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Sunday, April 27, 2008

A Happy Wedding for Hinata

Language: English

A Happy Wedding for Hinata…

A One Shot NaruHina fan fiction.

Original Story by a48queen and revised by Faeriana Shalanor'e (formaly know as Arurisonu Akane)

Disclaimer: I don’t own Naruto and I NEVER will don’t even try to sue me.

Author’s Note: This is a story about Hinata and her new life and her children and wedding well first chapter is about the wedding so enjoy the ultimate couple getting married! So I hope you enjoy.

Revisers Notes: well the chapters were way short so I decided to extend it by adding more problems and what not. Thus these problems will be continued later through a different series and chapters. Plus I have permission to do this. Also I'm well aware that Naruto's parents (both mother and father) names have been announced in the latest chapters (sorry I haven't been keeping up) so god help me that you guys help me and correct my mistakes! (hey I haven't done this crap in like forever)

Another thing is that there will be some OOC (out of character) with Hinata and a little with Sasuke and possibly other characters. Since she’s getting married to Naruto she would at least give up her stuttering and a little of her shyness, but plan to keep the sweet, simple Hyuga Hinata that we love and enjoy.

“…” Normal speech

‘…’ Normal thoughts

‘…’ Flashback thoughts

“…” Flashback speech

OOOOO Change in scene

Anyway, please enjoy and R&R


The big day…

It was finally the big day, a day where absolutely nothing could go wrong. The sun shone brightly on Konoha and the cherry blossom trees we a glamourous as ever. The sky was a cerulean blue and the purest, whitest and delicate line of fluffy clouds freely ouccupied the sky. On this bright day two dreams were going to become the sweetest reality. After a few years of courting and hard work Uzumaki Naruto finally became Hokage of Konoha and to top it off he popped the question to his long time girlfriend, Hyuga Hinata, princess or the Hyuuga. It was a long road and the two took their relationship steady and it took plenty of debating for Naruto and thinking for Hinata. And durning this time of course many lives had changed as well as hearts and minds. There were battles won and lost but most of all, everthing was right in it's place.

The formal courting was a hard road to follow since Hinata’s father, Hyuga Hiashi, was someone to be recon with. When Naruto first met Hiashi it wasn't a very plesent meeting... Infact it was so bad that Hiashi had to be struck down. Well, the fact that Naruto answered Hiashi's questions in a "disrespectful" way didn't help either. Just like the day when Naruto finally met Hyuuga Hiashi.


On that day, Naruto and Hinata we sitting formally infront of her father and other leaders of the clan as well as Neji and Hinata's little sister, Hanabi, were present. The meeting was akward to begin with and the tension was so thick that you could cut it with a kunai.

"So tell me about yourself, Naruto?" Hiashi asked with a slight tone of fustration in his voice.

"Well, I'm Uzumakil Naruto! I love ramen, kicking people's asses, ramen, Hinata, ramen, and my dream is to be hokage! Did i mention I like Ramen? But I don't like it as much as Hinata of course.." Naruto said as he shown his fox-like grin.

'Baka...' Neji thought to himself as he watched helplessly at the sliding door. 'he's just asking for a death wish from Hiashi-sama...'

on the other hand...

'Oh dear I have a bad feeling about this...' Hinata thought to herself as she sat next to her blonde boyfriend. 'I hope Neji-neesan is ready for anything to comes at us.'

Hinata and Neji wered keeping a close eye on Hiashi and on Naruto. If nothing was going to happen now, then it was certainly going to expload...

"So what is your interest in my daughter?"

"Well... Hinata is a sweet and supportive girl who's always there for me and is my personal nurse when i get hurt!" continued as he grined and then suddenly his face became soft but serious and he smile sweetly. "Demo... In all seriousness, I love Hinata... I love her for who she is..."

Hiashi stood up slowly and walked over to Naruto. The entire room went completely silent, so silent infact tghat you could hear the sweat from Neji's brow run down his face. As Hyuuga leader hovered about the blonde he opened his white eyes and stared down him down. He grabbed the boy by his orange jacket and roughly threw him across the room and through the sliding doors that lead to the trainning ground.

'NARUTO-CHAN!" Hinata screamed as she stood up with lightning speed. But she was too slow to beat her father to her boyfriend's body.

Neji too, leaped into action and headed towards where Naruto landed but he too was too late. Hiashi had once again lifted Naruto but this time by his neck and started to choke the blonde boy. Hinata, grabbed on to her father's arm and tried to release his grasp off her beloved as her cousin stood there and pondered the next action that his uncle would take. Hiashi pushed his daughter away with his free hand and she fell to the ground.

"who do you think you are...?" Hiashi said shaking Naruto's body. "To degrade my daughter, the future leader of my clan?! How dare you treat her as a slave... your personal nurse...? I think not.. No matter if you were the son of Yondaime.. you are nothing but a monster. I will not allow YOU to happen to this family!"

Hinata, upon hearing those words she started to cry. Over the years she had always been nothing but useless to her father but over time she became stronger and strived to become a better shinobi. It took also of blood, sweat and tears a lot of tears but she finally raised up to her father's standards. She figured that with her becoming the leader she should be able to chose who she could be with and marry. Her father didn't even give a second thought and not even to her feelings... She once again grabbed on to her father's are and tried to release Naruto from his grasp.

"Otosama! Onegai! Let Naruto-chan go! You're hurting him! Onegai!!!" Hinata screamed as her glistening tears feel from her eyes, to her face, and finally to the ground. He looked up to see if Naruto was ok but his head fell limp and blood stained the back of his head and jacket. The Hyuuga princess fell into shock and got on her knees to beg her father. "Otosama onegai onegai let him go... I'm begging you...I love him..."

Hiashi looked down at his daughter and saw her begging and crying. Never before did she request nor asked anything from him. Nor was she a spoiled child and acted as such even with her high society standard. She never bragged or boasted, nor was she selfish or greedy. He remembered all the times he had loved he, mistreated her, and watch her grow into the strong woman he learn to accept and love. And for once she let her barrier down and begged him. But his pride was too much for him... He couldn't submit himself to his daughter's wishes...

'Gomen nasai... my little Hinata' Hiashi thought to himself as he tightened his grip on Naruto's neck.

It was then that Hiashi found himself thrown deeply into the ground. The force of the inpact from his body created a medium but deep sized creater on the brown soil of the tranning ground and he couged out a good amount of blood as well. After a few seconds after he landed he looked up and saw a panting Uzumaki Naruto hovering about him. He could see the anger in his eyes and the blood that stained his forehead. It was clear... Naruto wasn't happy and Hiashi had let is guard down.

Hinata and Neji looked up to see the sight and were left speechless as well as the other leaders, elders and family members that were surrounding the grounds. Naruto looked up ans stared at everyone around him and grabbed Hiashi by his dirted white kimono. He stared into the leader's eyes with anger as he lefted his to his feet.

"You piece of shit..." Naruto said as he stared down Hiashi. "You call yourself a father...?! You don't even care about you daughter's feeling nor did you heed her plead! You can say anything you want about me but you call yourself a leader when I didn't even finish what I was gonna say about my feelings for Hinata-chan! I love you daughter! I love her more then anything! I would gladly give up everything even becoming Hokage EVEN if it ment I could protect her, be with her, fight along side her!"

Eveyone now laid thier eyes on Naruto, still breathless and shocked with the boy's immediate actions towards their leader. Even Neji was dumbfounded.

"Look at your daughter Hyuuga Hiashi!!!" Naruto yelled as he jerked Hiashi body towards Hinata.

The Hyuuga leader moved his eyes towards Hinata who was still on her knees, tears still slowly coming forth from her pearly eyes and clothes and hands dirtied from going on the to beg him. He saw the raw emotion she admitted from her body and face, and for once in his life he felt compassion. He couldn't bare to see his daughter cry and beg. He knew that Naruto was right, he disreguarded his daughter's feelings and didn't bother to let her speak for herself or express herself. She worked hard to get where she was in the family and into his heart. The least he could have done as a father was to let her speak and let her love who she chose.

"Hinata..." Hiashi murmered...

Naruto gently placed Hiashi to his feet and spoke as he looked at the fallen leader.

"I will always put my precious people before myself... I will protect them even if I have to I die. That is my way, Hyuuga Hiashi. I think it's time you learned that yourself."

Hiashi looked at the blonde boy and then turned his attention once again to his daughter. He turned to face Hinata and did the most unexpected thing in the world. Hyuuga Hiashi got down on his knees, and bowed down to Hinata. He cried tears of shame and regret as he continued to lovwer himself close to the ground, with his forehead littlerly touching the soil. The great Hyuuga Hiashi bowed to his daughter to apologize. Hinata looked with a look of shock and concern on her face. Then he spoke..

"Gomen...gomen nasai Hinata..." Hiashi pleaded as he continued to cry. "I have failed you as your father pushing you so hard treating you so harshly over the years, never giving you a single praise in your life. Yet you strived and worked so hard to get into my heart and to prove yourself to your clan as thier next leader. And never once did you complain or whine, nor were you ever selfish and unkind. I didn't even give a second thought to what you felt, I treated you as if you weren't a person. For that I am truely sorry. Onegai...forgive me."

Hinata leaned forward and embraced her father. She smile and helped him up to his feet and let him lean on her.

"Otosama, you didn't have to bow to me..." She sad soflt as she looked at him.

'Ummmm... yes he did... he deserved to get on his knees to bow and pleed... ' Neji and Naruto thought to themselves at the same time.

"All I'm asking father is that you give Naruto-chan a chance..." she continued as she helped him to the porch. "That's all I'm going to ask from you for now, Otosama"

Hiashi smiled at his daughter and nodded in agreement. At that moment Naruto collapsed to the ground due to using up so much energy to make him stand up. Hinata, being the caring girlfriend that she is, rushed at his side at lightning speed and helped him back to the porch where Hiashi was sitting. She quickly attended to their wounds as Neji poured tea for them. Hiashi looked at Naruto and sighed deeply.

"Uzumaki Naruto, you have got to be the biggest idiot I have ever met..." the leader said grinning slightly. "However, you have got to be the most pure hearted person I have ever met. You have my blessing to be with my daughter..."

Naruto looked at the Hiashi and sighed softly and smiled as Neji walked towards him and placed his hand on Naruto's shoulder.


At the temple the Hyuuga house servants were getting the place prepared and decorated. And the food was being cooked where the reception was going to take place. Everything that was needed was available, the flowers, the cake, the ring, the dress, the love and most of all the nervousness. In seperate buildings, the bride and groom neevously prepared themselves for the rest of thier lives.

In the bride's waiting room A very busy, Haruno Sakura was running around helping a worried looking Hyuuga Hinata as the other bridesmaids, Yamanaka Ino, Sabaku no Temari, and Tenten were getting ready themselves trying to put on their own kimonos and such. But Sakura was of course already prepared, dressed, made-up, and most of all ready to help her friend. She then turned to Hinata and continued to make her up.

"Daijabou (it’s alright) Hinata you look beautiful! Don't worry!" Sakura said as she tried to get Hinata ready for her big day. "you should make a worried face like that Hina-chan it'll ruin your make up."

The pink haired bridesmaid brushed Hinata's long hair and put it up in a traditional Japanese wedding style and soon left the room to get Hinata's wedding ceremonial kimono. When Sakura came back with the kimono and she helped the Hyuga Heiress into it. The kimono complemented Hinata beautifully, after all it was made from the finest silk and cotton count the money could afford. The base Kimono was a beautiful lavender coloration and had violet cranes and water designs to show. The kimono’s 2nd outer coat was a royal violet to complement the base. Finally the bow was a creamy white which brought out Hinata’s eyes even more. Upon completion of the dressing and natural make up, the soon-to-be Uzumaki-san was ready.

“Oh my goodness Hina-chan!” Sakura chirped “You look so beautiful! I'm so envious!!”

“Thank you so much, Sakura-chan.” Hianta's said as a small blush bloomed on her cheeks.

The rest of the bridesmaids turn to glance at Hinata's made-up self and gasped at the splendid job that Sakura did. The once shy and timid Hyuuga Hinata was all grown up and looked amazing. She really looked like a princess.

"Hinata you look so pretty!" Ino said inspecting every aspect of Hinata's dress to her hair. "Forehead-girl you better mke me look this pretty when I get maried!"

"In your dreams Ino pig!" Sakura said to her as she stuck out her tonge. It was then that two girls got into a small catfight in the room as Hinata, Temari, and Tenten watch.

"Hinata-san really looks like a princess now.."Temari said grinning. "Don't you agree Tenten??"

Tenten nodded in agreement to Temari as she fixed her hair into her signature double bun style and continued to put on her make up.

"I just hope I can be as pretty as Hinata-san when Neji and I get married." she said as she sighed slightly. "He's been so busy lately that we haven't had time to plan."

"I'm sure Neji-neesan would stop if you kindly asked him. After all his only weakness is you."Hinata said smiling at her bridesmaid.

Tenten blushed slightly and tried to hide herself behind a bouque of flowers. The other girls couldn't help but tease the poor girl after what Hinata said about her and Neji.. Suddenly Sakura turned to Hinata and helped her up to her feet from the chair. She smiled to her long time fellow kunoichi.

“Can you believe it in just a few minutes you will be walking down the isle with your loved one?” The pink haired kunoichi stated proudly. "I just can't believe you two have lasted this long... and I still can't believe that you're marrying that dobe."

“Well if he wasn't such a 'dobe' he wouldn't be the sweet Naruto-chan I love” Hinata said softly as she giggled. 'I'm just still a bit nervous"

‘Today I will finally be united with my loved admirer. Oh Naruto-chan... This is almost like a dream come true. He is like my prince. It was only like yesterday he was begging for dates with Sakura and treating me as if I were just his friend. And if wasn't for Sakura-chan's help, he wouldn't have given me that chance or we wouldn't have became boyfriend and girlfriend.’ Hinata thought to herself while folding her hands over heart and let the sunlight beam down on her.

"Thank you for being such a great friend and uniting Naruto-chan and me." Hinata replied.

Sakura nodded and smiled.

"Is everyone on the list here?" Hinata asked.

Sakura got out the invitation list for the wedding and started calling out the names to Hinata. The long list of course included Hinata’s entire family both from the main branch and the secondary branch. Then Sakura began reading off the names one by one.

Aburame Clan

Akamichi Clan

Hagane Kotetsu

Haruno Clan

Hyuuga Clan

Inuzuka Clan

Kamizuki Izumo


Maito Gai

Mitarashi Anko


Morino Ibiki

Nara Clan


Rock Lee

Sabaku no Siblings


Sarutobi Asuma

Shiranui Genma



Umino Iruka

Uchiha Sasuke

Yuuhi Kurenai

Yamanaka Clan


Sakura said as she read of the list. “Giving the blessings and wedding is, Hatake Kakashi, the ring boy, Konohamaru, and the flower girl, Moegi.”

“I just hope everyone was able to make it.” Hinata said with a worried look on her face.

“Well I better get out there Hinata-chan.” Sakura said as she motioned for the other bridesmaid to follow her lead. “And remember, smile and breathe.”


Meanwhile in the men’s waiting room…

A certain blonde haired whiskered boy was pacing up and down the room nervously. His hands messing up his already messy blonde hair and beads of sweat coming down his paniced face. His best man Uchiha Sasuke watched him as he began to burn a hole through the floor due to his frantice pacing. All the while while Nara Shikamaru yawned as checked the list of things that needed to be done before the wedding. Hyuuga Neji was fixing his cufflinks and sighed at the sight of Naruto, while Sarutobi Asuma, Morino Ibiki and Rock Lee were telling jokes and talking about their girlfriends and wives.

“Man I’m so frickin’ nervous.” Naruto said as he continued pacing. "I gotta stay cool, I gotta stay cool, I gotta stay cool!"

“Oi, dobe your pacing is makeing a hole in the floor.” Sasuke said as he drank a bottle of water.

“Urusai Sasuke-teme!” Naruto said in a grouchy voice. “I’m so frickin’ nervous, I’m so frickin’ nervous.”

“Naruto-kun, your youthfulness shines the greatest today, let your beloved see it!” Lee said raising his water bottle. “Let us all shine out there and cheer for our nakama as we walk through the path of everlasting life!”

“I wonder why Sakura is dating you…” Naruto and the others said as a sweat drop grew on the back of their heads.

Naruto then sighed and continued to pace the floor nervously. Sasuke couldn’t help but want to punch Naruto for the annoying pacing and Neji was having enough trouble with having Lee calm down.

“Calm down Lee…” Neji said as he tied his hair back. “As you know I’m pretty much next in line for this.”

“I’ll tell you something about marriage boys.” Asuma said as he puffed a cigar. “Sex is the key to communication and so is talking it out. Plus if you rent porn it helps with the sex life as well or do some role playing and other things along that line.”

“I couldn’t agree more you idiot.” Kakashi said as he read his infamous orange book.

“So sex is the answer…” Naruto said as he stopped and contemplated the words of the almighty Sarutobi Asuma.

“Don’t believe everything you hear dobe.” Shikamaru said fwapping Naruto over the head with a paper fan.

“What the hell was that for you bastard!” Naruto yelled as he clutched his wound.

“That was for believing Asuma-sensei about sex…” Shikamaru said through his yawn. “All you really have to do is listening and try to talk to one another, understanding and trust is the key to your marriage... or so my dad says.”

‘so trust is the biggest foundation…’ Naruto thought to himself and sighed.

It was then that Tsunade came into the room and with a picture in his hand. The former hokage walked over to Naruto and handed him the picture.The blonde took the picture and stared at it. It was until then he realized who were in the picture.

"Mom...? Dad...?" He said softly and then looked up at his sensei.

"Your mother, Kushina and your father, Minato loved you very much Naruto. If they were alive they would have so proud of you. I know if your godfather, your former sensei, Jiraiya was still alive he would have felt the same way. You were named after his main character's name in his book and the final story he wrote was of you. You have been through so much Naruto and deserve so much for what you have been through. You are now Rokudaime and getting married to the girl who has always been there for you..." Tsunade said as she looked at Naruto and the photo. "Love Hinata, Naruto, love her with everything you have, just like Minato loved Kushina..."

Naruto smiled and cried a bit as he stared at the picture. It was then that Sakura bursted into the room and asked the guys to come out and form the lines. Tsunade of course held Naruto back to give him more advice.

“Listen to me Naruto.” The blonde said to her fellow blonde. “If you really love Hinata-san then you will protect her, even though you are the Rokudaime it will be hard and though.Your mother and father had a difficult time trying to conceive you. What ever you do Naruto protect her, keep her happy, that’s all that really matters. All it is the fact that she loves you and would make any sacrifice to you. Do you understand Naruto?”

"I understand Tsunade-baachan." Naruto said with his dorky foxy grin. "I promise to you, mom, ero-sennin, everyone and Hina-chan! I will protect her keep her happy and resume my work as Rokudaime!"

Naruto then walked out of the room with Tsunade following close by.


Hinata peeked outside to the waiting guests for the wedding. Then she looked at her bridesmaids and smiled as she peeked through the backdoor. Her bridesmaids were Tenten, Ino, Tsunade, Temari, Anko, Kurenari and her maid of honor was none other then Sakura. They were all dressed in long and simple lavender kimonos with the same matching print that Hinata had on hers. They were all made up beautifully and stood by their men who looked just as sharp.

Hinata remained outside until the bells would chime for her to walk. She finished up her hair by tying her old blue ribbon on her hair veil and completed it with the same flowers from her bouque. She then once again looked in the mirror, sighed and smiled. She tried to breathe calmly so she wouldn’t faint or stress out. It was then that her father came up to her and hugged her.

"You have grown up so much Hinata... no longer are you the shy and timid girl you once were but blossomed into a beautiful flower." he said as he looked softly at her. "You look just like your mother the day she and I wedded. So beautiful. I know that's she's looking down on us smiling and givng us the bright sun that shines today."

It was then that the first bells started to chime and Hatake Kakashi, Moegi the flower girl, Konohamaru the ring boy and all the bridesmaids had gone down the isles. Tenten went with her fiancé, Hyuga Neji; followed by Yamanaka Ino with her date Uchiha Sasuke; Haruno Sakura went with Rock Lee; Anko walked down with Morino Ibiki, Kurenai walked with her husband, Sarutobi Asuma; Temari went with her long time boy friend Shikamaru who was actually smiling, and last but not least Tsunade walked down her self proclaimed little brother, Uzumaki Naruto.

The last bells chimed and now it was time. Hinata had waited for this time her whole life. Since day one she was rooting for Naruto and admiring him. Now it was her turn to shine. It was her day and his day.

As the bells rang and the doors opened with Hinata's blushing face smiling. Her arms linked with her father, Hyuga Hiashi, who was weeping silently. She walked carefully down the aisles as everyone stared at her. The sunlight poured on to Hinata making her seems like a goddess and even more an angel. She smiled and then eyed Naruto as he smiled gently.

“Hinata-chan…” Naruto whispered softly as she became closer to him. “

Hinata kept walking and then she was suddenly there standing with Naruto about to be wedded. Hatake Kakashi who was wearing the traditional ceremonial kimono would be the one to unite them. But for some reason he seemed extremely bored. He looked at the two lovebirds and smirked under his mask.

'oh this is gonna be fun...' he thought to himself.

He then coughed to get everyone's attention and yawned once more before picking up the ceremony manuscript.

"Dearly blah, blah, blah let this young couple is here today and I really don't care because now they’re getting married in holy matrimony. You two are to be together and I still really don't care. After all these years of endly dating and probably no sex...blah blah blah... lets continue." Kakashi said as he threw away the manuscript..

In astonishment Hinata and Naruto looked up at Kakashi and frowned. Naruto shot daggers at his former sensei and look like he was just about to kill him.

"Princess Hyuuga you will be married to ‘Believe it’ boy and I still don't really care" Kakashi sighed as he pulled out Icha Icha Paradise. "And so you princess take baka no dobe here to be you hokage husband...and will you dobe take princess here to be your lovely wife so we can all get the hell outta here?

Everybody had a puzzled look on their faces. But Sakura on the other hand was just about to hit Kakashi and let her inner self take over. Suddenly Kakashi walked away and Konohamaru gave the rings to Naruto and Hinata. Naruto took the wedding band and slipped it on her finger where her engagement ring was. Kakashi then reappeared and coughed.

“Now please exchange your vows to one another so I can get the hell out of here, get food and you two can make babies.” Kakashi stated as he continued to read his ero book. "oh and make it quick this job is boring..."

Naruto and Hinata sighed but after that little moment the cerulean eyed man turned to the pearly eyed woman and began to softly speak.

"Hyuga Hinata you've been a rare flower in the fields. But I could see others. Suddenly you popped out the ground smiling. Then I noticed you loved me I thought that would be impossible for anyone to love me. I soon thought I have a beautiful sweet girl and I haven't even noticed her love. You accepted me even my inner demon. You accept my flaws and embrace them with you heart. Because of you, I’m happy to be alive and well. Because of you I’m able to reach my goals. And now I want to say thank you for coming in my life. I love you and I will continue to love you even when I die. And when I get reincarnated, I will find you again, I promise." Naruto said seriously as he smiled gently.

A tear dropped from Hinata's eye and Naruto wiped it off gently with his index finger. She smiled and slipped on the wedding band she bought for him on his ring finger.

"Uzumaki Naruto, I fell in love with you when we were little. Since day one when I saw you walking alone with your head down and proclaiming your dreams. From our days in the academy through out the years I have always supported you even if my voice went unheard by your ears. I love you for who you are. I love you, Uzumaki Naruto, for you. To me you aren’t a monster, to me you aren’t only just a nakama, and you are the man I want to spend the rest of my life with. I love you with every fiber of my being.” Hinata said as she looked deep into his cerulean eyes.

Naruto stared at Hinata as a tear rolled down his cheek. She happily wiped off his tear with her own finger. Along with their tears of joy everyone was silently crying with them. It even turned out that the ever so silent Uchiha Sasuke and Morino Ibiki shead silent. Even Kakashi shed one tear then coughed and wiped it clean before anyone could see him. The three men looked back and forth just incase any one saw their tears.

"Yosh yosh... now that you two are finally together... please shut the hell up, make out, kiss, whatever and fuc-" Kakashi whined and before Sakura threw a unexpected punch at her former sensei. She then Turned to Hinata and Naruto and smirked.

“Ladies and gentlemen I give you Mister and Misses Uzumaki Naruto-san!” Sakura proclaimed as she started clapping.

The others stood up and joined as they wiped away their own tears. And at a sudden moment Naruto and Hinata kissed. After their long kiss Naruto grabbed Hinata in his arms and carried her. Hinata clanged to Naruto as he carried her with them both laughing and smiling. All the guests clapped, cried, and followed them.

As Hinata and Naruto got out happily they came out surprised, there were two white stallions with a carriage. Hinata and Naruto's face were exploded. They couldn't believe their eyes. Iruka Sensei who was the one controlling the horses, was in the front waiting for Hinata and Naruto to come. Naruto grabbed Hinata's arm and rushed into the carriage. Their reception party would be in an open space in the woods.

While in the carriage Iruka coughed and happily said "Nice to see you too together Mr. and Mrs. Uzumaki-san.”

"Uzumaki Hinata! That sounds great!" Naruto yelled.

Hinata smiled and kissed Naruto's cheek as they finally arrived at the reception party where everyone else waited. Naruto came out with Hinata in his arms smiling. Everything was perfect. All the guest were being served the finest food and enjoying the music around them. Presents for the newly weds were resting on a large table and sake and other drinks were being served. It was then that Inuzuka Kiba and Uchiha Sasuke tapped their wine glasses to grab everyone’s attention.

“Alright everyone we gotta make a toast and our crappy ass speeches that we were told to write for the love birds.” Kiba joked as he took the microphone and handed another one to Sasuke. "It sucks because it HAD to be us to make these speeches I don't get why they didn't choose anyone else..."

“I was forced to do this because the baka no dobe wanted me to.” Sasuke sighed. “But seriously Kiba and I have a few words to say to you both. Dog boy you go first.”

Kiba sighed, smiled and said, “I’ve known Hinata ever since we were in the same team with Yuuhi Kurenai-sensei. I’ve grown to love Hinata not only as a great friend and comrade but also a sister. Kurenai-sensei, Shino and I give you our hearts and congrats to you both. And Naruto if you don’t treat her right I’ll make sure that Akamaru bites your ass.”

“And of course there’s Kiba’s horrible jokes” Sasuke said as he sighed. “Dobe… you are the most annoying person I have ever met. You and you foolish dream of becoming Hokage and making everyone acknowledge your blonde dumbass. But you were always there for me even when I didn’t want you to be. You made us notice you and you made a name for yourself. You’ve proven yourself over and over again just like Hinata had to for her family and all of us. Even more I’m so happy that you finally found Hinata, the one person who could understand you better then me, Sakura, or Kakashi. Hinata take care of this dobe and if he disobeys you, just take away his ramen.”

“Boo you suck!” Naruto and Kiba joked.

“Okay, okay I want to say a few words to Naruto and Hinata too.” Tsunade said standing up. “Naruto… ever since you were 13 you have been nothing but a pain in my ass. Day after day you would beg me to put you on a mission to find Uchiha over there. But when you found Hinata you smile never stopped and you just became stronger. Hinata, you are the one person that can really understand this idiot and love him for who he is. I wish you two the greatest marriage life can offer.”

It was then that Kakashi grabbed the mic and wanted to say a few words.

"You know what...? why the hell are you two still here when you should be else where doing naughty things.. like one of Naruto's fantasys of Hinata naked in an osen." Kakashi laughed. It was then that Naruto and Hinata turned bright red and wanted to hide under neithe the table. "Ok but on a serious note. Naruto. You have grown up more then any one I've ever know, you have surpassed me and many others and realized your dreams, and today you hit the biggest milestone in your life... commitment... good luck getting outta that hehe just kidding."

It was then that Sakura planted Kakashi's face in the ground with her foot and smiled.

“Yosh! Let’s make a toast to the new Mr. and Mrs. Uzumaki Naruto!” Ino and Sakura said in unison.

“KAMPAI!” Everyone yelled as the hit the wine glasses and drank to the couple as Naruto and Hinata kissed.

It was then time for Naruto and Hinata’s first dance together as husband and wife. And the person who sang their love song was none other then Ino, Sakura, Temari and Tenten. And the thing was it was a complete surprise that they sang so well with each other. Soon after it was time to eat and the full course dinner was brought out for the guest as they sat own at their assigned tables. The ramen, fried rice, yaki soba, sushi, teriyaki chicken and beef along miso soup were served with the options of sake and soda. Even Kakashi took off his mask to eat revealing his hidden pretty boy face. Everybody danced together and even Kakashi sweet talked Mitarashi Anko. Suddenly Hinata got on a big rock and turned around with her bouquet in her hand then turned her back towards all the girls.

“Alright girls it’s time for the flower throw.” Hinata gushed.

Suddenly she threw one rose behind her. Temari had caught it and then Temari smiled at Shikamaru. Shikamaru being the shy man he was scooted to Temari and took her hand and blushed.

The next was a carnation and Tenten had caught it and Neji grabbed her and started tickling her. Tenten laughed and Neji couldn’t help but smile as he tickled his fiancée. Her smiling face was just the type of thing to make him smile and melt his heart.

Then Hinata threw a lily and Sakura had caught it and Rock Lee looked at her hopelessly and then Sakura winked and then Lee smiled and winked back. Sakura then approached Lee and took Lee’s hand gently as she blushed. She knew that Sasuke didn’t love her but Lee did. She was going to give him a chance even if was a little one.

And last but not least Hinata threw a daisy and Ino caught it then her and Sasuke looked at each other nose to nose smiling. After all these years Ino’s dream of dating Sasuke came true. It was because of Hinata and Sakura that she was able to date him.

“ALRIGHT MEN!” Naruto yelled as Hinata sat down on the rock and showed her right leg. “It’s time catch the guarder. Remember only eligible bachelors can participate and even you can join Iruka-sensei!!!”

Naruto then got on one knee and looked up at Hinata who was blushing as he slowly took off her sexy lacy guarder. Naruto then threw it in the crowd of men. And the one to catch the lacy trinket was none other the Hyuga Neji who blushed and looked at Tenten.

“It looks like the guy whose next in line to be married caught the guarder.” Naruto teased as Neji slipped on the guarder onto Tenten’s right thigh.

“Everyone it’s time to cute the cake.” Hinata blushed as she and Naruto pointed to the giant 6 tiered kimono printed design.

Naruto and Hinata cut the cake together and fed each other only to miss and get it all over their faces and laugh. Shino and Chouji took the pictures as everyone ate and smiled. Naruto and Hinata were extremely happy with the way the wedding turned out and they knew it would be a harder journey as a couple to start a clan of their own.


Hours Later…

Naruto and Hinata were on their honeymoon to the Tea Country to relax. Everything went so well at the party and received a lot of gifts from the guest. Naruto looked at his wife and held her close as they sat on the shipping dock and watch the sunset. Naruto then turned to her and kissed her.

“Hina-chan…” Naruto said blushing slightly.

“What is it Naru-chan?” Hinata said as she looked into his eyes.

“Well you know… I was hoping we could… you know…” the blonde stated as he rubbed the back of his neck nervously.

Hinata smiled and laughed lightly. She knew what Naruto wanted and she had no problem giving it to him. She then took his hand and led him to their suite hotel room. From that night forward… well I think you know what happens...

[Please incert naught/steamy/hentai induced images here, here, here, here and ultimale pleasure here, here, here, here... and a hot ending right here!!!


A year and a half later

“How is Hina-chan!” Naruto asked frantically looking at Kakashi, Sasuke and Sakura.

“Calm down Naruto.” Sakura said putting her hands on her hips.

“Is she alright? Is my wife and baby alright!” Naruto said falling to his knees from stress.

“Don’t worry Naruto; you can go see them now.” Tsunade said smiling ash she and Shizune walked out the door to greet them. "Just don't..."

In an inhuman speed Naruto was in Hinata’s room.

"Run...that idiot.."Tsunade sighed.

When he laid his eyes on his wife she looked peaceful and sang a lullaby to make them sleep soundly. Hinata was holding two children, the new Uzumaki Twins. A baby girl father’s sunshine blonde hair and his whisker marks, she had Hinata’s eyes and skin tone and a baby boy who had Hinata’s navy hair color along with Naruto’s cerulean eyes and his skin tone. Though both children didn’t look like one another they were twins.

Hinata then turned to Naruto and smiled a tired smile. The cerulean eyed man walked over to his wife and kissed her softly. He then looked at his two children and kissed both of their foreheads gently.

"Naru-chan; aren’t they beautiful?" Hinata said.

“Yes they both are Hina-chan.” Naruto said as he hugged Hinata and looked at his brand new baby girl and boy. “So what are their names Hina-chan?”

“Our little princess is Uzumaki Hinode (sunlight) and our little prince is Uzumaki Yoshi (the best).” Hinata said smiling and continued singing.

“They’re so precious.” Naruto smiled as he picked up and danced with Hinode. “And such perfect names as well.”

“They’re just so cute.” Hinata gushed as she made her little boy coo with utter delight. “I can’t wait to bring them home.”

“Don’t worry darling, we’ll be going home soon.” Naruto said as he sat next to her bed as he hummed Hinode to sleep.


Revisers notes: As you can see I made a few adjustments to the original fanfic. You see the original one was far too short so added some chaos and other things and yea. I would have done a sex scene if I could. And believe me I would if I could. (Insert perverted laughter here).

Well from original revise I had Yondaime's/naruto's father real name wrong and now it's there as well as his wife/naruto's mom. So w00t to me.

Also the REASON why I had Hinata have twins is because her father is a identical twin. If you recall in the series Neji’s father, Hyuga Hizashi is Hyuga Hiashi’s twin brother. Now it is said that twins only happen every other generation. Since Hinata and Hanabi aren’t twins it would be proper and interesting to see Hinata have twins. Plus, it’s much more interesting. In the original story it was just Hinode, so I added Yoshi.

Anyway I took some time adding the Naruto/Hiashi flash back, Tsunade bringing in the picture of Naruto's parents and just a bunch of other things. I think I could have done more but hell I'm lazy.

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