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Sunday, April 27, 2008


Thanks to all the reviewers: Mousy (Thank you for you, i’m make this story because i want to learn more about english language and have experience in english story. so i’m sorry if my grammer is suck. yeah that you’re right, i’m indonesian. I’ll try to find someone that can help me write another Naruto Story in English), .Rose Tiger (Thanks for you support, know i’m keep going to write story), Death (I was fix it. thanks), .Tama Saga (i fixed it. Naruto and Hinata story)


2 month have passed. Naruto and Hinata have a date after that tragedy. Black and guilty date for Naruto. Naruto have try to loving Hinata with all of his love. But it can’t be happen. Feeling guilty that make he loving Hinata with compultion.

This day Naruto walking to Hyuuga Mansion. He want to pick up Hinata and bring her to get breakfast. This is his first time to visit Hinata at Hyuuga Mansion. Ten minutes later he arrive and knocked at the door. The door opened and he got a surprised look from the Hyuuga leader. In turn Naruto was surprised, because he had thought the heir would first check who was at his door with Byakugan before opening it. “Uzumaki?” was the only thing the man said.

“Hai, uhm… may I speak with Hinata, if it isn’t too much to ask?” Naruto asked politely, what was another surprise for the Hyuga leader. After years Naruto had learnt how to blend in with different types of people. Now he thought the Hyuga clan was more of a being-polite-and-strict clan so decided to behave himself as much as possible and not to interrupt talking.

“You may, follow me,” Hiashi said and turned around to lead him to Hinata’s room. “Thank you, Hiashi-sama,” Naruto smiled.

“Hinata, you have a visitor.” Nor did the girl move when her door slid open, someone entered her room and her father sighed, and then the door got closed again.

“Hina-chan?” Now this voice came to the Hyuga heiress and it shocked her out of her staring. She turned her face to the one where the voice belonged to and was stunned and speechless. This was not only because his voice had sounded manlier or that the one gazing at her looked more grownup, but it was also because he was standing in her room. “N-N-Naruto-kun?” Hinata whispered. “Hey,” he smiled gently and seemed to look for something to sit down. Not finding a chair he stared at the bed for a second but ended up in sitting on the floor. Hinata just kept on staring at him, trying with all her willpower not to burst out into crying, and succeeded in that. “What’s wrong with you? Your father said that you never go out from your room.m Can you tell me why?” asked Naruto.

Hinata sat up and shove so that she was sitting at the edge of her bed. Naruto looked up at her, waiting for her reply. “I-I…” she began after a while, but couldn’t continue and started crying more. This was a sign for Naruto to stand up and sit down next to the sobbing girl. He laid an arm around her and pulled her closer. Because of this Hinata blushed through her tears, but didn’t pass out, what surprised her. “Don’t push yourself, take your time,” Naruto whispered gently. Hinata gave a small nod.

After a while, both didn’t know how long, she had calmed down enough to talk again. “N-Naruto-kun, I… I am pregnant,” she finally mumbled. Naruto stared at her with a stunned face, but some other expression was mixed with it; though Hinata didn’t know what it was. “R-really?” Was there disappointment in his voice? “H-hai,” the shy kunoichi said as she started looking at the floor. She expected Naruto to let go, but he didn’t. That was actually mostly for the fact he was too surprised to do so.

“How do you know you’re pregnant?” Naruto want to know if Hinata didn’t lie to him. “Yesterday, i wasn’t feeling well and something i hated to do, i had done a lot the last few days; throwing up” The Hyuga heiress was laying in bed, feeling miserable.

A couple of a week ago Naruto was not in Konoha village. He had a mission to Sunagakure Hidden village. So he doesn’t know Hinata get sick. “I ask Sakura to come and check my body. I hope it isn’t too much trouble. I had the medic examined for a minute, at that time a surprised expression came on Sakura’s face. I don’t know what is it. I asked Sakura are there something wrong. Sakura was told me I’m pregnant” Hinata silent for a moment.

Naruto don’t know what to do after hearing the fact. He keep staring Hinata with his best smile. “Hina-chan, I think it’s time for me to explain the situation to Hiashi-sama. Do you agree?”

“Na-Naruto-kun. Are you not scaried with my father? He has a bad tempered” Hinata try to hold her shobbing.

“Yup. I’m a man, and now I’m gonna be a father. I love you Hina-chan. Don’t worry Hinata, I must explain it to your father and you just listening. Ofcourse you help me if I can’t say anything. How about it Hina-chan?” Naruto grab her hand and look into Hinata pupil. A blush appeared as she remember Naruto telling her he loved her and that he could be the father of the child inside her.

Hinata just nodded and then they go to her father room. Both of them can’t find Hiashi in his room, so Naruto and go to the the kitchen. Hiashi looking both of them and asked “what happen? Why you two so hurry?”.

“Mmm, Hiashi-sama we want to talk with you” Naruto looking to Hiashi.

Hiashi nodded “Do you mind some tea?”. “Yes please.” Naruto said.

The blonde walked over to the table the Hyuga leader was sitting at and sat down in lotus style, while Hiashi made three tea ready. Naruto drink his tea with ease. Hiashi staring at his daughter “How do you feel know?” “F-father?... I…I feel fine, I…” she trailed of when she saw her lover sitting at the tea table, looking at her. She a few shades of red covered her face.

“So, What do you want to tell me?” her father asked, but it wasn’t in the rude way he used to do when she was twelve. The dark haired placed her cup on the table and stared at it.

There was a silence. “Ano… Hiashi-sama, you have to ‘kick his butt’ for I cannot do that,” Naruto said. “Na-Naruto-kun,” Hinata whispered a little shocked.

“I don’t know what do you mean” Hiashi try to figure what Naruto said.

“Father, I-I-I am pre-pregnant” Hinata said with tear and stuttering.

“What the hell are you talking about? Then who is this person that make you pregnant?” with an I-am-not-believing-what-I-just-heard face

“He-he’s sitting in front of you,” Naruto quickly said a few tone higher than his normal voice but yet not yelling, meanwhile he looked down.

This got the Hyuga heir of guard and he blinked a few times staring the blonde in front of him. “You? That would be impossible. weren’t you never talk and touch my daughter?” Naruto nodded and started to explain, with some help of his girlfriend who told her side.

Finishing their story the couple was looking at Hiashi with nervous looks. The man stared at them with a face that gave away no expression. He slowly turned to his daughter. “Are you telling me you got drunk?” “H-hai,” she muttered out. Her father continued to stare at her, but Hinata was shocked when he suddenly started to laugh. “O my, I cannot believe you actually did something like that Hinata. It’s so not like you,” he guffawed. This made the girl blush. The shy girl’s eyes widened and she glanced at her father, who turned to Naruto. Naruto started to slowly crawl a bit backwards, avoiding eye contact, panicking a little. “I-I am really sorry, I didn’t mean to. When I left the village I promised myself not to jump a girl unless I love her but it seems that in my drunken mood I realised it better than when not drunken!”

The Hyuga heir gave him a death glare. This worried the blonde, because the man had gone from amusement to anger in an instant. “A-ano, l-like I said a moment ago, you can kick my butt as much as you want, but please leave me alive.” “And why should I leave you alive?” “F-father, don’t. It’s also my own fault, I-I gave in!” “Apparently you indeed did.” “Please don’t fight him.” “Hinata-chan, I deserve it.” “No!” she looked Naruto who looked back at her with a guilty face.

The two turned their face to the Hyuga heir when he let out another chuckle. “Don’t worry, I’m not going to fight anyone.” This said both the blonde as the dark haired let out a sigh of relief. Hiashi looked at the two, with a smile. “But you both need to promise me no more alcohol, understood.” “Hai,” both replied. “Good, as for you Naruto. You have to take care of Hinata and the kid when it is born.” “I wouldn’t want it any other way,” the boy replied with a smile. “O,” Hiashi let out raising one eyebrow. Naruto turned to look at the floor gaining red in his face. “I…I love Hinata-chan.”

Hinata blushed and was amazed he had the guts to say that in front of her father. She then noticed her fathers look and flushed. “Ano… I love Naruto-kun, father.” “I had noticed already, but I wanted you to say it yourself. You’ve grown, Hinata,” her father said. It sounded that he was proud of her.

The couple looked at each other and smiled.

7 Month later, At Konoha Hospital

A few hours later Naruto was sitting next to an exhausted Hinata, who was holding their daughter. The blonde kissed his girlfriend on the head, while he rubbed his right hand; Hinata had pinched in it with full force. “So what is the name that both of you want to call her?” Sakura asked. “Hiname Uzumaki,” the new mother said. The blonde laid his arm around her. “Hyuga Hiname Uzumaki, right.” The dark haired nodded with some tears in the corners of her eyes and a smile.

“Hai.” Sakura nodded and wrote the name on a paper. Then she left the couple alone. “I’m proud of you, Hina-chan,” the shinobi whispered and kissed her again. “I’m sorry I pinched so hard.” “Nah, you were probably in more pain than I am now, what am I saying, you most definitely were in more pain.”

The two smiled and watched their sleeping daughter. She had the hair colour of her father and, thought you couldn’t see it now, the Byakugan of her mother.

The story is finished.

I’m waiting for review, so give me much review. I want to make another story that maybe more funny. Send me to comment. That’s good for me if there is comment.

I want to say thanks to author : Meje2, Tobmaster, lotus2490, GoatMan, jenniebennie, animetaku, 1010tenten, and whispher of death. Maybe part of my story nearly same with you all guys. Thanks before

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