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Thursday, May 1, 2008

Gengetsugakure: The Forgotten Version

Disclaimer: I don’t own Naruto or any of its characters, but I do own this fanfic and my ideas as well as my OCS!

Summary: After Sasuke is named the 6th Hokage Naruto leaves Konohagakure, accompanied by the most surprising person. 2 years later a new village is created and named, Gengetsugakure! With the Shinobi Nations on the brink of war, everyone is trying to get this powerful new village on their side, what will happen when Konoha tries to gain their allegiance? What will happen when they find out who the Tsukikage is?!

Warnings: Language, Angst, MAJOR KONOHA BASHING! (I don’t like that village!), lemons, some Yaoi ( Naruto face! Except it doesn’t have three whiskers!), some Yuri even (I don’t really like it unless it is well written and it may not even happen! Just a warning!), violence, and random shit!

Pairings: Naruto/Ino Gaara/OC Neji/OC OC/Youko (I don’t own Yu Yu Hakusho!) OC/Neji OC/Anko OC/Iruka OC/Shikamaru Sesshoumaru/Kagome/Hakudoshi (I don’t own InuYasha either!) Miroku/Sango InuTaisho/OC! Others later!


By: DeathNoteMaker

Chapter 1: Yume No Endo to Gengetsugakure!

“My successor and the next Hokage is going to be…”

Naruto’s beautiful azure eyes were so full of hope that it broke her heart as she then finished the sentence, “Uchiha Sasuke.”

Naruto’s face faulted as his eyes lost their usual sparkle and his head drooped down as he then walked back through the crowd as he heard the villagers laughing at their demon who’s dreams were crushed.

“Did you really think that they would make you Hokage?!”

Naruto continued walking his bangs covering his eyes as he continued walking towards his apartment, he could hear his crush Sakura gushing over Sasuke the traitor who left to gain power from Orichimaru. His mind was in disarray as he continued walking to his apartment while enduring the village’s taunts, he felt more and more of the life he thought he knew fall apart as he reached his apartment but someone was standing at his door.

A young woman with platinum blonde hair and pale blue orbs stared at him with sadness,

“What are you doing here? Shouldn’t you be celebrating that your precious Sasuke-kun is going to be the village’s new protector Ino-san?” The girl shook her head and walked towards Naruto’s taller form and wrapped her arms around him shocking him enough not to push her away.

“I have never liked that Uchiha…I just wanted to make you jealous.” Naruto’s dull azure eyes stared at the girl in shock and confusion,

“I wanted you to notice me and the only one you paid attention to was Sakura and I thought that if I got Sakura to get with Sasuke by thinking she had a rival that I can then get you all to myself.”

Ino arms tightened around his form as she then looked up in his eyes and confessed,

“I have been in love with you since that day that you had saved me by sacrificing yourself!” Naruto’s confusion was very apparent but with everything that happened his face ended up stoic, Ino’s eyes saddened as she looked at the other blonde teen.

“I guess you don’t remember, but I do and I will cherish that moment for the rest of my life! My parents even approve of you! They have been supporting you in the council when they were choosing the next Hokage!”

Naruto’s emotionless eyes bored into the distraught girl as he then said, “Can I have some time alone? I just need to think about what is going on.” He then disappeared in a swirl of leaves and Ino started to walk home and talk to her parents, she had a feeling that Naruto was not going to be in the village for much longer and she would stay by his side forever.

Naruto was walking through the forest of Konoha with no emotion visible in his person as he then felt the familiar chakra of his former sensei, Hatake Kakashi. He turned towards the silver-haired man as he then asked,

“What do you want Hatake-san?” The silver-haired man as usual had out his orange book and answered, “I was just following you on your sulking from losing the title of Hokage to Sasuke…You knew that there was never a competition for he has always been the strongest out of you two but you should focus on protecting the village and you don’t have to be Hokage to do that.”

Naruto’s eyes widened and then they narrowed in silent fury and instead of retaliating like Kakashi hoped so he knew that he was the same Naruto, he just laughed a humorless, cruel, bitter, and angry laugh.

“You really think I care about this stupid title anymore? I really don’t care about the title of Hokage this village’s protector?” Naruto continued to laugh not noticing the concerned and a little tense look as Naruto then walked away still laughing bitterly.

Kakashi then teleported to Tsunade’s office where the woman was crying over her desk and Shizune of to the side petting Tonton sadly as the 5th Hokage asked,

“How is he Kakashi?”

The one-eyed scarecrow then told her, “I tried to make him see that he didn’t have to be Hokage to protect this village and tried to get him feel he needed to compete with Sasuke to see who is the better protector though Sasuke gets the title but he laughed and not his normal laugh but a bitter and angry laugh that chilled me to the bone.”

Tsunade’s eyes saddened and she was about to ask another question when there was a knock at the door, “Come in.” The door opened to reveal no other than Naruto with black traveling clothes and his ninja weapons still visible, a black bag on his back which looked full and the one thing that was noticeable of all was Naruto’s headband that was hanging limply in his hand.

Naruto tossed the headband on Tsunade’s desk as he then smiled a very bitter smile,

“I quit.” He then turned to walk out the building but was stopped by Tsunade, “What do you mean? Have you given up your dream of gaining this village’s respect? I thought that you wanted to protect this village with your life? Even without the Hokage title you can still-“

Naruto’s eyes narrowed and killer intent rolled off him in waves, “No! I will not protect this village that doesn’t want me! I will not continue to live the lies that I have been forcing myself to believe! I hate this village and everyone in it! You have all ridiculed all my life, looked past me, ignored me, beat me, mob me, nearly kill, I save this village a million times, but who cares about that.”

Naruto then put his smile back on the smile that they all recognize before saying,

“I will torment myself by falling for your fruitless plans to keep me protecting Konoha…I will not disgrace myself by becoming a missing-nin…I am quitting as a Shinobi of leaf for I don’t want to be of leaf…I am leaving and I am going to travel and find my reason for existence.”

He then looked at all of their faces and laughed letting Tsunade and Shizune get a taste of the shiver that rolled down Kakashi’s spine before as he then said,

“One day Konoha will be in a tight spot and I wont be there to help it…as I never will be.” With that he disappeared and left the three adults in the room stunned when ANBU ran in ready to fight whatever made that killer intent, Tsunade looked at them with a anger mark on her forehead and the she sighed sadly.

“Why are you guys always late?” (That is a thought from me when Orichimaru was attacking Konoha! I was like where The Fuck Is The ANBU?!”)

Ino was finished talking with her parents and they wished her good luck, while she was walking down the street she saw Sakura standing by a stoic Sasuke whom was looking around for someone, her pale eyes darkened considerably as she guessed he was probably looking for Naruto to rub his victory in his face.

“Ino-pig!” Ino heard Sakura but ignored her as she held onto her bag-strap and walked towards the gate and sat on the bench pushing back her now unbound hair as she had quit as a shinobi so she wouldn’t become a missing-nin. Like she thought she saw the tall form of Naruto walking towards the gate but what surprised her was the crowd that she had seen was following Sasuke around.


Naruto kept walking ignoring the nick-name that Sasuke insisted on calling him though he had told him that they were not friends anymore when he brought Sasuke back from Orichimaru, Sasuke of course thought he was playing around.

“Naruto! Sasuke-kun is talking to you!”

Naruto kept walking until he saw Ino and stopped in front of her and asked, “So you wanted to come with me?” Ino nodded as she then stood by his side, ignoring the calls that Sakura and Sasuke were making as Naruto nodded while taking her hand in his and smiled warmly, “Thank you Ino-chan.”

Sakura was in shock as she then took in the bags that were on Naruto and Ino’s backs as they began walking towards the gates, the same gates that Sasuke had walked through to go to Orichimaru, though she was sad that Sasuke got to be Hokage though it was Naruto’s dream. The fact was that Sasuke was just better than Naruto and that is why he was going to be Hokage instead of Naruto and hoped that the blonde Shinobi would get over his own problems and congratulate Sasuke.

“Hey Naruto! Just because Sasuke became Hokage instead of you doesn’t mean that you should go away!” Naruto stopped as he decided to hear out what Sakura was going to say and maybe even consider staying if she gave him a reason to but that wasn’t the case,

“It wasn’t Sasuke’s fault that he was the better choice for Hokage!”

Naruto’s eyes glowed crimson for a second before calmly walking away with Ino but not before his final message that chilled everyone in Konoha to the bone as everyone seemed to hear him in that second,

“One day I will destroy Konoha.”

End of Chapter 1!

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