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Thursday, May 1, 2008

Gengetsugakure chapter 6

Darkstar1227: Okay, just to let you know I NEVER AGREED TO MAKE AN ENTIRE CHAPTER!! DNM asked if we could co-author a story and I've been suggesting things in this story already, so I agreed to co-author this. NOT MAKE A WHOLE GOD DAMN CHAPTER! DO YOU KNOW HOW MUCH HOT WATER I'M IN FOR NOT UPDATING MY OWN STORIES?! All right, I'm done ranting now. But don't be surprised if her head turns up in a river somewhere.

Well, just letting everyone know, Envy is my girl. I asked for her to be placed into the story, although the insane woman put in her own descriptions, I basically know Envy better than anyone else. As a result of that, Envy is going to be the focus of this chapter. No like? Tough! Well DNM may add more to the chapter so it may not be about Envy...but she will be in it!

Okay, I better get started now...I dun wanna but I have to...WHY DO I HAVE TO?!

DNM: Why are you complaining! I did the last chapter because you were threatening me! Anyway don’t listen to any of darkstar’s bellyaching; she knows she feels honored to do the next chapter! –Smiles-

-darkstar1227 throws kunais and shruikens at DNM and DNM dodges them all- Ha ha ha ha! You don't have to be so rash darkstar-chan!

Gengetsugakure chapter 6
This chapter by: darkstar1227

The ninjas of Konoha stared in shock at the grinning blond in front of them. It's been years since they last saw that face, that grin. None of them knew how to react. They just stood there. That is, until Sakura spoke up.

"...How...why..." It wasn't much, but it broke the silence. Naruto shrugged and scratched the back of his head.

"Well, trust me, it is not easy to make a ninja village, especially with so many different races. It took a while to keep them from fighting every minute, but we managed. As for why...well, I just thought it would be nice to have a place in this world where no one sees you for what you are, but who you are. That enough of an explanation for you?" He asked them.

Sasuke and the Konoha shinobi all flinched at this implied comment, Ino then put the stack of paper neatly on a square blue plate which glowed, the next second it was gone in a blue flash. “Naruto-kun...the reports were sent to the council.”

Naruto nodded before turning to the Konoha shinobi, sitting back in his seat and fakely smiled at them. “Now I have a lot to do so our meeting will cut short and simple.” His nice fa├žade changed to one of silent fury, “What do you want?”

Sasuke and the others stiffened as Sasuke answered, “We're here to sign an alliance with the village."

"You and everyone else. Do tell why, out of so many candidates, that I should choose the one village that has given me grief since birth?"

The Konoha shinobi flinched once again and were silent. Why SHOULD he ally with them after all that's happened? He had been through so much from abuse as a child to having his life dream stripped away from him. With all that, it was a surprise he even allowed them into the village.

The silence was finally broken by Sakura. "Naruto, please! We need your help. We're your friends, isn't that enough reason?"

"We WERE friends, Sakura! From the moment I left that god-frosaken village, I severed any and all conections to it! Any relationship I had in that village, including friendship, meant little more than NOTHING to me when I left! Do you remember what I said that night? Why exactly would I ally with the very village I plan to destroy?" he demanded. They were beginning to become afriad, as his eyes had turned a deadly red color.

"Naru-" Hinata tried to speak, but Ino cut her off.

"I advise you all to leave...NOW! You've pissed him off enough, you're lucky he hasn't ordered you out of the village yet." She snapped, pushing them towards the door.

"We're not done!" Kakashi said.

"Yes you are!" With that, they were all promptly kicked out of the office.

The last glimpse they had of Naruto was his chin propped on his intertwined fingers, his furious crimson eyes glaring at them as the door closed.

In another part of town, a certain green haired girl was grinning like a chesire cat as she spied on the infamous sanke sannin. She had specific instructions to kill the man(?) if he cause trouble hazordus to the village, but she was just enjoying the sight of angry mothers going after him because he was peeping on their young sons in the bath house. Tsukikage-sama DID mention he was the teammate of the ledgendary pervert, er, frog sannin. He just spied on a different, younger, gender, thats all. Too bad the mothers of the sons were trained to kill whether or not they became ninjas.

"Orochimaru-sama, we're in trouble." Kabuto stated bluntly.

"No, did you figure that out before or after they started throwing kunai at us?" His master grumbled.

"Sometime after." Orochimaru sighed and rolled his eyes.

"Wow, you two really know how to reel in the ladies, huh? Here's some friendly advice. The mothers of the little boys you peek at are USUALLY married." Both men, who were running at high speeds, were shocked to see a stranger girl who seemed like she was barely jogging. She turned to him and gave a grin before slowing down, moving behind them, and grabbing them both by the collar as she skidded to a stop.

"What the hell are you doing?" Orochimaru demanded.

"Oh...nothing." She said innocently before weaving her way off the path. They looked at her in confusion, but then remembered the OTHER females they had to deal with.

The very females that had surrounded them.

"Arigato, Envy-chan. We'll buy you chocolate for a week." An elf said with a sneer. The smiling woman waved at the men before the gap was closed off by the pissed off mothers, who were armed with various weapons that the two thought were illegal.

"See ya." Envy said before the sound of a beating filled the air.

In the Tsukikage office, Naruto had calmed down and he looked up when he heard the sounds swimming into the confines of his office.

"Envy-chan isn't listening to a word I told her, is she?" He asked,

"Of course she is. She's just manipulating it to meet her sadistic ends." Itachi muttered, leaning against the wall. Naruto sighed and shook his head before standing up.

"I better make sure nothing's wrong." He said inching away from the desk and striding towards the door. As he passed Itachi, he heard the nin mutter something just loud enough for him to hear.

"I can't wait to see what Ino-san will do when she finds you aren't taking care of that mountain of paperwork." Naruto paled considerably and laughed nervously.

"I guess Envy-chan can take care of things without blowing up the village...Oh! and just for that...You have to escort your dearest Otouto to the hotel.." Naruto grinned at the horrified look on Itachi's face as itachi walked out dejectedly wih Shiga stoicly by his side.

Outside of the tower Sasuke and the others all walked towards the hotel with their escorts, whom were surprisingly Itachi and the girl known as Shiga, Sasuke couldn't help but glare stare in wonder at the crimson haired woman in front of him walking with Itachi. Sasuke couldn't help but admit that he was attracted to this girl and that only made him glare more at his brother, whom obviously is the keeper of her affections.

"This is the hotel you will be staying in, The Konoha Nins looked at the hotel and couldn't help but be in awe of the building, well the building was really a huge ice blue tree that seemed to glow slightly, the sign on the front saying, "Midnight Dream".

Shiga turned towards them with a forced smile (though they couldn't tell anyway), "Your two rooms are on these keys...the rooms all have up to 6 there is plenty of room...this is one of most popular hotels...I am not surprised that Naruto-sama actually got reservations."

She then latched on to the elder stoic Uchiha's arm and bid them farewell, as they were going out the room, Orichimaru and Kabuto came in a little worse for wear.

"What the hell are you two doing here?!" Orichimaru turned towards Sasuke's yell and grinned at him lecherously as he was about to answer when Shiga answered, "Here is also here to gain an alliance with this village...Did you think you were the only one Sasuke-san?"

Sasuke shut up and settled to glaring at Itachi who was wondering what exactly he did to recieve those glares, then it hit him...he did kill their entire clan...well shit they deserved it! Sakura was sitting on one of the beds in the room and she then informed them,

"Shiga-san...Itachi...your presence is no longer needed." Shiga looked at Sakura and retorted, "You don't adress Itachi by only his name! You only use san or sama." With that the personal bodyguard and ANBU pushed Orichimaru and Kabuto down the hall.

Kagome was making here last rounds around the hospital as she then came up in the room and checked on her favorite patient, "Rin-chan! How have you been today?"

Sesshoumaru was making the final adjustments to some reports before shutting down for the night, and walked over to his penthouse which he shared with Kagome. Youko was already there for he noticed that the flowers outside his apartment were alive again (because he really doesn't care about Youko's flowers let them rot...Kagome didn't have time for being at the hospital at sun up and sun down...or when she had the day off she was just too lazy to do it...besides she had to get Youko back for eating her chips the last time -Kagome gives a evil smirk and Youko replies- I'm sorry okay?!)

Naruto finished up his reports and noticed Ino standing at the door with a tray of brownies, with a smile he welcomed her and they ate the delicious baked goods, looking outside as the sun was falling behind the horizon and their eyes narrowed about the banquet that was to happen the next night and when they will see the Konoha shinobi once more.

End of Chapter 6!

What did you think! Thanks darkstar1227 for writing this chapter and I will take care of the next one! XD Read and review!

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