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Sunday, April 27, 2008

Naruto x Hanabi

Language: English

Naruto x Hanabi

Written by SithMistress

Naruto was dragging his feet and muttering on his way to the training grounds. He leaned against one of the posts, sighing heavily into the crisp morning air. His team mates left for a mission a couple days ago. He wasn’t able to go because he had managed to be the only one sick. It was the first morning he wasn’t feeling ill and decided to train some. He pushed himself from the post and began his training.

A few hours in, he removed his jacket and took a break. As he lay in the cold grass he could feel someone watching him. He tried to shake off the feeling and continue training using his shadow clone jutsu. Several clones poofed as he worked his way through the massive group until there was only one left. They both attacked, two separate poofs. His observer was confused as she looked around for the real Naruto. She heard a slight laugh from behind and turned to see him watching her watch the clones.

“Hanabi, what are you doing?” He raised his eyebrow and tilted his head.

She looked at him for a minute. “Trying to see how a loser like you could still be a ninja,” she smarted mouthed to him.

She stood up, her head stopping even with his shoulder. Her long dark hair gently fell around her light face. He couldn’t help admiring how much she had grown over the years. He wiped his forehead, pushing his blond hair from his tan skin. His white muscle shirt was dirty from training and stuck to his chest. She quickly averted her eyes from his sculpted body and turned to walk away.

“Hey!” Naruto yelled as he grabbed her arm and turned her around. “I’m a damn good ninja!” He pushed his chest out and raised his head in a proud boastful way.

Hanabi held back her amusement. “Yeah, sure you are,” She teased.

He wrinkled his brow. “I am a great ninja, better then you!” He squinted and poked her forehead.

“Want to back that statement up?” she questioned with a cocky smile.

Before he could answer she launched herself at him. He focused on blocking her blows rather than hitting her because she was smaller and younger. The fight continued like this for a long while. She began to use the gentle fists style and Naruto knew he couldn’t just block her hits. He quickly used more offensive moves rather than defensive. The less experienced Hanabi started feeling tired as the fight continued. She pushed herself harder, trying to prove herself a worthy opponent. Suddenly, she found herself laying face down in the dirt gasping for air. Naruto stood over her for a moment before he realized he had hit her pretty hard.

“Oh crap I’m sorry!” he blurted out as he dropped to his knees to check her.

“It’s fine,” she muttered and pushed him away. She got up quickly, embarrassed. “It’s getting late I have to go home.”

He watched as she ran off, not knowing what to say or do. He gathered up his jacket and started for home. He didn’t know what but he knew he had to do something to make up for hurting her. He spent the majority of the night trying to come up with an idea.

Hanabi woke up late the next day extremely sore. She was still annoyed that Naruto had beaten her. She decided that what she needed to do is train more. She searched room after room looking for the one person she knew could help her get stronger.

Finally she found her target, “So do you think you can help me become stronger?” she asked with a hopeful look in her eyes.

“I can help yes, but why did you choose me?” her older sister, Hinata, asked.

“Because you were once weak and pathetic, but now you are strong. You improved yourself greatly,” she answered with a sense of admiration while thinking about her sister’s growth.

Hinata nodded. “Alright then, Hanabi. Let’s get started.”

Naruto was walking up to the Hyuuga complex, still trying to figure out a way to apologize without belittling Hanabi. He came around the corner to see the sisters sparing. He stayed back out of sight and watched. He was always amazed at how they moved. Their bodies flowing like a calm stream, with a hidden dangerous current. Hinata stopped the practice match when she noticed her sister slowing down.

“We should stop here today. Tomorrow we’ll continue,” she instructed as they bowed and parted ways.

Naruto took that as his signal and approached the younger Hyuuga. She looked up from where she had just sat down to see him coming. They looked at each other in awkward silence before Naruto spoke quietly.

“I, uh...are you hungry?” he stammered out, rubbing the back of his neck.

“Yeah, a little.” She tried not to smile at his slight stutter.

“How about I treat you to some Ichiraku to make up for yesterday?” He offered out his hand.

She smiled and took his hand. The two walked down the street in another bout of awkward silence. They finally reached Ichiraku’s and took their seats. They made small talk until their food was ready. They exchanged stories of recent missions and hobbies.

“You have got to be joking!” Hanabi exclaimed surprised.

“Seriously I love gardening,” he repeated, trying not to blush. She shook her head but smiled still the same. She never would have thought someone as strong as Naruto would like to garden. She also never would have imagined someone as hyper as he was could focus on something so calm.

They finished their dinner and he walked her home. “I guess everyone is still out,” she noted when she seen all the lights still out.

“Well, I hope this made up for everything.” Naruto chuckled out of embarrassment.

“I guess.” She nudged him with her elbow playfully. Her stomach flipped when he smiled. She started for the door hesitantly. She hated being home alone at night.

As if he could read her thoughts he asked, “If you want me to stay with you until someone comes home, I can.”

She nodded and they entered the house quietly. She excused herself so she could change her clothes. He took a seat on the couch, searching for the remote. He flicked on the TV and started to relax. After a few minutes Hanabi came back in. She sat next to him and they watched TV quietly. Naruto was really into the show and didn’t notice Hanabi falling asleep until her head was on his shoulder. He nervously tried to think of a way to move without waking her. However, every time he moved she would sound like she was about to wake up. He decided to just sit and wait for her to wake up.

A little while later, she was still sleeping and they were still alone. She had cuddled into his arm and side. He felt a warm sensation run through his entire body every time she subconsciously squeezed his arm. He managed to get his arm out of her grasp, but she slid up against his side. He gave up and let his arm fall down around her shoulders. Sleep eventually took him and they both drifted off into their dreams together.

It had been a couple hours since she had fallen asleep. Her eyes fluttered softly open as she remembered Naruto was there. She felt his arm around her and could hear his heart beating against her ear. She inhaled his warm scent as she snuggled deeper into his grip. She lifted her head enough to see his face. His features were soft and relaxed; the lines on his face intrigued her. Cautiously she reached her hand up and traced one with her finger. His eyes shot open at her touch. She froze in his gaze, her finger still on his cheek. He smiled at her confused face. His arm carefully pulled her closer to his body until her face was centimeters from his.

“What are you doing?” he asked her barely above a whisper, his breath tickling her lips. She just looked at him, her body being warmed by his. She looked away shyly and bit her lip. He released his grip on her with a tired sigh. She slouched back down to the couch with his arm still around her. He looked over at her out of the corner of his eye. Her mind was racing and the butterflies in her stomach were fluttering wildly. She glanced up and caught his eye before he had time to look away. They both blushed slightly. She took a deep breath then leaned up, kissing his cheek.

His eyes widened at the feel of her plump lips against his red face. She moved onto her knees, still on the couch next to him, and looked him in the eyes. There was something in the blueness that captured her pale ones. She leaned in slowly, watching him still, and placed a soft kiss on his lips. His breath hitched in his throat as he felt her lips push harder against his. She pulled away but he could still feel her breathing. She took her hands from her knees and placed one on his chest, the other on his cheek. She erased the distance between their lips as she closed her eyes.

His hands found their way to her back and he closed his eyes as well. Her soft, warm tongue slowly pressed against his lips. He gladly opened his mouth, allowing her to explore every part of it she pleased. She eventually ended up on top of his body while they were locked in a passionate kiss. He pulled her body tighter against his as he deepened the kiss.

She pressed down against the growing pressure in his pants, causing him to moan into her mouth. She seductively bit his lips as his hands ran through her hair. Her hands trailed down his toned chest as she began kissing his neck. He dropped his head back at the new sensation of her teeth trailing over his flesh. She nipped his jaw line proceeding down to his collarbone. His hands slowly pulled her shirt off while she started working on his. They locked in another fevered kiss.

She broke the kiss to stand and remove her pants, he did the same. Their eyes locked and he grabbed her unclothed body up against his, kissing down her neck. He pulled her up into his strong arms, her legs wrapping around his waist and her arms around his neck. He pushed her back against the wall; she started on his neck again. He had as much foreplay as he could take, and judging by the look in her eyes, she felt the same. In one quick thrust of his hips, he was completely engulfed by her. She moaned loudly as he pressed himself deeper into her.

“God, Naruto, don’t just stand there,” she taunted.

He complied and began to slowly push in and out of her. He felt her nails scrape across his back as he picked up speed. He held her body firmly against the wall, his head tilted slightly forward, listening to her loudly breathe out his name. The sound of her quivering voice and the feel of her body caused a tightening in his abdomen.

She loudly moaned his name as her head slug back, resting against the wall. He felt her pulsate against him and that sent him over the edge. He pressed hard into her body, his lips finding their way to the nook of her neck. Both struggled for air as they completed the act. He felt her body start to go limp and his own knees feeling weak. He pulled out of her, carefully carrying her over to the couch. He sat down with her in his lap and kissed her softly. He held her for a long while before deciding they should get dressed before anyone came home.

They sat together on the couch again, his arm securely around her. The door opened and Hinata walked in with Neji. They looked over at Hanabi and Naruto. “Why are you here?” Neji questioned Naruto suspiciously.

“Hanabi didn’t want to stay home alone so I stayed,” he answered nonchalantly.

Hinata smiled at her little sister who was clearly enjoying Naruto’s company. She nodded in acknowledgment to them and gestured for Neji to leave the room with her. Hanabi looked back to Naruto, then settled back into his comforting hold.

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