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Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Merry Christmas?

A/N: Yo all!! Merry Christmas, Happy Kwanzaa, Happy belated Hanukkah, etc, etc. Well, This is my short oneshot about Christmas, and yes, I know that this theme is a little overused. Minor KakashixAnko and AsumaxKurenai. R&R!!

Disclaimer: I don’t own, plain and simple.

Merry Christmas?

Author: flutist-for-life

High-pitched giggles filled the frozen air as two small bodies came hurdling across a smooth, glassy floor of an abandoned hallway at a mall. Both children were about 5 years old, a tanned firl with messy black hair and bright red eyes and a pale boy with one black eye and one red eye, a amask covering his lower face and wild silver hair with purple tips. The boy careened into the wall seconds before the girl crashed into him.

“I win. Again,” smirked the boy.

“Shut up Keito.”

“That wasn’t very nice Amaya.” The girl, Amaya, stuck her tongue out, as the boy shook his head.

“Come on, our parents are waiting. Besides, tomorrow is Christmas.” Before Keito could take a breath, Amaya had already grabbed his arm and was dragging him towards the end of the corridor. Throwing open the door, Amaya let out a gasp as Keito peered over her shoulder. Both sets of eyes widened as they saw a tall, pale black-haired and a shorter, spiky, purple-haired women intently kissing two men in red suits. Closing the door, Amaya and Keito sat down by the door, gasping.

“Was that..?”


“Where there two..?”


“Were they..?”


Turning to her companion, Amaya asked, “What do we do now?”

“Kunai Santa into oblivion.”

“I dunno, I think we should set a trap for him.”

“Yeah. Do our dads know?”

“I don’t think so.” Bending their heads together, they quietly plotted the downfall of Santa.

Later That Night

Opening one eye just a crack, Amaya quickly sat up in her bed.

“Hey, watch it!” someone hissed.

“Keito, what were you doing so late? The plan is just starting.”

“Rolling his eyes, Keito sighed, “I got lost on the road to my bed, now lets go.”

Tip-toeing out of the room, Amaya and Keito walked into the hall and hid at the tip of the stairs. For once, they were grateful for the tradition that Amaya and her parents slept over at Keito’s house on Christmas Eve. Waiting quietly, the two young shinobi-in-training stared hard at the fireplace, kunai in hand. After a while, both children felt their grip loosen and eyes start to close when banging from the chimney woke them up. Excitedly, Amaya squeezed Keito’s free hand as Keito tossed his kunai a few times with a mad glint in his eyes. A sooty black and red man stumbled out the chimney, grumbling about small, dirty chimneys only to be greeted by two kunais courtesy of Amaya and Keito. Stumbling backwards, “Santa” only got cut on his arm, looked around suspiciously, and hurriedly climbed back up the chimney. Successful, Amay and Keito gave each other congratulatory high-fives, and soon fell asleep curled up at the top of the stairs where their parents found them the next morning.

Later That Day

“Ow, watch it!”

Asuma chuckled, “Rough time?” as Kakashi angrily rubbed his bandaged arm.

“Those kids have good aim.”

Anko smirked while giving her husband a peck, “They were taught by the best.” Kurenai could only laugh at her friends as her husband tigtened his grip around her waist.

“Well next time,” Kakashi growled as he plopped the Santa hat onto Anko’s head, “You can be Santa.”

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