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Sunday, April 27, 2008

Welcome home Sasuke, Naru and Hina have a date

This is my first NaruHina stories

Disclaimer: I don't have Naruto but this story is my story Finish the Fight

There is in the field of battle, Naruto between Sasuke had finish the fighting. Both of them are feeling exhaustion and loosing much of chakra. Naruto looking around and see Hinata and Captain Yamato are unconsciousness. There is a dead body too. Uciha Itachi was Defeated and killed by his young brother, before Naruto team had arrive.


Team Naruto arrived at the field where Sasuke and Itachi are got fight. The field is full of hole and smoke from grass that burned by both of Uciha. Naruto team had found Uciha Itachi was dead by his young brother, Uciha Sasuke. Then Captain Yamato run over Sasuke and using his wood ninjutsu to lock his body. To bad for Captain Yamato, He was got a kick in his chest then Sasuke use his mangekyu Sharingan to traped him into his genjutsu. Hinata try to cover Captain Yamato with his Jyuken but Sasuke to fast and slapped her palm. Naruto use his jutsu, Kage bunshin nonjutsu, and try to reach Sasuke, Sasuke moving his face and try to look Naruto eyes. Hinata knows it and shout “NARUTO-KUN”. Hinata covered Naruto and trap into Sasuke genjutsu. Hinata and Captain Yamato are unconsciousness.

Situation At Now

With out of breath Naruto open the conversation:

Naruto:Sasuke, I think we can finish the fight here. I don’t want to fight you anymore. You’re not my enemy, you’re just my friend that had gone for many year. I just want to bring you back to Konoha. That’s all.

With hurt breath and fake smile, Sasuke look at Naruto and take a seat near the dead Body of his brother.

Sasuke:Hey dope, I think you’re getting stronger now, after many years we didn’t take fight. You still remember when we fight at Konoha hospital?

Naruto:Of course, I still remember it, why you ask that?

Sasuke:After that fight, I feel so jealousy with you. You defeat my chidori with your rasengan. I feel so angry, why my chidori technique can be defeat with stupid little boy technique.

Naruto stand up with grinned, and see his friend not with his fight style again, take a deep breath. Looking to him and a dead body of Sasuke brother.

Naruto:Hey Sasuke-teme, you know that match make me sad. You know why? I make a stupid step that can maybe loosing of my precious friend. I don’t care my technique or your technique is better. After that match I feel angry to my self.

Sasuke:Hey dope I’m still remember too, when you want to taking me back at the first time, we fight again at waterfall. After I had sign of orochimaru curse I feel much stronger. But that fight, I feel… I defeated again with you.

With long breath Naruto take a seat at the grass, try to draw grass under his foot and look to Sasuke.

Naruto:Forget about the past fight. That’s making me feel sick. Sasuke, you know I’m feeling jealousy too with you. You have girlfriends that always care for you. After you’re gone, she always say to me ‘Naruto please bring Sasuke back to Konoha, I know only you can bring him back to Konoha.’

Sasuke:You mean Sakura, right?

Naruto:Of course she is. Sakura the pink hair kunoichi from Konoha.

Sasuke looking at his brother dead body, and he stand up, walking to Naruto where take a seat, he give a hand to Naruto and helping him to stand up. With smile, Naruto stand up beside him.

Naruto:So, do you want to back to Konoha, don’t you? I know you missed that girl and I know you love her very much.

Sasuke:SHUT YOUR MOUTH UP, well I think I had revenge. My aim in my life is have revenge. And now it is ful fill. I just want to take a rest and spend my life with someone that I love…

Naruto:Umm…(looking him with grinning and anime eyes)

Sasuke:Why you looking at me like that? Are you jealous dope? (and punch him at his head)

Naruto step back, and laughing so loudly. He knows that Sasuke just jooking with his punch, and he knows that he missed Sakura so much for long time.

Naruto:Ittai. Okey, that’s it (still grinned). We must take Hinata-chan and Captain Yamato back to Konoha. But I think we must go to the near village to take a rest and wait untill Hinata-chan and Captain Yamato conscious.

Naruto and Sasuke start to move and taking Captain Yamato and Hinata. But Sasuke stop and don’t move. His eyes still look into the dead body of his brother.

Naruto:What’s up teme?

Sasuke:We must take his body and bury it first. I know I hate him but… He is still my brother. I must make a gravestone for him.

Then Naruto helping Sasuke make a hole and put his brother dead body to the hole and bury it. Sasuke put a gravestone at the up graveside. His eyes look the gravestone and said “you know, you’re the only one my brother, I’m very proud of you and that people that you have killed too. But why you killed them, and tried to kill me too. But you didn’t do that. You just said that the reason make me life is revenge to you. And I did it. Before I leave you in here, you must know now I stronger than you, and I the only one Uciha successor. Good-bye brother, take a rest in peace. And I will always be here to take a look your grave stone.” At the gravestone was sign UCIHA ITACHI Rest In Peace. After that Sasuke help naruto bring captain yamato and Hinata to the near village. Sasuke make an order two room and they check in at the room.

Sasuke:Hey dope, you bringing Hinata in that room, and then I move this man in this room.

Naruto:Okey, I get it.

Naruto take the room that Sasuke was to point it. ‘Hinata-chan is so peacefully while unconsciousness’ Naruto say to him self. Naruto looking around, the room is big with two bad rolling inside, small table for two people with two cups on it, two pajamas on the wardrobe chase. Blue water is the wall colour. Then Naruto put Hinata at the rolling bed. He removes her jacket. She’s still use a black shirt, then he check Hinata body if there any wound. ‘Hinata-chan, thanks for covering me from Sasuke Sharingan’. Still looking her body. He looking her face, and remembered something like blushing, shyness, cute smile. Still looking her body, Naruto get blush to see her breast ‘Oh no, She so hot. I’m not a pervert like that old man’. And then he looks all of part Hinata body. He looks pretty, cute and adorable. ‘Oh no, what this feeling? Why me so nervous to see her body? Is there something wrong with me? Maybe… God what this feeling.’ Daydream Naruto has break with Sasuke speak and walking into his room.

Sasuke:Hey dope, don’t be a pervert man. If you like her, just say it to her after Hinata conscious. (just like his habit, smile and cool type)

Naruto:I’m not a pervert. Well she’s pretty.

Still looking Hinata body. Sasuke give Naruto the bottle that Sasuke bring it. They take a seat on the red carpet on the floor. Naruto pour the water on the two cups on table. Then they drink it together.

Sasuke:Hey dope, who is that man? He uses some wood to make jutsu.

Naruto:Ohh.. He is Captain Yamato. He is another jounin in Konoha that take this order mission. Oh ya, I heard that another team has taking back to Konoha after they defeated another akatsuki member.

Sasuke:Is there…

Sasuke stop to speak, and thinking about pinky kunoichi.

Naruto:Of course she is. She goes with another chuunin member. You know there much chance in Konoha after you leave. Like nine rookie legend, Shikamaru the laziest person now he get a girlfriend her name is Temari, kunoichi from Suna, Chouji were dating with Ino, Rock Lee was going on a date with someone, genin from Konoha kunoichi, Neji and Tenten are dating, Kiba get his type of women to go for dating, and then Shino has a girl friend too.

Sasuke:What about you dope, Hinata and…

Sasuke look down to the carpet. He’s very guilty to her. Remembering the past. Try to pour water on his cup

Naruto:Well, you know I’m still don’t have a girlfriend (feel sad, and try to smle), but I think that’s ok. Hinata still shy to speak with another boy. Maybe that the reason why she don’t get a boyfriend. And then our pink haired kunoichi…(Naruto try to take a look his reaction and his eyes)

Sasuke:What is it dope? Tell me about her.

Naruto grinned and laughter, make Sasuke so confused try to guess, is it shakura have a boyfriend or not.

Naruto:Um… (Try to look his eyes) Let me see… first tell me about your feeling about her.

Sasuke:You want to try to make me use my sharingan?

His eyes was change into red and the pupil was change too and look at him.

Naruto:Stop it, I was joking. Okay, I’ll tell about her.

(With grinned, he try to covering his eyes with his hand)

Naruto:She still alone, his friend try to help her to find someone that care about her. But she refused it. The reason is she can’t forget about you. (With a smile Naruto style)

Sasuke:Naruto, is it alright leaving someone that I love just for my aim? I’m so selfish.

Naruto:Teme, I know she’s broken heart for a long time. But if you back to Konoha She feel so happy, and not cry or feel brokenhearted again. Just try make her so warmth.

Sasuke:Hey dope where you learn it? You become romantic too now.

Naruto:Old Pervert told me and maybe I read from his book too ‘Icha-icha Paradise”

Sasuke look him and then see to the blue wall.

Sasuke:Who is that person that you’re saying ‘old pervert’?

Naruto:He’s my sensei, his name… Oh ya, Jiraiya-sama.

Sasuke:Oh one of the legend of Sannin, so-

Sasuke stop to speak, and see Hinata, and touch Naruto shoulder. Naruto looking Sasuke eyes and see to Hinata.

Naruto:Hinata-chan your wake up

In Hinata mind ‘Oh no where am I?, why I feel so tired? Oh no where is my jacket?’ Hinata try to look around. ‘Blue wall, rolling bed, table, Sasuke-kun, and Naruto-kun in front of me. Wait, Sasuke-kun, what is he doing here? And Naruto-kun not fighting with him, is it a dream?’ Hinata try to use his byakugan.

Naruto:Hinata-chan, are you alright?

Hinata:Naruto-kun I will help you to fighting with him. You the stupid person that never care about your team or comrades feeling now I’ll defeat you.

Naruto: Stop it Hinata-chan don’t fight with him. He’s not our enemy again. He wants to comehome, Konoha.

Naruto try to stop Hinata, and then take his hand. Hinata release his byakugan and looking at Naruto. ‘Oh no, his face so close to me. Don’t faint please, don’t faint.’ Hinata say to him self. Hinata face kind of red now (maybe like tomato or red apple).

Sasuke:Hinata, I’m sorry to make you trap into my genjutsu. Like Naruto-baka said, I’m want to go home. Oi Hinata, Your face kind of red now. Naruto don’t you know if someone fall in love, that man doing something weird. Like Hinata now. Hinata don’t faint ya. Oi Baka, I’m going to take a fresh air and check Yamato.

Sasuke deactivated his sharingan and looking Hinata face. Now Hinata face more then red. Sasuke leaving the room and going to Captain Yamato room. ‘Oh no, that BASTARD say it to Naruto. Oh God, please help me, I don’t want to make Naruto hate me, please don’t faint. I don’t want to make Naruto looking at me like a weird person’ Hinata mumble.

Naruto:Hinata-chan, are you alright? (Naruto smile, and try to make her warmth) Forget the word that Sasuke had said.

Naruto hug her just to make her calm down, and redeem the face red into normal again. But Naruto wrong. It just makes her faint. ‘Oh no, Hinata-chan faint again.’ Naruto put her to rolling bed and he doesn’t realize about his reaction. He kisses Hinata forehead and touch he cheek so gently. Naruto said ‘Oh my, why I kiss her forehead?’ then Naruto stand up and walking to Captain Yamato room.

2 hours later

Hinata wake up and looking around, ‘still like my dream. Blue wall, rolling bed, table, Captain Yamato, Sasuke-kun, and Naruto-kun. Oh is it a bad dream? Please someone that look at me sleep, wake me up. Otou-sama, Hanabi, Neji-nii-san.’ Naruto, Captain Yamato and Sasuke looking at Hinata. Naruto try to get closer to Hinata and seat beside Hinata rolling bed where Hinata taking to sleep.

Naruto:Hinata-chan are you fine? Let me check you (Put his arm on Hinata forehead. Hinata blushing)

Hinata:Naruto-kun, I’m fine. Please take your hand off from my forehead (Hinata try to take Naruto hand, and she feel so shy). Um… what time is it?

Sasuke:It’s a… like a time for dinner. Please take a seat here Hinata we eat dinner together. (Sasuke point next to him and Naruto seat to take a seat)

Naruto:Hinata-chan C’mon we eat dinner together

Naruto helping her to wake up and let her hand takes around his neck. Hinata blushes again. Captain Yamato and Sasuke smile at her. Hinata take a seat near Naruto seat and make a distance with Sasuke seat.

Sasuke:Hinata, why you take a distance from me? Are you still angry with me or sc-

Hinata:I’m not take a distance from you. I’m just becareful…

Naruto grinning then loughing and Captain Yamato smile.

Captain Yamato : Hinata there is not to be worried again. Sasuke is fine. All that he had said just missed his village.

Hinata:Um (nodded his head)

Naruto:Hinata-chan please eat this, is good for your healthy recovery (give her a cup of ramen)

Sasuke:Hey dobe, who said that cup of ramen can recovery the healthy. Ramen is not a good healt-food. (Cool smile)

Naruto:I’m said that. Look at me, I’m strong, and while I got wound, it very fast to recovery. (Smile with both his hands up likes says ‘Banzai’)

Captain Yamato : Naruto, you just lucky you have mistery power that can healing you fast when you get hurt. (Smile again)

Sasuke:That’s right Captain Yamato (Laughing so loudly)

Hinata just see three men, laughing and she enjoy it ‘it’s feel like a family to me’. She smile to Naruto when he tries to give Sasuke punch.

After Dinner

They have much time while dinner. They talk together like sharing about life, joking and anything. It’s like family reunion. After dinner Sasuke and Captain Yamato going to they room to go to take a rest. Before captain yamato leave the room, he talks to Naruto.

Captain Yamato : Hey Naruto, now you are not a child anymore. You must’ve take care of her. I trust, you not doing anything a stupid. If you do that I use my genjutsu for you.

Naruto just standing infront of the door. Yamato is leaving the room now. Naruto getting dry to his throat and sweat much until his white t-shirt so wet. 15 minutes not move, Hinata looking at him.

Hinata:Naruto-kun, anything wrong? (Asking shy)

Naruto:Yeah… I mean, there’s nothing wrong. I just want to look outside. (His knees so tremble)

In Hinata mind ‘Oh God, I’m here. In a room just with my Naruto-kun. Wait I said my Naruto-kun. His not mine, but I believe in one day his gonna be mine’. Naruto close the door and blow the light candle off. Inside Naruto ‘Oh my, that man make me scary. I can’t move my legs untill Hinata-chan spoke to me. Thanks Hinata-chan. Now I’m to much sweat, and my t shirt getting more wet. What should I going to do?’

Naruto:Hinata-chan, um… is it alright, if I take off my t-shirt and pants? I’m really getting wet, because my sweat is to much. I’m not really naked. I’m still wearing my boxer.

Hinata mind ‘Oh no he want to get off his t-sirt and pants, what should I do? And why he getting so much sweap? I think the temperature of this room is right, not hot’

Hinata:It’s okey Naruto-kun. Just take off your t-shirt and pants. And one more, don’t do anything wrong! (With shy speak)

Naruto:Uhm… thanks Hinata-chan (try to get off the t-shirt)

Hinata:For what? (Still shy)

Naruto:To let me take off my shirt and pants (and try to release his pants)

Hinata:No problem Naruto-kun (try to hearing his take off her pants)

The room is dark, because there is no lighter. Now Naruto trying to get his rolling bed, and the stupid thing happen.

Hinata:Naruto-kun what are you doing? (Her feel so heavy because Naruto fell to her body)

Naruto:Oh, I’m sorry Hinata-chan, I don’t try to do anything stupid. This room is so dark and I’m try to find my rolling bed (still don’t move his body from Hinata)

Naruto feel his hand, touching some warm and big. Inside Naruto ‘what is it? So big and warm, and I think this is Hinata chest. Oh no, I have a trouble in here’. Hinata mind ‘Oh, something touch my breast and my Naruto-kun touch it’. Then Hinata reflect, his hand hit at cheeks of Naruto. Naruto faint on Hinata upper body. Naruto hand is out from Hinata breast now.

Hinata:Naruto-kun, are you alright? (Try to shake his body) Naruto-kun?

Hinata’s mind ‘He is faint, God what I have done to him. Naruto-kun, I’m sorry, I don’t want to do that. It’s just my reflect. What I must to do now? Okay, maybe it’s better if he is faint and let him to sleep with me.’ Hinata take the blanket with his leg and covering both of them. While she try to take the blanket with his hand, Hinata touching something, it’s big warm and long. Hinata try to think what is it? Hinata’s mind ‘It is a… don’t to think is it. Oh no it’s grown to bigger and long. I must stop to touch it’. Hinata stop to touch it and take the blanket to cover it up they body. Hinata smile and say to his mind ’it’s 50:50, I thing it is fair to us. Naruto touch my breast and then I touch his…’ smile shy and blush around her cheeck.

In the morning

Sasuke and Yamato room

Sasuke have first to wake up in the morning, and then take a bath. Captain Yamato wakes up after Sasuke out from the bathroom and takes his samurai.

Captain Yamato : Ohayou, Sasuke (With his hand cleaning his eyes dirt)

Sasuke:Ohayou Captain Yamato (Try to put his Samurai on the back of his pants)

Captain Yamato : Where are you going? (Stand up and take the rolling back to it’s place)

Sasuke:I want to buy some food for our breakfast. (Smile cool). Oh hey Captain…

Captain Yamato : What is it, Sasuke? (Looking sasuke with his hand in up)

Sasuke:Can you give me the money that you have. You now last night Naruto has given his money to buy a dinner food, and I don’t want to wake him up or disturb him while Hinata beside him.

Captain Yamato : Oh okay (reach his pocket and give him some money to buy a food). Sasuke, is Naruto still sleeping?

Sasuke:I don’t know, why don’t you check them? I don’t want to disturb them (Leaving the room)

Captain Yamato walking to go to Naruto room, but he stop it and think ‘Naruto is not a child anymore, why I must care about him. Hinata too, she has grown up to be a lady, and she knows what is right or wrong. I must to get shower and wait the food’.

Naruto and Hinata Room

Hinata and Naruto are still sleeping. Naruto Hugging Hinata body so gently. Hinata wake up first and blushing when she knows that she feel a skin of Naruto chest. She can hear Naruto hearth pumping, and his breath so softly. Hinata smile and think in her mind ‘Naruto-kun, now I know your habit while you sleeping. Is it like a dream for me? We sleep together and can hear your softly breathing your skin in your chest and your hand around me, your big… ‘ Hinata feel some warm and bigger around her stomach, and she touch it. So big and long and covered by his boxer. ‘Oh no, not that one. Please wake up Naruto-kun. I can’t take it anymore.’ Then Hinata remove his hand and shaking his to wake up.

Naruto:What’s up Hinata-chan? I feel so sleepy now. (Try to close his eyes again)

Hinata:Naruto-kun, it’s time to wake up. If you not wake up, we can get late to back to Konoha (blush again in her cheeck)

Naruto:Okey I’m wake now (still with close eyes and stand up so lazy)

Hinata just looking him with smile in her face. ‘Naruto-kun you’re so cute with your lazy body’. Naruto still don’t conscious that one of part his body is grown bigger. Hinata looking at it and don’t remove his face. His feel his face really getting red now. ‘Naruto-kun don’t cover it. Oh no, now I know how bigger Naruto-kun have.’ Naruto has conscious while he getting so cold with the temperature in they room. ‘Why this room is getting cold. Wrrrr… It’s more then cold.’ He opens his eyes and knows that he doesn’t use his t-shirt and his pants. Then looking at Hinata why her cheeks so kind of red? Looking into her eyes and following what she looking at. Huh Hinata looking at my… Naruto hurry to use his pants and cover it. Hinata now that Naruto looking at her and Hinata looking at him.

Hinata:Go-gomen Naruto-kun, I…I don’t mean to looking at it. (With shy and blushing on her cheeks)

Naruto:It’s a…um… okay Hinata-chan, my fault not using my pants quickly (very-very shy and feel stupid)

Hinata stand up and go to take a bath, still with blush she is going to the bathroom. Naruto’s mind ‘Oh no, I’m not virgin anymore, Hinata-chan was looking at it. But wait, why I don’t wear my t-shirt and my pants?’ Try to remember what happen last night. He knows it what happen last night. He got his t-shirt wet and take off his pants and t-shirt. ‘Oh it’s not my fault, that I was fell down up in her body and touch her… not again, I’m not a pervert’. So we got to sleep while I got faint and she didn’t move it, my body. But why? Is she really like me like Sasuke told me yesterday? Or my body is to heavy so she didn’t moving my body? Oah… I really get headache now. I must forgetting what have done last night and now.’ Naruto open the door and go to Captain Yamato room. He looks Captain Yamato get a body exercise. He is smiling to Captain Yamato.

Naruto:Ohayou Captain Yamato (with his towel at his shoulder)

Capt. Yamato : Ohayou Naruto (take step to get push-up)

Naruto:Capt. Yamato can I get a bath at your bathroom? Hinata-chan still using our bathroom and I think woman are so long to taking a bath.

Capt Yamato : Of course Naruto, you can use it.

Naruto:Well, where is Sasuke-teme? I’m not seeing him? (Want to go to the bathroom)

Capt Yamato : Oh Sasuke go to Restourant to buy some food for our breakfast (still doing push up)

Naruto going to the bathroom, and take a bath.

Breakfast time

They are in the Naruto and Hinata room taking breakfast. Sasuke and Capt. Yamato looking at Naruto and Hinata. ‘Why Naruto don’t take a seat near at Hinata. Why Hinata not looking at Naruto? Why Naruto don’t eat his ramen with his guts and habit? Is that something wrong?’ both Sasuke and Captain Yamato thinking at the same time.

Sasuke:Hey Naruto-baka, so you and Hinata was having fun last night (smile cool and innocent)

Hinata and Naruto giving him a punch. Sasuke feel faint in the moment, and wake up again.

Capt. Yamato : Hinata tell us, if it’s anything happen last night? (With good smile and care)

Hinata:Um… (She looking at Naruto) no-nothing happen last night, I just a…

Sasuke:Hey Naruto-baka, you must take your responsibility to her (with an evil laughing)

Hinata and Naruto giving him a kick at his face. Sasuke feel fain again for a while and laughing again.

Capt. Yamato : Naruto, why you’re face has a sign of palm?

Hinata:Oh that’s my palm, last night I hit him because… be- because there is a mosquito at his cheeck so I hit it. (Try to save him) go-gomen Naruto-kun.

Sasuke:Mosquito or he try to make something stupid? He tries to-

Hinata and Naruto try to give a punch and kick in his body, but they lose him.

Capt. Yamato : Okay that’s it, we don’t have much time, we must hurry to get back to Konoha. I think Tsunade-sama worried about us. (Still eat breakfast)

Sasuke:Naruto-baka, I’m waiting for your invitation wedding. Don’t forget me ya…(Evil laughter and still cool)

Naruto run to him and hit him to wall, and back seat again. Sasuke has a K.O. and try to reach his breakfast but Hinata hold his hand and with her hand she punch him again. “I GIVE UP” said Sasuke. Naruto still quiet didn’t say anything. Hinata just moving his head to looking around and try not to see Naruto. ‘God what happen with us? I don’t want to make feeling guilty. I don’t want to look at him. What I must to do? Last night and in the morning in this day, there is a moment to make me reminisce about me and him.’ Hinata try to smile and eat the breakfast again. Naruto still confused and thing ‘Oh what I have done. Now I’m really-really always thinking about her. This is feeling about love? No this feeling about guilty.’

Naruto:Hina-chan, I’m sorry for-

Hinata:that’s okey, Naruto-kun. Eat your breakfast, because we have a long way. (Try to give a naruto ramen with her chopstick to his mouth)

Sasuke:It’s so sweet Hinata (her face full of bump)

Naruto:It’s alright if I call you Hina-chan? Because I think that name simple for me to call you Hina-chan. (swallow his ramen)

Hinata just nodded. Naruto smile and start to eat his ramen. But still eat slowly, not like his habit. After they had breakfast they go back to Konoha.

One day later

In the early morning team Naruto have arrive in Konoha. Big gate was opening in the morning. In the post security there are two jounin, Kotetsu and Izumo. They are greeting Naruto team. Then they focus to one man behind Naruto.

Kotetsu:Naruto-kun, Who is he? (Point his finger to Sasuke)

Naruto:Ohh, You know, he is the number one rookie at my year study when we’re still in the accademy. He’s the only one-suvivor and successor Uciha clan now. (With smile and grinned to Sasuke)

Izumo:Oh, at last he is back. Welcome home Uciha Sasuke. (Friendship smile)

Sasuke:Thanks, Oh I missed this village. Oi, dope can I stay in your apartment just for a few days? Trust to me, if Hinata in your apartment, I’ll go and never disturb you and her.

Hinata just blush and think ‘what the hell is Sasuke-kun said, oh I mean I want to go to naruto apartment, but-‘ something makes Hinata back to his real world.

Naruto:Hina-chan, are you hungry?

Hinata:Umm.. (Nodded, and blush)

Naruto:well let’s go to ichiraku ramen (grab her hand and go to ichiraku ramen)

Capt. Yamato : Hey guys, I’ll go to make a report to Hokage and rest at my apartment. If you need me, come to apartment. (Go to Hokage office)

Sasuke:Naruto this is to early, why don’t you eat anything else, beside ramen? (tailiing Naruto and Hinata)

At Ichiraku Ramen

Naruto, Hinata and Sasuke arrive infront of ichiraku ramen. Old man standing outside and open the shop. Inside, Ayame was cleanning the table and help his father to service the first customer in early morning.

Ayame:Wow, ohayou best customer (with bright smiling)

Naruto:Ohayou Ayame-ne-chan, please the menu for this morning (try to find the menu letter)

Ayame:So at last your bring your girlfriend at this shop and who is he? (Give the Menu letter to Naruto and point his finger to Sasuke)

Naruto:Oh ayame-ne-chan, she is my precious friend (smile to Hinata), and he is… um… I think he like my brother to me (smirk to Sasuke). Sasuke-teme that’s right isn’t?

Sasuke:What ever you said naruto-dope. Oh Ayame-ne-chan, would you give me another menu, I would to eat no ramen in my breakfast? (Polite order)

Ayame:Oh I’m sorrry there isn’t, in the menu just ramen because this is ramen shop (smile to Sasuke)

Sasuke:Oh damnit, okey I order one bowl full ramen but with vegetables in it. (Cool answer)

Ayame:you got it, Naruto, what you and for your girlfriend order?

Naruto:I’m order one big portion of ramen and with three pieces of pork and egg in it, and you Hina-chan what you want to eat? (Looking Hinata with his best smile)

Hinata:Oh.. Um.. I order one portion ramen vegetable please. (Blushing after looking Blu eyes infront her)

Ayame:Otou-san one portion of full ramen and vegetables in it, one portion of ramen vegetable and for our best customer Naruto is One big portion with three pieces of porg and egg in it.

Old man:Naruto is early to you with that order portion in this morning. (Laughing to Naruto)

Naruto:I can eat that all (giggled to old man)

Old man:Okey, you get it.

Then three of them eat their ramen. Hinata just blushing ‘Naruto-kun, he said I’m his precious friend. Oh no it’s made me feel so happy. We eat breakfast together in this morning, and SASUKE WITH US. But it doesn’t matter. I’m happy eat together with my Naruto-kun.’ Naruto looking at Hinata. ‘She is so polite, kind and sweet. If she eat, it’s like I’m watching tomattoes has already to eat, I know I like her. Wait did I think I like her. Gosh I’m very like her. I can’t stoping to see her face.’ Hinata’s mind ‘what is he doing? Watching me eat, and not moving his face. God, I’m shy, if he looking at me like that.’

Sasuke:Hey baka, watch your hand. You throw your chopsticks into my glasses. (Looking at Naruto with mad)

Naruto:I’m sorry Sasuke, I never mean to that, I just a.. just to… (Still don’t remove his eyes from what he is watching)

Sasuke:Okay, that’s alright after this, I’m going to your apartment to get a rest. Give me your apartment key. Then you can walking out with Hinata for a date without me (try to see Hinata and smirk to her)

Naruto give his apartment key to Sasuke. Sasuke was finished his eat and say something to Naruto near to his ear.

Sasuke:I’m sorry, for now you can’t use your apartment for having fun with Hinata, but I’m promise tomorrow you can use it. (Small horn evil out in his head and giggled)

Naruto:What are you talking about? (For now he remove his face from Hinata to Sasuke)

Sasuke:I know what are you thinking. You know I have sharingan and i can read your mind (evil laughter). One thing doesn’t forget my food to pay it. Ayame-ne-chan, Naruto would pay it. (Evil laughter again and go to Naruto apartment)

Ayame:Thank you for eating, come back again

Hinata just blushing, ‘What Sasuke-kun said? That mean, he can read my mind and he now what I’m thinking now.’

Naruto :Hina-chan is that something wrong? (Grab her hand)

Hinata:No, th-there is… there is no wrong. Um.. Naruto-kun, um.. after this where are you going? (Always blush while talking to Naruto)

Naruto:Let me see… Um… I think I have no plan, how about you? (Still grab her hand)

Hinata:I don’t either. (Little smile)

Naruto:How about we talking at Konoha park?

Naruto mind ‘what I’m talking about, I’m just want to take a walk. It’s seemed like a date. What ever, I just want to walk with her. The girl that so cute and make me loving her. What the hell oh no it’s mean I’m fall in love with her. What I must to do? Telling her right now or waiting the good times? If I tell her about my feeling right now, I’m not sure if I really love her. I’m still interesting with Sakura-chan. But Sasuke was back to Konoha. It’s mean Sakura-can can back to Sasuke. Beside that I’m not sure if Hina-chan love me too. I telling her about my feeling later, I’m worry if she gets a boyfriend. Oh no again, I’m worry about her if she gets a boyfriend. It’s so confused for me.’ Hinata’s mind ‘that’s Naruto-kun asking me a walk? Oh… we are on a date now. At last, I’m on a date with my Naruto-kun. Kami thank you. I’m happy now. For ten years I’m waiting for him.’

Hinata:Um…Okey.. I..I..I’ll go with you..

Naruto:Ayame-ne-chan, how much for all food? (Reach his pocket and take out his wallet)

Ayame:20 discount for our best customer in the early morning. Just pay ¥50.00. (With anime eyes money, yen-yen-yen)

Naruto:Huaahh… (Surprise with that price) that’s much, Ohh to expensive for me. But that’s okay (Looking at Hinata, and give Ayame money)

Ayame:Thanks for eating, come back with your girlfriend Naruto-kun…

After that, Naruto grabbed Hinata hand and go to Konoha park. Hinata feeling exciting. She always dreams about this. Go on date on Naruto, eat and talking with him. She hope she don’t faint if Naruto talk with her in the park.

In the park

Naruto take Hinata to go to near some tree. He thinks the situation under the tree is good and the air is fresh. And let Hinata to take a seat near him. Naruto smile and talk about the situation in the park. Hinata just blush until the cheeks begin full of red colour.

Naruto:Hina-chan are you sick? I think you get a fever, now your face getting more red (looking Hinata and put his hand to her forehead)

Hinata’s mind ‘Please don’t faint. Please’

Hinata:I’m alright Naruto-kun, I’m just shy…

‘What the hell. I telling him about my feeling’

Naruto:Why you always like this? I mean, if you with me your face always getting blush and sometimes your faint? Tell me Hina-chan! (With eyes hope)

‘Oh Naruto-kun asked that, I confused. What I must tell him?’

Hinata:I…Umm…I… can’t say it, I’ll try to telling you, b-but I.. I still can’t say it…

‘Stupid mouth. Just telling him about my feeling. Why it’s so difficult to me to say it’.

Naruto:If you can’t say it or not ready to say it, it’s okay. I’m wait until your ready to say it. Hina-chan I want to tell you about my feeling. Well now I feel so happy with you beside my side, and feel comfort. I hope it same with you.

Naruto try to relax with his foot and lean his body to three behind them. Naruto pull with gently hinata’s body to lean with him. Naruto’s mind ‘what the hell I’m doing.’ Hinata just follow what Naruto want. Hinata’s mind ‘Ohh, that’s unbelieving. He try to make me lean to his body. Ohh that’s made feel comfort and warm in this morning. I hope it not be a dream, if it’s a dream please don’t wake me up.’ Both of them really tired and sleeping like that. It’s an early morning and it’s a sweet memory morning for them.

12.35 PM

Three kunoichi from Konoha and one kunoichi from sand Hidden Village are walk together. They are Ino, Sakura, Ten-ten and Temari. They want to get some flower in the park for Ino Flower shop. They are talking about ninja boys in Konoha and Temari brother while they walking. In the park, they find so many flowers. They start to collect the flower.

Sakura:Ino, that flower so beautiful (point into some yellow little flower infrot Sakura.

Ino:Sakura, you’re right. Collecting it too.

Ten-ten:Hey girls, Is that Naruto and Hinata? (Point to Naruto and Hinata)

Temari:That’s right, so sweet. Both of them hugging and Hinata lean to Naruto chest.

Ino:Oh no. It’s a big news. I can take it for our best gossip for today. Ten-ten you bring your camera video? We can take a shot with them, and it can be a present for their wedding. If they’re a couple.

Sakura:Hey girls, why we don’t help them. Naruto don’t have a girlfriend so Hinata. Hinata too shy to speak with another boy. We can help them. It can be a couple of the year.

Ino:That’s right okay, we make a plan.

Ten-ten:Wait why Naruto in here, so then Hinata. They are go to take Sasuke aren’t they? (With his hand take a shot to Naruto and Hinata)

Ino: Ten-ten… why you… (Looking Sakura)

Sakura remember about Sasuke.

Ten-ten:Oh I’m sorry Sakura. I don’t mean to-

Sakura:that’s alright. If Naruto in here, that means his mission is over.

Temari :why don’t you ask them

The four-kunoichi run to Naruto and Hinata. Sakura shaking Naruto shoulder. Naruto open his eyes and feel so heavy. He now it, Hinata fell a sleep in Naruto chest. He looking around and find four kunoichi infront them.

Naruto:Ohayou, Sakura-chan, Ino, Ten-ten and T..Umm Te-

Temari:How dare you don’t remember my name

Naruto:So, who are you? (Looking at Temari)

Temari open his fan try to use his jutsu, but Ino hold Temari.

Ino:Sshhhss, Hinata still sleeping. Well Naruto we want to ask you some question about your mission.

Naruto:Wait before I answer it, can you answer my question first.

Sakura:Okay, Her name is TEMARI, so tell us about your mission.

Ten-ten:Sshhss, don’t to loud, (She heard hinata groan and her arm still take a shoot to Hinata and Naruto.

Naruto:what is that Ten-ten?

Ino:answer my question first then we answer your question (copied Naruto speak)

Naruto:Ohh okay, Our mission is success and Sakura-chan boyfriend in Konoha now. So answer my question.

The situation so quiet. Sakura surprises with Naruto speak. The 4 kunoichi look so happy. They talking slowly try not to bother Hinata sleeping.

Ten-ten:Okay, you now what is it, It’s a camera video.

It’s so startle to Naruto. Naruto try to reach it but he can’t. He doesn’t want to bother Hinata sleeping. He just stayed and looking the 4 kunoichi run from him and they are say to Naruto “You are in the hidden camera”. Naruto try to calm, and look at Hinata ‘Hina-chan you’re so cute, I hope you’re just for me. I’m saying a stupid word again. What ever.’ He touch his cheeks and caress her hair ‘Hinata would you married me? That’s again, I’m thinking stupid. But that’s my hope’ Hinata wake up and see Naruto caress his hair. ‘I’m feel comfort now.’

Naruto:So, you’re wake up now. How you’re sleeping?

Hinata:Umm (blushing and nodded) I have a nice dream. Thanks

Naruto:For what Hina-chan?

Hinata:For let me lean to your chest, you know I’m feel comfort beside Naruto-kun

Naruto:Me too. Hina-chan, I think I must take you home, but before we go, we must see that sunset (pointing to the sun)

Hinata:Umm… Okay, then we go home..

After In the park going dark, Naruto stand and grabbing Hinata hand to helping her to stand. They are walking to go to Hyuuga mansion. In front of the Hyuuga mansion, They have little conversation

Naruto:Hina-chan, are you feel happy this day?

Hinata:I-I feel so happy.. Umm How-How about you Naruto-kun?

Naruto:Hina-chan, I’m feel so happy too. I hope tomorrow we do it the same like this day. Or more better then this day.

“Hinata-sama” Neji run to Hinata infront of Hyuga mansion gate. Then He looking at Naruto.

Hinata:Hey Neji-ni-san

Neji:Uzumaki Naruto (yelling loud)

Naruto:Hey, Neji.

Neji:Hinata-sama, Hiashi-sama looking for you. He want to know about your mission. You better go to see him now. He is in the meditation room.

Hinata:Oh (smiling to Neji), I see him now. See you latter Naruto-kun. (Walking entering the mansion going to see his father)

Neji:So… how the mission Uzumaki?

Naruto:So far so good, see you latter Neji. I must take a rest.

Then Naruto goes to his apartment.


In Naruto apartment room, Sasuke sleeping in his bedroom. Naruto see him, then go to the kitchen to find some ramen that he saving for his food stock for a couple month. Naruto Surprised, when he see his ramen stock was empty. He goes to the dining room. He see so many cup of ramen on the table. ‘Sasuke bastard, he was ate all my ramen stock, after I treat him.’ Then Naruto jump to Sasuke while he sleeping, with angry feeling.

Sasuke:What the hell your problem, baka?

Naruto:You… you eat all of my stock ramen. How dare you Sasuke.

Sasuke:Ohhh, that’s all your stock? (without innocent face). I’m sorry, I don’t know that ramen is all your stock. I’m hungry, so I go to your kitchen to find something that I can eat. You know, in your kitchen I just found ramen. Then I ate it

Naruto:You… Get out from my apartment.

Sasuke:Naruto, please don’t mad at me, if you-

Naruto:Teme, you ate all my ramen, then you still not feeling guilty.

Sasuke:I know, I know. I ate your ramen, but I’m begging please let me get a rest in here. For the first time, I’m begging at you.

Naruto:Okay, I forgive you. But tomorrow you must treat me ramen.

Then Naruto take a seat in the living room to realease the stress. He read the news paper for today. Sasuke go to the kitchen to find some fresh water. Then he bring two glasses to the living room. He gives Naruto a glass of water.

Naruto:By the way, I met Sakura-chan on the park.

Sasuke:You said it? (take a seat infront Naruto)

Naruto:Yes, I said it. You know she was happy after knew that you cameback to Konoha. (Looking at Sasuke then drink the water)

Sasuke:Ohhh (then he drink the water)

Someone knocking Naruto door. Naruto walking to the door and open it. They are his friend. Naruto welcome to all his friend to come in. His friends come to visit Sasuke and want to ask about Sasuke. They are Kiba (of course with Akamaru), Shino, Ino, Sakura, Tenten, Rock Lee, Chouji and Shikamaru. They have a plan to make a party. The party is for Sasuke. They have agree the party will be set for tomorrow afternoon. After meeting, they are dismissed. Sasuke want to ask Sakura about something. But he don’t do that, because his feeling very guilty to Sakura. Naruto knows it.

Naruto:Sasuke-teme, there is still tomorrow. You can ask Sakura in the party don’t you?

Sasuke:You’re right. Hey Naruto, what are you doing now?

Naruto:I want to take a nap. I’m so tired. One more thing to you, don’t bother me while me sleeping. How about you?

Sasuke:what ever. I want to watching tv.

Naruto go to his bedroom for take a nap. “Hey Sasuke, if you want to take a nap, there is a rolling bed under my bed. You can use it.”

In The Morning

Beep…beep…beep…. Crack

That’s Naruto alarm clock was broken. Naruto wake up and see what happen. ‘Sasuke was throw my clock to wall!?’.

Naruto:Sasuke, how dare you throw my clock to wall!! (Naruto get angry)

Sasuke:Naruto, get to your bed again, you know your alarm clock make you wake up. you said last night, don’t to bother you while you’re sleeping.

Naruto:You can shut it off, not to throw it to the wall. Stupid man

Naruto wake up, then walking to the bathroom. Then “SASUKE, WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING WITH MY SOAP AND MY BATH-UP”. Yelling Naruto from the bathroom. Sasuke just hear it and not answer Naruto yelling.

After get bath Naruto get out try to find something to ful fill his stomach. ‘It’s Sasuke-teme faulth. If he didn’t ate ramen, I can save my money to another thing that I want to buy’ mumble Naruto. He goes to Ichiraku ramen, to buy ramen. At Ichiraku ramen, he meet Chouji and Shikamaru. After finish they breakfast, Shikamaru and Chouji persuade Naruto to buy some snack and softdrink for the party.

At 5.00 pm

Naruto get home, and see Sasuke is watching movie.

Naruto:Sasuke-teme, have you cleanned my bath-up, and buy a soap for me?

Sasuke:Yes, I have. (cool answering)

Naruto:Okay, I must get bath and go to the party. Oi teme, you go to the party with me or alone?

Sasuke:Yes, I will go with you.

Then Naruto take a bath. 3 minutes later “SASUKE, THIS SOAP IS FOR WASHING A CLOTHE. YOU STUPID MONKEY, BASTARD” Yelling Naruto to Sasuke. Sasuke just laughing so load and yelling back “YOU GET A PUNK’D”.

The party is start at 08.00 pm.

Naruto and Sasuke have leave from Naruto apartment at 07.45 pm. they go to Shikamaru house first and pick-up Chouji at Chouji house. They have arrive at Ino house at 08.04 pm. Ino’s house is not big or small. But Ino’s parents have a large park at the behind and small flower shop infront. In the Ino’s park they are plenty of flower grown that Ino’s mother had plant it. The party is not ready yet. At Ino house, they are Ino (of course Ino there, these house is Ino’s parents house), Sakura, Tenten, Neji, Rock Lee, Shino, Kiba (+ Akamaru) and the three Shinobi from Sunagakure hidden village (Gaara, Temari and Kankuro). Only Hinata who don’t arrive. Sakura, Tenten and Temari are helping Ino in the kichen. They are make some cookies and food for dinner. Kiba, Shino, Kankuro and Gaara are playing poker card. Akamaru try to catch the bugs that always bother him while Akamaru sleeping. Neji and Rock Lee watching TV in the middle room.

Kiba:Hey Shino, pull your bugs from Akamaru. Let him go to sleep.

Shino:Kiba, your dog always sleep and lazy. You now that habit is not good for Akamaru.

Gaara:Hmmm, lazy? Like someone I have ever heard and see. Who is he?

Shikamaru:Hey guys, are you talking about me Gaara? You so troublesome.

Gaara:Why Shikamaru, you don’t like what I said? (Move his face to Shikamaru)

Shikamaru:No-no that’s not what I mean

‘Uh, oh. I think he gonna be mad. I hope he not get troublesome from me’ Shikamaru try to seat and take a news paper on the table infront of him. Kiba and Shikamaru turn his face from their card to Shikamaru, Chouji, Sasuke and Naruto.

Kiba:Hey guys. Oi Sasuke, How are you?

Sasuke:Fine, dog-boy.

Gaara:So how your trip with the snake man, Sasuke?

Sasuke:To boring, just playing with his snake. I hate with his habit. You now, it’s make me sick.

Gaara:Oh, so you have a new toys don’t you?

Sasuke:Nah, just a little snake from Orochimaru. I hate it when the snake bite my hand.

Shino:So the poison from the snake that make your hand so big. Can you think it Kiba when the snake bite your manhood? I think you become so famous Kiba and have fans girl.

Kiba :You idiot, I can die when the snake bite me.

Gaara:Shino, your idea is good. I’ll try it when I go home. He…he…he…, then I’ll have a fans girl. I can’t wait it.

Kiba:Oi Naruto, You not pick-up Hinata?

Naruto:Huh, Hinata don’t arrive yet? Okay, I’ll pick-up Hinata.

Neji:Naruto, Hinata is still trainning with his father at Hyuuga Masion.

Naruto:thanks Neji. I’ll pick her.

Then Naruto goes to the Hyuuga mansion to pick Hinata.

to be continued

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