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Tuesday, May 6, 2008

One Little Word

One Little Word
Author: animeluverqueen

Disclaimers- I still don’t own Naruto.

My version on how Kurenai told Asuma and the others that she was pregnant.


Kurenai Yuhi was a dignified kunoichi of Konoha. She was a jounin, she was an advanced genjutsu user, and she had her Asuma. Oh and did I mention that she just found out that she was pregnant. Yes, the sexy big sister type was pregnant. She was terrified to reveal it to anyone because 1) She’s as stubborn as a mule to reveal it and 2) She’s just down right embarrassed of how people like Kakashi will handle it. Even though she is friends with Kakashi, she knows he’ll make perverted remarks like:

“Hey Asuma, you finally hit the nail in the hole this time.” or

“You finally banged her up! Good going old chum!”

Her face was a deeper shade of crimson then her eyes, if possible, as she thought about it.

She thought about her team and their reactions. Hinata would probably faint from Kiba making a Naruto suggestion. Kiba would probably start a group hug, which excluded Shino because he was very huggy. Shino, good old sensible Shino, would most likely stay calm about it and just plainly say, “Congratulations Kurenai-sensei, now can we get back to training on our own, since you can no longer help us for a while with our training sensei.”

She thought about Asuma’s team’s reactions. Ino would probably ball her eyes out when Kurenai told her. Choji would congratulate her and then probably, as usual, offer her a potato chip. Shikamaru would probably smirk and say congrats and then simply stare at the clouds.

Then suddenly she remembered that she had forgotten about her long time friend, Anko. Even though Anko was a natural born sadist, she did a caring side to her, that only Kurenai saw. Anko would probably insist on killing Asuma for this but she knew Anko would be only kidding around. Kurenai knew she would have to tell them and it was now or nine months from now and that would be a lot of explaining on her part.

The first ones she would inform was her team.

“Kurenai-sensei can we start already?” Kiba asked impatiently, while Akamaru barked.

“Calm down Kiba. We aren’t going to be doing any training because I have something that I have to tell you three.” She said.

“Y-yes what is it-t K-Kurenai-s-sensei?” Hinata stammered.

“You know that through the past few years that I gotten married to Asuma and all. I just wanted to say that I’m preg-”

“Haha you owe me thirty dollars Shino and Hinata you owe me twenty.” Kiba exclaimed. "Now Choji owes for eighty and Naruto owes me seventy."

“Wait! What’s going on?” Kurenai asked.

“Well you see I made a bet that you and Asuma-sensei would have a kid but they didn’t believe me.” Kiba said.

“Oh boy I’m not letting my kid hang out with you guys.” Kurenai joked. “I am surprised though that even Hinata and Shino bet on me.”

“Eh I persuaded them into doing it.” Kiba said as he had a huge grin on his face. “I guess next up is Hinata and Naruto.” Hinata’s face went pale to red in a millisecond as she almost collapsed but Akamaru supported her.

“Kiba why did you mention the “N” word?” Shino asked.

“Oh who cares about the “N” word? Kurenai-sensei’s havin a kid!” Kiba exclaimed as he swung his arm around Kurenai’s neck and shoulder. Hinata, who had fully recovered, walked over and gave her sensei a full-hearted hug.

“Congratulations Kurenai-sensei, now can we get back to training on our own, since you can no longer help us for a while with our training sensei.” Shino plainly said. Kurenai knew just how her students would act.

Next up was Kakashi. ‘Oh good god.’ She thought in her mind, as she wasn’t sure on what to except from him. After looking around for a bit she finally found him reading his perverted book but to make matters worse Anko and Team Seven were there with him.

“Oh hey Kurenai. What no Asuma today?” Kakashi teased a bit.

“Be nice Hatake.” Anko slapped him over the head. Causing Naruto and Sakura to laugh.

“Well I talked to Tsunade earlier today, so I guess I should be saying congratulations Kurenai-sensei.” Sakura said as she grabbed Naruto’s arm to drag him out of there because she knew Kurenai needed privacy with the two.

“Wait talked with Tsunade? Congratulations? Kurenai Yuhi you aren’t pregnant are you?” Anko asked. Kakashi took an instant liking to this conversation.

“I guess the cat’s out of the bag.”

“I guess Asuma finally knocked you up.” Kakashi said.

Anko punched him over the head. “How about I knock you down? Oh and you better extremely nice to her for now on or else Hatake you’re dead.” Anko threatened. She then turned to Kurenai and smiled, which was actually quite frightening to see her smile so full-heartedly like that.

“Well um do you know where Team Ten or Asuma are?” Kurenai asked them.

“Team Ten are near the Academy.” Kakashi said. “Asuma, I don’t know where he’s at so good luck finding him in nine months.” This earned him another crack on the head from Anko.

“Are you sure that you don’t want me to kill Asuma for this or Hatake for being an idiot?” Anko asked.

“You don’t have to, there’s no need for that Anko.” Kurenai said as she walked off to find Team Ten. She did eventually found them at the Academy but only Ino and Choji were there.

“Kurenai-sensei we heard from Sakura that you’re pregnant!” Ino said balling her eyes out.

“Yeah congrats Kurenai-sensei. You want a potato chip?” Choji asked.

“No thanks Choji. Do you know where Asuma and Shikamaru are?” She asked them. The two gave each other grim glances which worried her.

“Well Asuma-sensei and Lady Tsunade probably didn’t want to bring it up but Asuma-sensei and Shikamaru are going on an S-ranked to capture two Akatsuki members.” Ino said.

“What! Where are they? Did they leave yet?”

“No they should be at the hokage’s office right now.” Choji said as Kurenai bolted off. Choji and Ino followed her closely.

As she made her way there she saw Shikamaru who was informed on what was going on by Sakura from a run in with her he had earlier that day. As she turned the corner she knocked into someone. She was knocked back but the three caught her before she landed on the ground.

“Are you ok Kurenai-sensei?” Ino asked. She nodded as she got up.

“How about you help out your own sensei.” As Asuma said getting off the ground. This signaled for the three to leave the two in private.

“Hey you ok Kurenai?” Asuma asked. “You’re acting a little strange.”

“Oh-uh it’s nothing.” She choked up. ‘Good going Kurenai you could have told him right now.’ She mentally slapped herself.

“It can’t be from what Sakura told me earlier.” Kurenai’s head shot straight up as she looked into Asuma’s eyes. “Why do you think I was at the hokage’s office with Shikamaru? We both declined on the mission. Word does spread pretty fast in this village though.” He said as Kurenai flung herself in his arms crying into his chest for a while.

As they walked home Asuma gently swung his arm around her shoulder as she lightly leaned into his chest. Kurenai didn’t even notice that she, as if already by habit, had her left arm placed around her stomach.

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