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Sunday, April 27, 2008

Welcome home Sasuke, Naru and Hina have a date 2

At Hyuuga mansion Hinata has finished his training with her father. Hinata said to her father that she has a party at Ino house. But her father not allowed Hinata to come to the party. Hinata disappointed with his father. Naruto have arrive at Hyuga mansion then knock the gate. Hiashi-sama open the gate and looking at Naruto.

Hiashi:Uzumaki Naruto, what are you doing here?
Naruto:Konbanwa Hiashi-sama, I come here to meet Hinata. Can I see her Hiashi-sama?
Hiashi:Hmm, Follow me.

Hiashi-sama led Naruto to the Hyuuga mansion. Naruto nervous when walking inside to Hyuuga mansion. ▒it▓s awesome. This house is so big. It▓s different with my apartment▓ Naruto talk to him self.

Hiashi:Hinata, there is someone want to see you.
Hinata:Hai, father (looking to her father then turn to see someone behind his father) Na-Naruto-kun, what are you doing here?
Naruto:Konbanwa Hina-chan. I▓m here to pick you up to go to the Ino▓s house Hiashi let Naruto and Hinata talk together. He goes to dinning room to drink some green tea. Naruto and Hinata just stayed at the firt plase they are still have conversation.
Naruto:So Hina-chan do you wanna go?
Hinata:Umm, I-I don▓t know. My father prohibit me to come to party.
Naruto:Why? Are you father give you a reason to prohibit you come to party?
Hinata:No, he doesn▓t. gomen Naruto-kun

Hinata run to her room. She look sad after said that word. Her father don▓t care about Hinata feeling. Hiashi know that he is disappoint to Hinata. His ego just want to win him self. Naruto just looking Hinata running to her room. Doesn▓t know what can he do to help Hinata? Just feel blank. Then he seeing to Hiashi. He ask for pemission to go. Hiashi just nod his head then he goes to his room to take meditation.

While walking Naruto thingking about Hinata. ▒Hinata must be want to come to the party. What should I do?▓ Naruto try to find idea. ▒Oh yes, I think that▓s good idea.▓ Then he back to Hyuga Mansion. He spying Hiashi at hiashi▓s room. ▒Kage bunshin no-jutsu▓ he make one clone then ▒Oiruke no-jutsu▓. He makes that clone change to sexiest girl and open hiashi door room. Hiashi open his eyes and see that infront him, sexiest girl with undresses come closser until sitdown in his lap. Hiashi just looking ▒Oh no, I can▓t move my leg. This girl so sexiest. I feel so warm and┘▓ Naruto clone kiss Hiashi lips ▒Hiashi-sama wanna play some fun?▓. Hiashi fell and unconsciosness with his nosebleed in his room. Naruto ▒Yatta, it work▓ Naruto run to find Hinata▓s room. He doesn▓t know where is Hinata▓s room? Then he hear the girl crying. ▒That▓s must be Hinata▓ and he knock the door ⌠Hina-chan, are you there?■ Hinata lying in his bed room. Wake his head and hear the noisy sound. Listening that Naruto knock the door.

Hinata:Yes I▓m here. (Open the door and see Naruto stand infront her) What are you doing Naruto-kun? You know that my father can be mad of me and you, if he see you in here.
Naruto:Relax hina-chan your father is fine. He take some rest with my clone. Come on, we don▓t have much time. Every one waiting for you.
Hinata:B-But Naruto-kun. I can▓t go to┘

Hinata not finish his word, because Naruto take her left hand and pull her out from his room. Running out from Hyuga Mansion until arrive at Ino▓s house. They come inside the house and their friend greeting him and her. So the party begin.

Sakura:hey guys, lets we play some games. Naruto please pass these out

Sakura handed Naruto a large stack of paper rectangles. Naruto casted many clones as Sakura got everyones attention again.

Sakura:Now then, everyone should also find something to write with, cause you are going to make coupons for who ever you want, like 1 free hug or something fun like that.

Neji:What? I can▓t do that.
Gaara:Hei Neji, are you afraid? Or you don▓t have someone that special in your heart or live?
Neji:No, it▓s not the┘ Tenten:Stop it both of you, just play it, okey (Tenten try to help Neji.
Shikamaru:So troublesome Tenten :I heard it, Temari why don▓t you give him some lesson to respect women.
Temari:Okey, Tenten. Shikamaru-kun, wanna have some fun take this

She open his fan and stop it with Ino.

Ino:Please don▓t make a destroy game in my house.
Kiba:Oi guys, lets play this game. I▓m boring now.

So as Chouji and Ino got pens and Naruto and Sakura made sure there was enough paper for everyone to be fair. Tenten approached Neji and handed him a coupon ⌠One free byakugan peak■ Neji was confused. He blushed as she kissed him on the cheek.

Every one:Ohh so cute Tenten, so when the wedding?

All the guest just laughing after see Tenten make some stupid acting. The games make all the guest enjoying. Tenten hugging Neji, Shikamaru gives a kiss to Temari, Naruto got ramen from Ino, Chouji have extra potatoes snack from Ino, Kiba have a punch from Gaara (red: I don▓t what happen with Gaara and Kiba) and so on.

The party more become excited. Ino and Chouji bring 12 big bottles of sake.

Shikamaru:What thw hell are you doing. Ino, do you want make us drunken? You are the troublemaker.
Rock Lee:So, that▓s the party begin. Okey I want to try it.
Neji:First tying Lee. You know guys, he can destroy this party.
Lee:Neji, what make you think to tie me?
Tenten:Ohh god, are you forgoten about you first drink at the bar. You destroy the bar.
Lee:Ohh yeah. I▓m forget it.
Gaara:Don▓t use rope, I can use my sand. Tsabaku Tso-Tso (red: I▓m for get about Gaara jutsu.
Shino:That helping so much Gaara.

Then they begun to drink.

6 hours later The party is over. The guest are drunken. Just Hinata don▓t drink. All of his friend are going home (except Ino and Chouji). Chouji to drunk. He can▓t move his body. Sasuke and Sakura are in the living room. Both of them are getting drunk too.

Sasuke: I want to talk with you

Sakura▓s head shot up in surprise, and in anger.

Sakura:You dare to speak to me now; after all you have put me, and most importantly, Naruto, through? It had better be important.

Sasuke gave his trademark smirk, and nodded. He took her by the hand.

Sasuke:I just wanted to say thank you. Don▓t mention this to Naruto or anyone else, but I had always planned to return to Konoha once I fulfilled my revenge against Itachi. This is the way I had wanted it, and to defeat Itachi.

Sakura shook her head.

Sakura:But how? How can I trust you again? I loved you for so many years, and then you left, and now you suddenly want to come back into all our lives. I don▓t know if I can do again Sasuke. I mean, I still l┘

She was cut off by him putting his arms around her, and a kiss on her cheek. Then Sakura try to release his body from Sasuke hug.

Sakura:What it is now

There was no reply

Sakura:Sasuke, are you going to answer or what?
Sasuke:Sakura, I wanted to tell you that┘I▓m sorry. I▓m sorry that I had to leave you and the village three years ago. It▓s just┘I was so focused on getting my revenge on Itachi, that I had no time for you. But now that Itachi is out of the way, I have all the time for you. I just really, really hope that you can forgive me.

Then Sasuke get close to Sakura and kissed her with passionately. Sakura accept the kiss and reply it with open her lips. They tounge meet together. (red: I▓m sorry I can▓t write the sex part in here, because this story rate T). they happy after the party.

Back to Hinata, She just seeing and looking at Naruto. ▒Naruto-kun, please don▓t get drunk. I must go home now▓. Then she get close to Naruto.

Hinata:Naruto-kun, are you alright?

Naruto wake up with his vision in another part of world.

Naruto:Hina-chan, you look so beautiful, I▓m fine Hina-chan. So what happen my darling, (hiccup)

▒What, he call me ▒my darling▓. But he is drunk now. Because that sake. Is not problem. I like it when Naruto-kun call me darling▓. Hinata get closer to Naruto and give him a help to stand from the ground.
Hinata:Lets go home Naruto-kun. Is to late for me to getting home. I▓m worry that Father knows if I▓m not in my room.
Naruto:(hiccup) don▓t worry darling, (hiccup)he must be don▓t know about you. (hiccup). Lets go to my apartment. You must go home tomorrow morning (hiccup). You better get sleep now.

Naruto and Hinata go to Naruto apartment. Before leaving Ino house, Naruto take a bottle of sake and put it in his jacket pocket.

Naruto apartment Hinata helping Naruto to walking the stairs.
Hinata:Naruto-kun, where is your apartment key.
Naruto gives his apartment key to Hinata. Hinata unlocked the door and open it. Hinata help Naruto to lying in his chair at the living room. This is Hinata first time to visit Naruto apartment.
Naruto:Hina-chan, please locked the door. I can▓t move anymore.

Hinata just nod and walk to the door then locked it.
Naruto:Hina-chan please take a seat near me.

Hinata follow Naruto order. She take a seat near Naruto. Naruto wake his head up until he seat and staring at Hinata. He pull out the sake and offer it to Hinata.
Hinata:Naruto-kun, I don▓t a drink.
Naruto:Hina-chan, just for now, and for me. Please.

Hinata so nervous. ▒Naruto-kun I▓m scaried with you▓ Hinata sweat has come out. Then she drink he sake. ▒Ohh it▓s so hot in my tounge and my throath▓.

Naruto:Hina-chan that▓s good. You like it?

Hinata just nod again.The fact that Hinata was taken aback by this unexpected happening would be an understatement. She kept staring at him for a few minutes, processing that had kissed her. Being a little more impulsive because of the alcohol she pressed her lips on his, stopped for a small take a breath and then started kissing him again. He uncovered her mouth and started to kiss her neck. As he went down she started to shriek.

Tears started rolling down hinata▓s face. Naruto started ripping her top and soon it was on the floor. Then he quickly ripped off her bra exposing her breast to him. He cupped them for a second. She started to scream, but Naruto just tightened his grip around her mouth. As she sobbed Naruto pulled down her shorts and ripped off her lingerie, exposing her naked body to him. She started to sob as he quickly undressed exposing him to her. Without hesitation Naruto entered himself into her and griped her waist so tight, slowly easing his giant phallice inside of her. He felt her barrier break. Hinata began to whimper and stop her descent that she started to bleed. As she started to cum he pulled himself out but then forcefully pushed himself back in. It went on for about another ten minutes.

Naruto fell exhausted then he drink the sake again and offer it to Hinata with his mouth to her mouth. Hinata fell hurt with his under body. Naruto pulling Hinata naked body and bring it to his bed then the second part of sex rape happen.

Naruto:Now are you going to make this hard on me like last time

Hinata started to cry but did not resist she didn▓t want to be hurt like last time

Naruto:Just to make it fun one little nip wont hurt right

He opened his mouth and bit down on her arm. She tried to scream but the tape that muzzled her kept her quite.

He pushed hinata on the bed and climbed on top of her. Tears streamed down her face as he inserted him self into her. Soon she started to cum and he pulled out then he pushed back in then pulled himself out again but this time he thrusted himself inside of her. Her scream sounded like a moan in his ears and he enjoyed it he kept at it for 30 more minutes. Then he started touching and grabbing her breasts. This time though he did it more softer in a gentle way.

He sat up and embraced her, burying his face in her perfect breasts. Without any further warning, Hinata▓s inner walls contracted and constricted around Naruto▓s penis. She screamed in pure rapture, her womanly juices pouring out over Naruto▓s cock with every orgasmic contraction. Naruto could not take it any longer, and with his final thrust, he exploded inside of her, his screams in unison with hers.

This lasted for a few moments, and Hinata collapsed on Naruto, his lower half soaked in her come. His penis was softening inside of her, her juices still pouring out.

⌠Naruto-ku..■ Hinata tried to speak, but the previous orgasm left her somewhat disabled speech wise. Her legs shook. He muffled her with a finger.. nothing needed to be said. Naruto and Hinata just had sex for the first time. This was a start to a new love together, and possibly a new life.

In the Morning Instantly their eyes snapped open, pale eyes looked directly into blue ones until Hinata realized what was going on and turned a bright shade of red while Naruto quickly jumped from the bed.

Naruto:What the hell, I didn▓t, I┘ gaaaawww!

During his excuse and hurriedly trying to escape the bed, he managed to get his foot stuck in the sheets causing him to land head first onto the hard tiled floor.
Hinata:N-Naruto-kun!? Hinata gasped as she saw him crash. Ignoring her close encounter with unconsciousness again she rolled to the edge so she could actually see if he was alright. Naruto:Are you h-hurt Naruto-kun?
She felt relieved when he turned face up with the sheets still tangled around his legs and had a huge grin on his face.
Naruto:I▓m fine, I think┘ Hey how are you doing? And what were you doing in my bed?

Hinata curled up sobbing on blood stained sheets.
Naruto:Hina-chan what▓s wrong

He looked over at the sheet bed and conscious about Hinata condition. He see hinata naked and exposed in pools of blood crying. Naruto:Oh my god ┘ Hinata┘. What happened to you┘who did this

▒Stupid question▓ Hinata look at Naruto.
Hinata:Naruto-kun you▓ve done all of this to me!

Naruto surprised with Hinata tough attitude. ▒Oh crap, it can▓t be happen. What I have done last night? I▓m forget.▓ Hinata still crying. Naruto don▓t now what he can do for Hinata.

Naruto:Hina-chan please stop crying. I▓m sorry if I done it to you. I▓ll take a responsibility for you. Please, trust me.

Hinata whispered so quietly that you could barely hear it. Hinata just kept on staring at him, trying with all her willpower not to burst out into crying, and succeeded in that. But a few second Hinata failed her trying and a few tears rolled over her cheeks, what made Naruto panic a little. This was a sign for Naruto to stand up and sit down next to the sobbing girl. He laid an arm around her and pulled her closer. Because of this Hinata blushed through her tears, but didn▓t pass out, what surprised her.

Naruto:maybe it▓s time to take you home.

Hinata just nodded. In the way both of them never gonna talk. Until arrive at Hyuga Mansion.
Naruto:Hinata you trust me okey, I▓m never gonna take my word, because it▓s my nindo.
Naruto smile to Hinata. Hinata modded and try to smile. Then she go in her house.

This is secreat both of them until the time for responsibility come.

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