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Tuesday, May 6, 2008


Author: WhoNeedsSanity

Disclamer:I don't own Naruto.

I had this sudden urge to write a Shikatema fic, so don't blame me if it's bad.


"Checkmate." said Shikamaru with a smirk. Pause.

"Aughhh!" yelled Temari clearly frustrated.

"You know what I haven't won a single game damnit!"

"Wha?" said Shikamaru slightly backing up.

"Oh I'm sorry genious, let-me-say-it-so-you'll-understand," she said putting emphasis on each word. Shikamaru twitched. "I've been coming to Konoha each week for 30 weeks." she started calmly, "out of those 30 weeks we have played shogi 25 of those weeks," voice slightly agitated, "out of those 25 times we've played strip shogi 10 times." voice louder, "out of those 10 times I've never won," now yelling, "in fact out of those 25 I've never won once!" she finished now screaming.

Shikamaru loved to see her this pissed off so he wanted more entertainment, especially since she was only in her bra and underwearand he was only in his pants. But he wasn't an idiot and backed up everytime she got louder. Genious or not the next thing he said would have had had anyone thinking he was an idiot,

"So I take it you don't want to play another round of shogi?"

"Forget you!" she yelled.

Next she grabbed her clothes put them on without trying to look presentable and made her way to the door.

"You do know you have to stay two more days because of Tsunade's meeting with Gaara." he said as she left. Slam


'That little brat!' Temari thought to herself while making her way to Ino's house. After 30 weeks she new some Konoha gossip like Sasuke came back and loves Sakura but she doesn't know, Hinata loves Naruto and they're going out, Neji and Tenten are suspected to be secretly dating , and last Ino used to go out with Shikamaru, but it only lasted a week because he forgot something on their first date.

'I wonder what he forgot to do.'she thought as she finally reached Ino's house. She took a deep breath preparing herself for an overdramatic, girly-girl, drama queen.

"Why me?" she said quietly while knocking on the door.

"I'll get it dad!" Temari heard from the inside the house.

'I'd bet 10 bucks she's getting ready for something.' Temari thought with a chuckle. Sure enough there she was in a robe and towel wrapped around her blonde hair

"Oh Temari aren't you upposed to be at Shikamaru's playing shogi..." she trailed off after noticing Temari's glare.

"Oookay, why are you here?" she said motioning Temari in the door.

" 'Cause I want to know why you and Shikamaru and you broke up." she replied pretending to be sooo interested.

"Well," she started, leaning in while Temari leaned back lazily crossing her legs.

"Shika and I were talking about going out and..." Temari lost what she had said after that for awhile.

'I'm so sure I asked her how they broke up not how they started going out .' thought Temari listening to Ino droll on. Just when she thought she was about to die she the words first date and perked up her ears.

"Oh on our first date first he didn't even remember, then do you know what he did while we were watching the clouds? He fell asleep, Temari, asleep!" Ino waited for feedback, Temari fought back the urge to smile then replied,

"Oh my God really?!" giving her normal response.

"I know! So I woke him up and dumped his ass right there!" she finished gleaming with pride.

"Thanks for the story Ino!" she called to Ino while running down the street to Shikamaru's best friend's house, Chouji, and just in case she grabbed a whole sacks worth of chips, candy, and anything else she could find.

Temari would need a lot more ammo to catch Shika off guard on the shogi matches. After all he was way to lazy to care about falling asleep on a first date. Once she finally reached Chouji's house she knocked on the door rapidly. She didn't expect to find Chouji getting ready for something too.

"Oh hey Temari." said Chouji suprised,"Why aren't you at..." Another victim to Temari's glare.

"Want to come in, but you've got to hurry I've got somewhere to go." he said glancing at the clock. Temari could already guess with who so she didn't ask.

"So Chouji," she started mischiviously, "want some candy or maybe some chips?"

"Um, no thanks." he said hesitantly.

"Oh come on Chouji their a new flavor." she said as his eyes widened.

"And these are said to be the sweetest in town." she said while holding a bag of candy in front of him. Chouji gulped, and Temari knew just what to do. She opened up a bag and slowly grabbed a chip. Chouji watched it longingly. Then Temari bit it in two and Chouji lunged for the bag, but Temari was too quick.

"Uh-uh-uh," she said, "first tell me something embarrising about Shikamaru." He looked to his side obviously thinking.

"You won't tell him I told you right?"

"No, of course not." she replied.

"Ok, in the academy Shikamaru asked Ino everyday if they could go out." he started slowly feeling guilty, and Ino always replied-"

"Eww, don't get me wrong, you're cute,but you're no Sasuke." said a new voice from the door. It was Ino.

"Ready to go Chouji?" asked Ino impatiently.

"Y-yes, Ino." he replied stunned by how she looked. This was Temari's cue to leave. She left the bags of chips and candy andleft for Sakura's place.

Sakura was cool, but sometimes she was emotional. For example, when Sasuke didn't say hi to her one day she called Temari at 12 at night and she didn't let her go to sleep until 5 a.m. Temari took another deep breath, hopefully she wasn't in one of those moods.

"Hey Temari, what's up." came a voice from the top of the balcony. She looked up to see Sakura in her normal clothes.

"I'm wondering if you got any dirt on Shikamaru." she answered dryly.

"I'm insulted Temari," she said while putting her hand to her chest dramatically, "I have dirt on everybody." she finished with a grin. Not even a minute later she answered the door and Temari noticed Sasuke in her house. She entered the house and sat across Sasuke.

"So what you got?" she asked.

"Ok Sasuke told me this one, he sleeps with deer slippers." Sakura said laughing.

"Already know that." she said.

"Oh yeah you have to sleep there don't you, hmmm."

Then Sasuke walked over and whispered something in in Temari's ear. She gasped and ran out the door straight for Shika's house.

"What did you say to her?" said Sakura astonished. He whispered what he said in Temari's ear to Sakura's. She gaped at what he said.

"No." she said disbelievingly a smile creeping up.

'I can't believe Shikamaru..." she didn't finish as she reached the door.

She easily opened the door, they had a jounin, a chunin, and a anger-management needing mother in their house, there was no need to lock doors.

"I want a rematch!" she said as she entered Shika's room.

"You sure?" he answered witha smirk. Temari simply smirked back.

"Aughh." she almost yelled, but remembered her plan.

"You know you're doing worse than usual." he said with a yawn.

"Shut up, at least I don't fall asleep on first dates." she retorted back. Shikamaru looked caught off guard for a moment giving Temari enough time to look at the board properlywith satisfaction. His next move was a glance at the clouds to clear his mind. Tmari moved a spot even Shikamaru would notice especially since he was staring at the clouds.

"Go." she said impatiently as the game continued.

Temari saw the moment she was waiting for and Shikamarumade his next move confidently. She would crush that confidence.

"So Shika," he looked at her confused, but she ignored it,

"how was your 'game' in the academy?" he gawked at what she said then she moved closer to him seductively. Then close enough he could feel her warm breath on his lips. He couldn't move any more he was completely frozen.

"Do you know what Sasuke told me?" she moved forward more and now he was on the ground with her on top.

"Just to tell you, eww you're cute, but you're no Sasuke," he didn't move, "you're better." she said as she gently pushed her lips against his. He was shocked, but returned the kiss, then she broke apart and said,

"He told me you loved me," she paused for a second, "Ohand by the way," another pause, "Checkmate."

Good or bad please tell me...

Although this is something I thought of on the top of my head...


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