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Sunday, April 27, 2008


Language: English

Disclaimer: I do not own Naruto

!!!...This is dedicated to my best friend Kit Shela Iris Kitsune...!!!

This is the last part to the trilogy. It's a NaruHina fic. I think it's safe to read without reading the other two. They were SasuSaku fics, the first called, 'Forever Yours' and the second 'Forbidden Passion'. I hope you all enjoy this!
And remember this is Rated M for a reason.

Summary: After he died Naruto became a demon. But even after death his love for Hinata remained. He longs to touch and be with her again but knows he can't. He wants her to be happy but at the same time doesn't want any other man to be with her. What if she feels the same?


Author: Bleeding White Lily

!!!...ONE SHOT...!!!

I'm so tired of being here
Suppressed by all my childish fears
And if you have to leave
I wish that you would just leave
Your presence still lingers here
And it won't leave me alone
These wounds won't seem to heal
This pain is just too real
There's just too much that time cannot erase

You used to captivate me by your resonating light
Now I'm bound by the life you left behind
You face it haunts my once pleasant dreams
Your voice had chased away all the sanity in me

I tried so hard to tell myself that your gone
But though you're still with me
I've been alone all along

You still have all of me

-My Immortal-

Hinata sat down on a bench and frowned. Another boy had just asked her out. But she turned him down without a second thought. Her friends knew why and always told her to just say yes to one. But she wasn't ready. She was still clinging onto Naruto even though he was dead. She didn't want to be held by anyone else.

Wrapping her arms around herself she tried to remember what it felt like to have Naruto hold her like that. He was always so gentle, so kind, yet so possessive with her. So loving, and compassionate. She loved every single thing about him. She wanted to be with him again. To see him again, to kiss him again, to hold him and never let him go.

After her father had died there have been many times she wanted and tried to take her life. To see him again. She was desperate. But each time she tried a warm wind would blow past her and knock the knife out of her hand. When she tried to hang herself a strong, warm wind came and cut the rope.

She longed for death though. She longed to see Naruto again. Why couldn't anyone understand that? Why couldn't anyone see that? Why couldn't anyone see that she needed him? Her friends kept telling her to forget about Naruto and move on but that wasn't their choice. And a part of her hated them for saying it. She knew they were trying to be helpful in their own way. But to her it felt like they were trying to control her. Lead her life. She would never allow anyone to make her forget Naruto.

She would never forget him. She couldn't. Around her family and at home she smiled and laughed. Tried to be happy. Tried to forget about the pain. No one knew about the suicide attempts. She had done them at night while everyone was either asleep or out.

'Naruto. . . why. . . ?' Hinata tightened her hold on herself. It hurt. She wanted him to hold her. She felt empty and incredibly lonely. She sniffed as she imagined his warmth. Even if everyone else forgot she would never forget. His warmth, his scent, his voice, his smile. 'Why did you leave me. . . ? Naruto. . . why didn't you take me with you? If it meant I could stay with you. . . I wouldn't mind dying. . . I wouldn't. . . but I can't. . . I can't live without you. . . I just can't. . .'

Yes. . . she longed for death. But at the same time she feared it. What if she didn't see him there? What if he had forgotten her. Inside her heart she knew he would never forget her. But in her head she couldn't stop thinking about all the possibilities.

What if they couldn't touch in the afterlife? But only look at each other with longing. What if they were separated? Or what if there was no afterlife and after you die you're just dead?

Hinata shivered when a warm breeze blew past her. It was like this every time. Whenever she felt sad or lonely this strange wind would surround her. As if embracing her. It was. . . comforting. It was almost as if the wind were alive. Almost like it knew how much her heart ached. And every time that wind came she felt as if Naruto was with her. But she could never touch it. Or him. He was out of her reach.

Standing up from the bench she walked down the street and to her house. Her loneliness consuming her with every step she took.

Naruto watched as she left. He was sitting in a tree. He wasn't visible to humans nor could he touch them. Only his wind could. Sasuke could touch Sakura because 'he' gave him the ability to touch humans. So he could kill his brother Itachi. But Naruto couldn't. He couldn't be with her.

“Hm?” Sasuke looked over at Naruto walked into the room. He looked depressed. “Damn. I'm almost afraid to ask. Should I risk it?”

“Nn. . . it's nothing. . .” Naruto sighed as he slumped down next to him. They were sitting on a counter at the place were demon's lived. Sakura wasn't allowed to go there. Too many demon's would try 'playing' with her.

“You know. . .” Sasuke mumbled, “you could always just kill her. Or let her kill herself.”

Naruto's head snapped up as he shot an odd look at Sasuke, “What?! Kill her?! Let her die?! I can't do that!” Naruto claimed, “Would you be able to kill Sakura-chan?!”

“. . . I didn't have to. I've never been in the position to where I had to. So I can't really say. But it's obvious she misses you too. It'd be cruel not to kill her.”

“No. . . I can't. . . I just. . .” Naruto huffed and laid his head in his arms and mumbled something. But his voice was muffled and Sasuke couldn't hear.

“So you plan to just let her live the rest of her life in misery and longing?” Sasuke asked. He didn't like seeing Naruto like this. He was happy while he was sad and still suffering. “Look. . . you died for her and she's more than willing to die for you so just-”

“Forget it. . . It's just. . . temporary. . . she'll move on. Find someone. . . who will love her. . .”

“Will she ever be able to find someone who will love her as much as you?” Sasuke asked. Although he already knew the answer. There was no way. She could search every corner of the earth and she'd never find a man who loved her as much as Naruto did. The same is true for her. She would never love another man as much as she loved Naruto.

Naruto knew this too. And that's why it was so hard for him to do the right thing. To let her live. If she lived she could have many babies and have all life had to offer. Something she could never have with him.

Though what Sasuke said did hit a nerve. He could. . . if he wanted to he could kill her. He could kill her so fast she wouldn't feel any pain at all. Then they could be together. But. . . he did know that if she were to die she would be an angel. So he would have to make her a fallen angel like Sakura in order to be with her. And that may cause her pain.

“No. . . she'll. . . move on. She will.” Naruto insisted. As if he was trying to convince himself of that. He just wanted her to be happy. He would hate the man she ended up with and would hate that he wasn't him but he would ignore those feelings for her.

“But will you?”

“. . . I'm fine. . . I am.” Naruto looked at Sasuke, “It's not like I'm that lonely. . . I just miss her is all. But I'm not lonely. . . I still have you and now Sakura-chan. . . I'm sure. . . it'll pass eventually.” Naruto paused before asking, “Right?” It was as if he needed to be reassured about it. He needed to be told this pain in his heart wouldn't last.

“. . . Yeah.”

Naruto smiled a sad and bitter smile, “Thanks. . . But you suck at lying.”

“Yeah. . .”

“Goodbye Kiba,” Hinata waved to her friend as they parted. Usually she let him walk her home but she felt like being alone at the time. That, and being around Kiba was painful. Same with her other friend Shino. They cared about her so much. And she did love them. Despite how much she loved them though she kept thinking of killing herself and leaving them. All to be with Naruto.

But couldn't kill herself. The wind never let her. She wondered if maybe it was Naruto telling her to stay alive and be happy. Another part of her wondered if maybe the Gods just wanted to see her suffer. Hinata never hated her father more than she did at that time. It was his fault Naruto had died. Even Sasuke, who came to help save her, died at the hands of her corrupt father.

Hinata walked down a street. It was night. She had spent the day with Kiba and Shino at Shino's house. If she killed herself would they be mad at her? Would they hate her? Or would they just pray for her to find happiness in the afterlife? Isn't that what a friend would want the most? For their friend to find eternal happiness? Kiba and Shino could see it by looking at her she knew. She would never be happy alive. She couldn't move on from Naruto. Her heart, soul, and body couldn't forget him.

Suddenly she heard something drop. It made a clanking sound. Like a can. Looking over she saw a tall figure. Moving closer to her. Something inside her was telling her to run. To get away. But she couldn't move her body. She felt paralyzed.

“My, my. . . you're a pretty one,” came a sultry voice. Stepping out from the shadows he moved in front of her. His hand reached up and his fingers ran through her hair.

Hinata took a few defensive steps back, “Sorry. I didn't mean to stare. . .” she whispered. She tried to hurry past him but he grabbed her by the arm and slammed her against the brick wall. Hinata gasped out feeling the wind knocked out of her.

The wind in the area was calm now. . . no sign of it strengthening. She began to panic. No one else was around. There weren't even any cars on this street. It was like a ghost town.

The man leaned closer to her and took in her scent, “Mm. . . you smell nice. . .” as he said this he licked the valley between her breasts causing her to groan in disgust. “Taste good too. . .” he began to kiss and suck on her neck.

“N-no! Stop it, get off!” Hinata screamed out. Hoping, praying, someone would hear her. That someone would save her. But no one came. All she could hear was him sucking on her skin frantically. She shifted so her knee was in between his legs and kneed him in the nuts.

The man gasped and loosened his grip on her. Pushing him away she ran off only to get a large brick thrown at her. It hit the back of her head and she fell forward. Whimpering she grabbed her head and rolled around on the ground sobbing; trying to get her mind off the pain in her throbbing head.

Why couldn't Naruto be there now?

“You stupid bitch!” The man shouted as he climbed over her and punched her in the jaw. She yelped out but it was pointless. No one was coming. She felt dizzy, like she was about to lose consciousness.

'Naruto. . .'

If Naruto were there he'd make sure this man wouldn't be able to move again. Wouldn't be able to see, to speak, or have use of his cock ever again. He'd protect her. . .

She shivered as she felt the cold concrete on her back. He had removed her clothes. Cutting them with his pocket knife and throwing them aside. Glancing up she saw him unbuckle his pants. Panicking again she tried to get up but the second she tried she felt his sharp blade pierce her hand.

“Ah!” She screamed out. Looking over at her hand she saw his pocket knife shoved right through her hand.

The man leaned down and growled in her ear, “Don't move. Don't speak. Otherwise you may find yourself with worse wounds.”

She sobbed. She cried. But she couldn't scream. His threat wouldn't let her. But isn't this what she always wanted? To die some way or another? But. . . she didn't want this to happen. She didn't want to be raped in the street by this pathetic excuse for a man.

This wasn't how things were supposed be.

The man forced her legs open and rammed into her. Hinata cried harder. She chocked on sobs. Her head was pounding. Bleeding. She could feel the sticky liquid when it began to run down her forehead.

'Naruto. . .'

The man groaned loudly. He leaned down and smirked, “You're not a virgin are you?”

No, she wasn't. But it was only with Naruto. She was his. Her body was his, her soul was his, and her heart was his. But here this man was trying to take what she had given to him. What she allowed him to claim. She began to whimper. Her eyes were now red and puffy. The tears began to sting her soar eyes. Her bottom lip trembled. She couldn't speak though. Couldn't scream.

'Not like this. . .' Her breathing was uneven and enraged. She tried to move but the pain in her head and hand made her wince. She took a deep shaking breath and tried to shove him off her once more.

“What did I tell you about moving slut?!” he shouted and hit her. He quickened his pace as he felt himself about to come. As he did this he began to randomly hit at her as she continued to try and shove him off her and shout out. He tightened his hold on her hips. She whimpered and yelped. It was painful. It was never this painful with Naruto, not even her first time with him. He was always so gentle with her. So loving and kind. . .

'Naruto. . . I need you. . . help me. . . where are you? Where do I have to go. . . in order to see you again?'

The man then gave a long and loud groan as he came inside of her. He hadn't even bothered to use a condom. Hinata now laid flat on her back. Her cheeks damp and wet. Blood running down her arm and face. Her body covered with bruises and red marks he had forced upon her.

As he got up she heard him sigh out. He put his clothes on and left her there. Just left. . . there was nothing more for him to say or do. He did take his pocket knife out of her hand before he left though. But she didn't make a sound this time. She couldn't. She felt broken and beyond repair. And the one person who could make this pain go away, the one person who she needed now more than ever, wasn't there. He would never be there.

The earth around her began to fade. Her world was turning black as her life faded. It was getting harder and harder for her to breath. Until finally. . . she just gave up. She closed her eyes. She was numb. Her body was unfeeling. Everything faded. She wondered if she too would fade.

Is this what death was? Do you just fade until you're completely gone? But. . . if she was gone she couldn't see him again.

Naruto appeared at Hinata's house. He looked through the window only to see that she wasn't there. He wondered if she was still at Shino's. That was where she was when he last left her. He figured since they were there to watch over her he didn't have to. But when his wind took him to Shino's Hinata was not there.

His wind wandered the streets. Searching. Wondering where she was. He felt a sudden panic. He began to search, more frantically now. He searched random places until finally, he saw her. His heart clenched up as he appeared at her side. She was on the ground completely naked and covered with bruises and markings. The blood from her head had now made it to her neck. Her hand and wrist was covered in the blood from the wound in her hand.

“Hinata. . . wake up!” Naruto shouted as his wind brought her coat over and covered her up. He tried to touch her. To hold her up but his hand just went right through her. He tried again and again. But it was pointless. He couldn't touch her. Couldn't do anything to help her. But he knew. . . she was dead.

'Hinata. . . how did this happen. . . ? Who did this?' Anger and sadness ran through him. He knew she was raped. There was cum between her legs. Whoever did this wasn't very smart. Naruto leaned forward so his face was just over hers. 'Hinata. . . I'm sorry. . . I'm so sorry.'

He saw the puffiness in her eyes. How soar they looked. She must have continued to cry even at the very end.


Naruto looked up to see a woman standing there. She dropped her purse and shook. The wind blew against her and whispered in her ear, “Call the cops. . .” then disappeared.

Naruto would wait until the cops found who did this for him. Then he would go and pay him a visit himself. Until then. . . he had to find out if Hinata became an angel or a demon. If she was an angel. . . he would leave her be. She could have a new start as an angel. A new life in the afterlife.

His wind took him up to where the angels recited. Through heavens gates he wandered through. To the angels he appeared as nothing but a gust of wind. A gentle breeze. They never would have known. Never would have expected it to be a demon.

He was just like the wind. It fit him perfectly. There wasn't anything he couldn't get through. He searched the area not really remembering much about it. The last time he had been here was simply to inform the gods that he and Sasuke had killed the God of the Underworld and would be taking his place. That and when they went to get Sakura back. But they didn't really stay for long.

Stopping at a window of a room in a white building he saw Hinata sleeping on a bed with white sheets. White seemed to be the theme there. . . her wings were white and silver. They were beautiful. But when he saw them his heart sank. She was an angel.

Using his wind he teleported into the room. He appeared in front of her bed and walked towards her. He gently touched her wings. His fingers tracing the soft silver feathers. She hadn't woken up yet. He couldn't even imagine how scared and lost she would be when she woke up. He wanted to stay with her but knew he couldn't. When you woke up for the first time in the afterlife someone comes to explain things to you. If Naruto was caught he wouldn't be the only one to get in trouble.

Leaning down he cupped her cheek in his hand and gently pressed his lips against hers. Soon the kiss turned hard, full of need. He began breathing harshly against her lips from want and longing. He wanted to lay with her. Hold her tightly in his protective embrace.

“Mm. . . Naruto. . .” Hinata mumbled against her lips. He quickly pulled himself back, wondering if she woke up. He calmed when he saw that she was just talking in her sleep. Subconsciously though she knew he was there. She could never forget what his lips felt like. The need and longing he held. . . the love he held. She knew it all. But she would forget once she woke up.

“Be happy. . .” Naruto whispered as he gave her a chaste kiss. His wind swirled around him and then he was gone.

Just as he left Hinata awoke. She gasped and sat up as the events of getting raped flashed through her mind. Wrapping her arms around herself she tried to comfort herself but it was useless. She was instantly filled with the desire to have Naruto to hold her.

She gently touched her lips. She could still smell a trace of Naruto around the room. Had he been there? Was she in heaven? Was she an angel like him now? Would she finally be able to be with him? So many questions but he wasn't there to answer her.

The door opened and a beautiful woman named Tsunade walked in. She was the Goddess of Beauty. She explained everything to her. That, and how she was not allowed to be near the demons. After awhile Hinata hesitantly asked if there was an angel there named Naruto.

“Naruto? No, he's a demon. He rules the underworld with Sasuke now. Ever since they killed the God of the Underworld.”

“A. . . demon? But why? He's not evil or bad so why?!” Hinata screamed. Her breathing uneven and her heart pounding in her chest. Aching.

“Yes. . . I thought it odd too. He doesn't really fit the role of a demon. Not him nor Sasuke. But they killed a man before they died so. . .”

“But that's not fair! He was just trying to help me!!!” Hinata cried.

“Yes, but they were in that man's house. Therefore, he had a right to kill them in order to protect his home.” Tsunade explained.

What home?! I was being forced to stay there with him! He wouldn't even let me leave for school!” Hinata shouted. When she and Naruto 'got together' she stayed at his house. Almost every day. She was going to live with him. Naruto lived alone so she could have. Then they could be together. And that's all they wanted.

But when she went to get her stuff her father had thrown her in her room and she was kept there. Like a prisoner. She called Naruto on her cell phone when she found it and told him about why she had left and why she wasn't around. Naruto had called her house but her father merely said he had not seen her. When Naruto found out he left to get her with Sasuke and in the end all three of them died.

“My home is with Naruto! My place is with him! Why is everyone always trying to get between us?! Why can't you just leave us alone?!”

Tsunade grabbed Hinata by the shoulders, “You are an angel now. And he is a demon. If you don't forget about him willingly than we will erase your memory of him. Take your pick.”

At the mention of forgetting him she immediately shook her head, “No, don't. I won't. . . just don't. . .”

Tsunade released her and sighed, “Good. I really hate doing that to people. Now get some rest. It's a lot to take in.”

“What. . . what happened to my father. . . ?”

“. . . You'll see for yourself.”

And just like she said she did. She had saw her father and was instantly consumed with hate. How could they make him an angel and Naruto and Sasuke demons? It was so messed up. It was backwards. She didn't talk to her father. The second she saw him she fled. Not wanting to be anywhere around him.

She was in heaven. . . but she was sad and lonely. She wondered what it was like where the demons were. In the underworld. . . with Naruto. She thought about leaving but knew that if she were to get caught her memory would get taken from her. She couldn't imagine forgetting Naruto. She refused to.

“Naruto where are you going?” Sasuke asked. Naruto had been leaving a lot lately. He knew of Hinata's death and about her being an angel. “Don't do anything stupid.”

“I won't.”

'I won't get caught.'

Naruto went through Heavens gates as a gust of wind. The Goddess's all giggled as his warm wind blew past them. Tsunade shouted at the girls and told them to stop acting so weird but they only continued to giggle.

It seemed so lively up in Heaven. It was times like these that made Naruto sad he was a demon and not an angel. Life seemed so much better up here. If he had not killed Hiashi, Hinata's father, than he would've become an angel. What was even worse was that he dragged Sasuke down to hell with him. Though Sasuke never complained he still felt guilty. Sasuke had to face his punishment with him. For that though, he was precious and that was why he wasn't completely alone. But still. . . he still wanted Hinata.

That was what he desired. To have Sasuke on one side and Hinata on the other. Maybe he was just selfish but he wouldn't be happy unless both were there. Though he swore to himself he would do what was best for Hinata and not him. He would sacrifice his own happiness for her in a second. Though being with both Hinata and Sasuke, having them with him, that was how he thought things should be. The way things were supposed to be. He was sure Sasuke thought the same of him and Sakura. But if having her with him meant she would become a Fallen Angel and live in hell, he couldn't let her do that for him.

While Naruto continued on to Hinata's room he stopped. He had seen something. . . he had not even thought about seeing. It's been so long he kept forgetting that he too was dead.

His father.

Minato. He was there. Right in front of him. What would he do? What would he say? If he knew that his only son had become a demon after death. . . Would he be disappointed in him? Or would he deny him all together? Claim that he was no longer his son?

Shaking his head he struggled to regain his composure and continued on to Hinata's room. He didn't want to think about it anymore. Didn't want anymore depressing thoughts when they were already clouding his mind. When his father died he had always hoped that he was happy in heaven. That he was somewhere where he could watch over him.

Now that he knew his father was an angel in heaven he could let go. Because he looked happy. . . and soon Hinata would be happy like that too. And when she was. . . he would be able to let her go too. Or so he hoped.

He got to Hinata's room only to see her sitting up on her bed. Looking at nothing. Her eyes were puffy and he knew she had been crying. But why? She was in heaven. Such a happy place. . . she should be consumed with warmth and happiness like all of the other Angels.

“Naruto. . .” Hinata mumbled as she closed her eyes and laid down. But once she did the door opened. She immediately sat up and shouted, “Naruto?!” throughout her whole time there she had believed that Naruto would one day come for her.

But when the door opened her father stood and looked down at her. Hinata backed up to the wall and curled up into a defensive position. Bringing her knees up to her and hugging them to her.

“So. . . it's true that you became an Angel. I have to say I'm surprised. They let dirty girls become Angels now? Even the way you died was humiliating and filthy.”

Hinata bit her bottom lip. She couldn't say anything. Couldn't do anything. She felt paralyzed. Inside and out. She hated her father so much. . . in her head she was cursing him but she could never say those curses.

Hiashi stepped closer to her but when he did a strong wind pushed him back. Hinata gasped as she watched her father hit the wall and fall to the ground. She knew that wind. . .

“Naruto?!” Hinata got up from the bed and ran over to where the wind was. . . but she couldn't touch it. Even after death she was unable to touch it. “Naruto!!! Please don't leave me here!!!” Hinata cried and shouted. Her father had ran out the door after getting up from the ground. Soon the wind left and Hinata fell on her knees and started to cry.

“Why. . . ?”

Hinata gasped when she heard the soft, strained voice behind her. Looking back she saw Naruto looking down at her with sadness deep within his beautiful clear blue eyes. Warm wind was gently swirling around him. Almost as if he were about to bolt. But seeing her on the floor crying like that. . . he couldn't leave her alone. Not like that.

“Na-Naruto!!” Hinata got up and literally fell into him. She wrapped her arms around him tightly. Her heart felt light and. . . weird. It felt warm. She nuzzled his chest and breathed in his scent. Her breath caught in her throat. Hesitantly Naruto held her back. Wondering if it would have been kinder to have just left here there. But then, why did he always come to see her? Was it because he just wanted to make sure she was still alive, or moving on, or was it really because he just couldn't let her go?

He knew he wanted her at his side. Needed her at his side.

Hinata bathed in his warmth. She lifted her head from his chest and stared into his eyes. Before finally she closed the agonizing distance and kissed him. Naruto moaned a slight protest against her lips but soon gave into the feeling. All thoughts of leaving left his mind as their lips meshed together.

Instantly opening her mouth Hinata happily let Naruto's tongue slip into her mouth and play with hers. The kiss turned hard, passionate, and raw. They breathed harshly against each other and tightened their hold on each other. For that instant everything around them disappeared and just didn't matter.

Their lips met again and again, they would only pull back to breath out but it was only for a second. Hinata began to press against him. She could feel her face heating up. She always got embarrassed and her shy nature got the best of her whenever she felt the need.

Feeling her press herself against him only made him remember how she died. He broke away from her lips and let her nuzzle his chest. Both of their breathing was enraged but it all felt so good. He couldn't deny that he wanted to lay her on the bed and take her over and over again. But he wouldn't. She had been scarred so horribly. And he had yet to make him pay for it.

“I'm sorry. . .”

Hinata pulled back and looked at him. Her eyes clouded over with confusion. As far as she was concerned he had done nothing for him to apologize about.

“Sorry. . . ? For what?”

“I wasn't there. . . I didn't protect you. . . !” Naruto buried his face in the crook of her neck. He couldn't face her now. She had died so horribly and he wasn't there to stop it. As far as he was concerned, he was to blame just as much as the man who did it.

“Naru-” Hinata was cut off when Naruto pulled her back to him and hugged her as tightly as he could. It was kinda hard for her to breath but she didn't care. She held him back as tightly as she could and bathed in his presence once more.

“I love you. . .” Naruto whispered against his hair. Though the words filled Hinata with joy she could detect nothing but sadness and grief from his tone. “But. . . just forget it! Forget me! It's better that way. . . you can let go. You're in heaven. An Angel. We can never be together again. . . so please. Let go and move on. . . be happy. You can find it here. I'm sure. . . You're own happiness. It's here.”

Hinata's grip loosened on him. Her heart was starting to clench up again. Started to ache again. Why was he saying such things? Hinata pulled back and looked into his sad eyes. This wasn't what he wanted so why was he saying it?

“Why. . . why can't we be together? If it means I can be with you. . . I'd leave this place in a second! So why?!”

“Because. . . if you. . . became sad there. . . and wished you could be here but couldn't. . . If you blamed me. . . and began to hate me. . . For me that's even worse than being without you.” Naruto forced out. He let Hinata go and backed away from her. As if putting up an invisible barrier between them. This was a fear he had. It was because of that fear that made him stay away. He didn't want to be hated. . . not by her.

“I would never hate you!”

“You can't know that for sure. You're not psychic. It's fine. It's better this way. You'll be happy. You will.” Naruto said. She could tell that by the way he said it, he was trying to convince himself. Of so many things. He didn't know what to do anymore though. He was at a complete loss of what to do. So. . . this was all he could think of.

“I love you . . . Naruto!” Hinata threw herself at him but only passed though him. Just like the wind. . . she couldn't grasp onto him. Soon he was fading. His image disappearing. Hinata sat on the floor and looked up at him with tears in her eyes. She couldn't move. There was nothing she could do as he disappeared.

All she could do was cry and scream.

Naruto reappeared in front of a prison. 'I really am . . . a complete and utter asshole. . .' Naruto smiled a bitter sad smile at himself. He turned around and faced the prison. The man who had killed Hinata had finally been found. His name was Masaki Miwagi.

Masaki had gotten caught while leaving a dead womans house. The woman had been raped and murdered. Her husband came home to find her lying dead on the floor and their two children screaming and crying, tied up in a corner. The man had put them there to watch as he raped their mother and continued to slice and cut at her with a large kitchen knife.

He sighed in his cell. He was in a single cell and there were walls on each side of him. It was pretty detained. He hadn't gone to trail yet but once he did he would be looking forward to a life in prison.

“Life is so unfair. . . what did I ever do to deserve this? All I was doing was having a bit of fun. . .” he whined to himself. “Those nasty men might rape me. . . have these people no shame? Not like I raped killed the kids. . .”

“You can't be serious. . .”

“Hm?” the man looked up to see Naruto standing over him. “Who are you? How'd you get in here? Oh! Are you my guardian angel here to set me free?” Masaki asked with a twisted smile.

“Hm. . . in a way. . . I guess you could say you're being free. . . Free from something that was wasted on you.”

“Oh? And what's that? This cell or these ridiculous clothes?”

Naruto's eyes flashed red, “You're life!” just then a sharp piercing wind slashed Masaki's stomach. The wind felt like a sword. Sharp and deadly.

Masaki coughed up blood as Naruto stood over him. He was now laying helplessly on his back. Wind circled Naruto viciously. The walls were beginning to crack. It was like a mini tornado.

“This isn't. . . I didn't do anything wrong!” Masaki shouted.

“'Didn't do anything wrong'?! What about Hinata?! Did she do anything wrong?!”

“I don't even know who the fuck that is!”

“The girl you raped in the street at night! The girl who. . . you stuck a dagger in her hand!!! The girl you murdered!”

Instantly the man knew who he was talking about, “Oh yeah. . . her. . . she felt good. Nice and. . . tight. . . and warm. But it's not like she was a virgin or married or anything. So what's the problem? The whole reason women even have that little part is so a man has somewhere to put his cock right? I've never done children nor other men. Just woman. And I wouldn't consider it rape. . . they don't like to show it but they like it just as much as I do. As far as I can see. . . I've done nothing wrong. God put girls on the earth to get fucked by men and have their babies. They're not good for anything else.”

Naruto clenched his fists in anger. He wanted to punch him. To bash his face in but for now he had to settle for using his wind. Soon Masaki screamed in pain as Naruto's wind went down and slashed his penis off.

“Aaaaauuugh!!! What the fuck was that for?!!! I've done nothing wrong! I've done nothing wrong!!!”

“Nothing wrong? You really don't see that what you did was wrong? You're so sick. . . in the head. Beyond saving. Even death seems to be too good of a punishment for you,” as he said this Naruto turned around. “But you'll bleed to death soon. A slow and painful death. . . that is all that awaits you. That and nothing else.”

“You bastard!!! You fuck'n freak!!! What the fuck are you anyway! A demon?! A monster?!”

Naruto glanced at him, “I'm a demon. . . of the wind. I'll see you in hell. I'll make sure you suffer there. Suffer. . . as much as Hinata must have suffered. . . on that night. . .” with that he was gone.

After Masaki was taken care of Naruto had to see Hinata. He battled against what was right and what he wanted all the way there. It wouldn't be so bad. . . so long as she didn't see him though right? That was what he was convincing himself of. He just needed to see her.

He went straight to the room he last saw her in. She was sitting in her bed and holding a knife again. He was a bit alarmed, then worried to the point where his stomach twisted upon seeing her arms sliced up.

She had been cutting herself. It was only obvious.

“Hinata. . .” he whispered helplessly against the window. What could he do? She was edging closer and closer to offing herself. Would a life as a Fallen Angel in Hell be worse than living up in Heaven and having her do this?

But what about after? She could grow to regret it. But if he doesn't go to her soon she may not have a future in this afterlife at all.

“Naruto. . .”

There it was, what kept making him coming here. Despite what he felt was right or wrong.

She was calling for him.

Hinata looked at the knife in her hands and held it to her throat. Even this was better than a life without him in it. She couldn't bare the thought. Couldn't bare that kind of life!

“Hinata. . .” She gasped when a strong, warm hand covered over her own. Naruto's soft pained voice in her ear, whispering softly. “Would you please stop trying to kill yourself. . .”

“Naru. . .” She gulped and turned around. This time she wouldn't let his wind take him away from her. She would find a way to grab onto him. To stay with him. “Naruto!” He was practically tackled on the bed with her on top of him.

He ran his hand through her hair as he threw the knife to the other side of the room so it hit the wall and landed on the floor with a thud.

“You came back. . .” Randomly, she began to kiss at his collar bone, his neck, his chin, until finally she captured his lips in hers. Already her breathing was harsh and uneven. Her heart fluttered when the hand that wasn't in her hair wrapped around her waist and he kissed her back with equal adore.

“I've missed you. . . so much. . .” Hinata mumbled against his lips.

“I know what you mean,” Naruto's voice was low and husky as he kissed her again. Their lips meeting again and again as they both savored the taste.

“Then why were you always trying so hard to get away from me?”

“I already told you.” Naruto frowned. “I don't want to hurt you.”

“Then again, why do you always leave?”

Naruto closed his eyes, “You're really that willing to become a Fallen Angel? To live in Hell with me? With me, Sasuke, and Sakura? You really want that?”

“So long as you are involved I don't care where I am or what I am!”

Naruto's tongue darted in her mouth after she was done speaking, her mouth still open. She was caught off guard but moaned against him eventually. Shyly, but deviously, she began to grind herself against him. He would whimper against her lips, obviously wanting more, she definatly felt him poking her.

“Are you sure. . . the way you died. . .” Naruto's voice broke off with the last word.

“That's why I need you. . . To erase that horrible memory. . .” Hinata pulled back to look at him. Her face was flushed and her hair was a bit messy from his playing with it. “You're not going to let that be my last. . . are you?”

Naruto couldn't stop the smirk from taking over his face as he cupped her check and kissed her, more roughly this time. His lips were hard on hers, bruising her lips as he nipped at the tip of her tongue then sucked it into his mouth.

Hinata moaned, he was always such a good kisser.

“Mine. . . You're no one else's. I made a mistake. . . letting someone else touch what I own. Never again,” he whispered against her lips then flipped her over so she was on her back. His breathing was now as raged as hers was.

She waited in anticipation. Wanting him to take her and not have to wait at all. Naruto wasted no time ripping her shirt off and latching onto her breast, sucking greedily as he palmed the other; kneading it. Hinata's heart rate increased, she was having a hard time breathing but that didn't stop her from taking his shirt off and fumble with is pants.

Naruto chuckled against her as he moved to her other breast to give it the same treatment as the other. She struggled to pull his pants off but when they were loose enough around him he managed to kick them off the bed as well as his boxers. Pulling up to look at her he kissed her again, his tip rubbing her entrance.

“I love you, Hinata,” he whispered against her lips. He needed her to approve, to assure him that she still loved him, even though he had let her die in such an ugly way.

“I love you. . .” Hinata whispered, kissing him sweetly on the lips, making sure he knew. She could never hate or blame him. She didn't see it as his fault like he did, but she wouldn't argue with him about it either. But they both need and want the same thing; to be together.

With that he quickly pushed into her. Their hips met and Hinata gasped. Naruto took this opportunity to slid his tongue in her mouth.

“Mm. . .” Hinata was loving this, being with him always made her feel so full and complete. Not empty and lonely like she's been feeling. She almost forgot this feeling. . . But she never let herself forget it, not fully. She had to keep a part of him with her. Because she would always belong to just him.

She wrapped her legs tightly around his waist causing him to groan out. She was already tight enough as it was. His strokes were hard and deep, he remembered exactly where her spot was and kept hitting it as often as he can, causing her to scream out.

Hinata's hands gripped at his hair, keeping him to her as they kissed. His lips moving against hers was bliss, she loved it when he kissed her during their love making. His hands roaming her body, massaging her almost everywhere. Stomach, chest, shoulders. . .

Arching her back and pressing their hot sweaty skin together she came screaming his name. Naruto's mouth parted from hers and began to frantically suck on her shoulder. So that everyone will know, she's his.

With just a few more thrusts Naruto came groaning out her name, and slumped on top of her. She wrapped her arms around him and held him to her.

“This is it then?” she asked in a low whisper. “I can really be with you now? No more leaving?”

Naruto bit back a smile. “I can't believe you'd choose this over a life in heaven. . .”

“I can't believe you'd ask.”

Naruto sighed and rolled over so she was laying on him. He cupped her cheek and caressed it. Rubbing her skin softly as if afraid to break her.

“If this is really what you want, if you can really be happy there with me—”

“I can,” she said stubbornly.

He smiled and kissed her on the lips sweetly. “Then come live with me, and never return here.” His lips moved against hers.


The idea for the whole best friend on my one side and lover at my other and life, or afterlife, would be empty without both came from a poem my best friend wrote. I felt so loved and needed! And she should too cause I would be lost without her! Though it seems we're beginning to drift apart and that can be very sad and very lonely. Oh well, she'll never drift away from my heart! XD Well anyway I hope you guys enjoyed reading this! If you did. . .

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