s neck with a soft kiss on her exposed neck making a shiver run down Kagome’s spine as she felt the seductive aura of the Kitsune envelop her.

“So how has work been going?” Kagome picked up some papers and passed them towards Youko who whistled after he read it, “Well from what I read here it must have been a dozy having to have to heal that pedophile because of all those stab wounds as well as his little gray-haired side-kick?”

Kagome nodded while looking through the other papers on her desk and was happy to see that she didn’t have to look at anymore papers, besides the banquet was happening tonight and as one of the Sanin of Gengetsugakure she was required to go

With the final signature in place she place it on the blue plate and it vanished, Kagome with a final sigh stood up and stretch intentionally leaning forward making Youko look at her ass, as she stretched like a cat. Standing up she then walked out of the office with Youko in tow as they walked out of the hospital building after informing the staff that she was leaving early today.

When they were out there stood Sesshoumaru waiting for them, Kagome squealed and launched herself at the Inu youkai before she asked him about his day, and heard that a large amount of the ANBU had to detain some outraged mothers and so he had a long day, kagome told him about her work and they walked towards the mall.

Naruto was having a long day and it was not getting any better at all, with Orochimaru in the village as well as the peeping incident the day before he was getting many complaints and he was trying to calm the anger of mothers all around the village. With a sigh he massaged his temples, he just hoped that Envy is doing what he told her and not screwing up somehow to make his day worse.

On the other side of Gengetsugakure Everyone is looking towards the Mountain near the waterfalls to see the face of Naruto with all the kanji of the clans in the council around it in a circle. Envy was currently next to Orochimaru and sneezed really hard bumping into the man and making him fall into a women’s hot spring that was coincidently on the right of them under some trees that blocked the view.


Envy looked around and said, “Someone must be talking about me.” She then looked around and asked, “Hey where is that Snake fag?”

“Finally I am done with the paper work! Man I am really starting to regret ever wishing to be a Kage if I have to go through this crap everyday.” He heard the giggling of Ino and turned towards her with a pout and flailed his arms around childishly as he said,

“Don’t make fun of me Ino-chan!”

The platinum blonde giggled once more before informing him, “Naruto-sama after you are done with your little tantrum then we must be on our way to fit you for your robes that you will be wearing to the banquet tonight.” Naruto nodded and stood up stretching his arms over his head as he then grinned at Ino as he added, “And we also have to get you fitted for yours as well.”

Ino blushed as she saw a perverted gleam in his eye smacking him upside his head she stood up looking to the side and said, “Let’s go you Ero-Kage!” Naruto grinned as Ino dragged him out of the office with speed as they were going towards the mall.

Shiga sighed as she remembered that she was to take the Konoha team back to the Inn so they could change and get ready for the banquet, she pouted inwardly that she wouldn’t be able to be with Itachi for she was chosen as the escort for the Hokage. But then she thought about Envy having to escort Orochimaru, and laughed as she thought about the green-haired girl’s reaction when she found out about later.

Sasuke looked in the mirror and wondered if he should have the back of his hair down for the occasion and decided that it would look nice for the evening, he was a little excited about going to the banquet besides the point that he would have a chance to talk with Naruto once more but also that he was in fact going with the beautiful crimson-haired beauty.

He was wearing a black and dark red male kimono with the Uchiha fan on his back; also the Konoha symbol was on the fan on the back with a final look over in the mirror he walked towards the door and went to the lobby where he saw some elf women looking at him with slight blushes on their bluish skin.

(Yeah the Night Elves! I heard about what happens to Night Elves if they are seen in Horde territory and I am very scared for them though I will be playing the game as a blood elf when they come out on the Horde side.)

“Sasuke-kun!” The Hokage turned to see Sakura with the rest of the group, Sakura was wearing a pink kimono with white Sakura petals decorating the cloth, and her hair was held up with a red flower. Kakashi was standing near her with a dark green and blue male kimono with silver wolves decorating it, his mask was still in place but his headband was removed.

Hinata, Neji, Kiba, Shino, and Kurenai then came down two minutes later.

Hinata was very pretty in her pure white kimono that had black birds decorating it, her violet hair was loose and wavy, Neji was wearing a pure black male kimono with white birds, and his hair was put in a low ponytail; both of them had the Hyuga clan symbol on their backs. Kiba whom had Akamaru by his side was wearing a dark brown kimono with tan mountains decorating the bottom of the kimono and the symbol of the Inuzuka clan on his back; his hair was groomed for this special occasion, Shino was wearing a dark gray kimono with no decorations for his really wasn’t into those things but had the symbol of the Aburame clan on his back.

Kurenai was in a dark purple kimono with light purple vine designs all around the kimono, she left her hair as It naturally was but the curls were a little wilder than usual, she went over to Kakashi whom was staring at her in a slightly perverted way.

Sakura was so happy that they were going to this party cause this was going to be her chance to get Sasuke to dance with her during the dance, during all these years even after becoming one of the most sought after females in Konoha she still waited for Sasuke to noticed her, but it seems that not what she accomplishes he wont see her in the way she wants him to. She had seen the way that Sasuke had looked at that crimson-haired girl, Shiga was her name and she wasn’t happy at all.

The front of the Inn opened and in stepped Shiga and Envy. Shiga was in a crimson kimono that was the same shade as her hair and eyes, black scythes decorated the kimono and her hair was held in a messy bun with senbons needles, she kept some of her hair in the front giving her long bangs that hung over her eyes shielding them slightly. Envy was wearing a black and green kimono with the design of leaves that were catching on fire making the Leaf shinobi glare a little.

Her usual untamable hair was gelled down and she held a senbons needle in between her teeth reminding them of Anko the Snake Jounin. She then scowled, as she demanded,

“Where is that bastard Otokage?”

The Leaf Shinobi blinked once confused by her question when the Sound group came down the stairs, Houshi was very handsome in his black and gray kimono and his dark hair fell boyishly in his eyes as he waited for the others to get down the stairs. The next to come down was Canna and everyone was surprised that ‘he’ was actually a girl (HA! Pulled a Takaya on all of you!) Her white hair was cut short so it framed her face delicately and she was blushing as Houshi teased her about having to wear such a girlish kimono.

Envy asked the question that everyone was thinking at the same time,


Canna nodded with the blush still in place when she turned and looked over where Shino and Kiba where before looking back at the ground, Kabuto came down next and was wearing a blue-gray kimono and Orochimaru came down wearing a violet kimono with gold edges. Envy scowled as she took his offered arm and everyone started to pair off, Sakura tried to grab Sasuke’s but was disappointed as Sasuke offered his arm to Shiga whom was sighing muttering about how it was going to be a long night.

Hinata was on Neji’s arm and Sakura had to be between Kiba and Shino, Canna was between Kabuto and Houshi, and Kurenai and Kakashi were the last paired couple. They all then made their way towards the Banquet.

Naruto was getting very bored sitting in the same spot for over an hour waiting for the stupid banquet to begin, believe me when I said if he could choose wither or not to be here he wouldn’t. Naruto heard giggling next to him and saw Ino talking with multiple women including Kagome, Youko and Sesshoumaru sat to his left with Kagome in the middle of them, while Ino was seated to his right.

Naruto was wearing a cerulean kimono with the designs of foxes decorating the silk as well as the kanji of Gengetsu on his back on a spiral. His hair was left down as Ino wanted it to be that way and disagreeing with Ino was very troublesome for the blonde.

Ino was very beautiful tonight for she was wearing the same color kimono he was, she had insisted that they dress to match for the banquet since they were going together…together

He wished they were but he knew he wasn’t worthy of the platinum blonde.

Youko was wearing a white fighting kimono (like in Yu Yu Hakusho!), and Sesshoumaru was wearing his regular kimono he wore when he wasn’t working at his office in the ANBU HQ. Kagome was wearing a black kimono that held both Youko and Sesshoumaru’s clan symbols as well as her own. She was sitting in the middle of the sexy demons and watched as the guests poured in and saw that Shiga was walking with the Hokage and couldn’t help but giggle a little from the fact that Itachi was going to be so jealous.

She then saw the way Sasuke was looking at Shiga while they were talking about something or other and she was amused, it seemed that Itachi’s Otouto wanted Shiga-chan! X3

Suddenly the orchestra began to play as everyone got their seats as more of the guests began to fill into the room, Naruto waited until he caught sight of Shiga and Envy before standing up and addressing everyone in the room.

“Welcome guests to the First Banquet of Gengetsugakure! I hope you all enjoy yourselves!”

Cheering was heard, as the banquet was under way.

End of Chapter 7!

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