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Monday, May 5, 2008

Girl Trouble chapter 2

Girl Trouble 2
Author: 4ng3legg

Naruto wanted to smash his face against the counter in the hopes that he would knock himself out just so he could stop listening to Kakashi and Jiraiya boasting about themselves!
“I’m pretty well known outside of the village, Hitomi-chan.” Kakashi was saying, “Maybe you’ve heard of me.”
“I sure have.” Naruto nodded absently, “I… I’ve seen you around the village, too.”
“You have? I haven’t seen you.”
“I’m pretty good at blending in.” Naruto said with a shrug.

“I’m sure that’s not true.” Jiraiya said, “A beautiful lady like you – you must stand out in any crowd.”
‘Oh jeez… here comes the gentlemen act…’ Naruto realized dismally.
He’d seen it plenty of times when he’d journeyed and trained with Jiraiya for three years.
“Hinata.” Naruto ground out, “We really must be going. I really really need to talk to Tsunade-sama.”

“You’re going to see the Hokage?” Kakashi asked, “Why don’t I take you and we can let Hinata eat in peace.”
“That’s not necess…” Naruto was saying when Hinata chimed in, “That would be wonderful, Kakashi-sensei! What a nice person you are!”
She leaned in close to Naruto and said loud enough for Kakashi to hear, “See, Hitomi-chan? Aren’t the men in this village such gentlemen? I’m sure you could find a wonderful husband here!”
Naruto paled and stared at his smiling girlfriend.

Hinata leaned in close and whispered in his ear, “I’ll sleep tonight just fine if you can’t see Tsunade-sama to get cured! Have a nice date, Naruto with Kakashi-sensei! Don’t worry; I’ll keep an eye on you from afar to make sure nothing gets too rambunctious!”
She shoved him off the stool towards Kakashi, “Have a nice time, Hitomi-chan! Don’t come home too late! Take good care of my cousin, Kakashi-sensei!”
“Ah… okay…” Kakashi said, slowly, “Thanks, Hinata-chan…?”
“Hinata.” Naruto called as Kakashi grabbed his arm and pulled him out of the stand, “This… this isn’t funny, Hinata!”
Hinata smiled and waved, “Bye bye, Hitomiiii!”

Jiraiya followed Kakashi, “Why don’t I escort you two?”
“Really, Jiraiya-san.” Kakashi said, crossing his arms, “I’m sure that’s not…”
“It’s fine!” Naruto barked. He figured if Jiraiya was with them, Kakashi couldn’t make any kind of romantic moves, “I… I mean, t-thank you, Er-uh, ahem, Jiraiya-sama for accompanying us!”
He smiled and the two men stopped glaring at each other and started staring at him.

Naruto chuckled nervously, “So… we should go… yea…?”
“I’ll show you the sights as we walk.” Kakashi said, putting his arm around Naruto’s shoulders.
Naruto went rigid and stared at the familiar hand that was now touching his shoulder.
“So what village are you from?” Kakashi asked, his fingers making swirls on Naruto’s shoulder.
“Y-you’re really… uh, close to me.” Naruto stuttered, “You’re j-just grabbing onto me and we-we just met!”
“I feel like I’ve known you forever!” Kakashi said, “I bet we have a lot in common.”

Naruto glanced behind them and saw Hinata walking out of the Ramen Stand. She was grinning from ear to ear. She motioned to someone on the street.
Naruto nearly screamed when he saw who – Kotetsu!
Naruto nearly cried when he saw Hinata talking to Kotetsu and then point to Naruto!

“Hi! Hello! You’re Aoki Hitomi, right?”
Kakashi, Jiraiya and Naruto turned to see Izumo and Kotetsu waving at them, “Hey, we thought we’d never see you again!” Izumo said, smiling at Naruto.
“That would have been a real tragedy, right?” Kotetsu said, “We didn’t get to introduce ourselves earlier, Hitomi-chan.”
“Not politely, anyway.” Izumo said, elbowing Kotetsu out of the way, “I’m Kamizuki Izumo.”
Kotetsu shoved Izumo away, “And I’m Hagane Kotetsu. We were just talking to your cousin, Hinata-chan.”
Damn that girl! Why is she torturing me like this?’ Naruto stifled his tears, “I saw…”

“So where are you all going?” Kotetsu asked, leaning in closer to Naruto.
Naruto gasped and tried to step backwards only to realize he was hugging himself closer to Kakashi!
“Uhh…” Naruto turned bright red and looked up at Kakashi.
It was obvious – he was smiling beneath that mask!

“Oh – are you… together?” Izumo asked Naruto.
Naruto grimaced, “I… Kakashi-sensei is… only escorting me… to Tsunade-sama.”

“You don’t have to call me Kakashi-sensei.” Kakashi said, “You can just call me Kakashi.”
“No – that’s fine.” Naruto forced a laugh and pulled away from Kakashi, “Look, I’m pretty sure I can find Tsunade-sama on my own. I’ll just… go.”
He turned to run but found himself facing Kotetsu, “We wouldn’t dare let a lovely woman like you walk around by yourself!”
“Never!” Izumo agreed, “I’m going to turn in our report to the Hokage. I’ll take you right to her!”
“Not on your life, Izumo-kun!” Kakashi said, grabbing Naruto’s shoulder, “She’s with me.”
“Says who!?” Kotetsu argued.

“H-hey!” Naruto cried out as Kotetsu grabbed his hand, “Why’re you fighting?”
“Hey! You morons are gonna hurt her!” Izumo said, “Let go of her!”
Kakashi and Kotetsu glared at each other but released Naruto.

“Thanks.” Naruto said, rubbing his shoulder. He needed to make an escape but there were too many of these would-be-Casanovas!
The wheels in Naruto’s brain whirled as he tried to think of a plan. Maybe if Naruto showed a preference to one of them, the others would back off and then he could escape the one!
“I, uh, maybe you should go with me, Izumo-san.” Naruto said, trying to smile, “Please?”
“Of course!” Izumo said, smiling delightedly, “I would love to!”
“B-but, Hitomi-chan!” Kakashi whined, “Hinata-chan entrusted your safety to me.”

“I am a grown ma-mm-MAIDEN!” Naruto barked, “I don’t need any chaperone!”
“You idiots are scaring the poor girl!” Jiraiya said, “The young lady has chosen to walk with Izumo-kun. We, as gentlemen, must step back.”
Naruto stared at the older man. He’d never seen him act so gallantly!
“T-thanks… Jiraiya-sama.” Naruto said, “C-come on, Izumo-san…”

Naruto stomped off with Izumo following close behind.
Izumo glanced back at the three men, glaring at him. He grinned and waved.
Jiraiya had to keep Kotetsu from running after them.

Izumo coughed lightly, keeping stride with Naruto.
Naruto glanced at him, “What?”
“I was just wondering… why’d you choose me?”
Naruto repressed a sigh.
“Uh… you’re the best looking?”
“R-really?” Izumo blushed, “I-I think you’re really beautiful, Hitomi-chan.”
“Thanks.” Naruto muttered, “Look, maybe we can run? I really need to see Tsunade-sama.”

“Oh.” Izumo murmured sounding depressed.
“I was just hoping to spend a little more time with you. Uh – when are you leaving Konoha? Maybe we could go out on a date.” Izumo suggested, his cheeks still pink.
Naruto sighed. He needed to get rid of this poor guy.
Hinata is going to pay!’

“Izumo…” Naruto said, turning to him, “I’m going to be leaving soon.” ‘Real soon!’
“I’m sorry.” Naruto continued, “I-I would like to see you again, but I won’t be able to.”
Izumo’s face fell and Naruto couldn’t help but feel bad.
And then a whole other part of Naruto made a note to himself to get Izumo a girl. Jeez!

Naruto sighed and looked around to make sure no one was around.
He leaned in and pecked Izumo on the mouth, “I’m sorry.” He drew back and slammed his forehead into Izumo’s.
Izumo dropped like a sack of potatoes.
“I’m really really sorry.”

“Kissing other boys?”
Naruto turned and saw Hinata leaning against a wall.
“I didn’t even hear you.”
Hinata grinned, “I’ve had a lot of practice.” She winked, “I saw that sweet little kiss you gave to poor Izumo-san.”
Naruto marched up to her, “And we will never speak of it again, Hinata! Why are you sending all these guys after me, anyway?”
“Are you still planning on making me ‘pay’ after you’re cured?” Hinata asked.

“Then I can’t let you get cured, now can I?” She pinched his cheek, “You’re cute when you’re mad, Hitomi-chan!”
Naruto grabbed her by the waist and pulled her against him, “And you’re hot when you’re mean.”
Hinata giggled, “It’s hard to get excited when you look like that.”
“How hard can it be?” Naruto asked, exasperated.
“Think of it like this, Naruto. How would you like it if I was a boy and trying to get you horny?”
“You mean like Kakashi-sensei, Kotetsu-san, Izumo-san and Ero-sennin!?” Naruto shuddered, “Jeez…”

“Okay, okay – I’ve made you suffer enough, Naruto. Come on, let’s get to the Hokage.” Hinata said when she saw his distressed face.
“Poor Izumo-san.” Hinata said, bending down to kneel beside the unconscious shinobi, “He didn’t deserve that, Naruto.”
Izumo groaned and his eyes opened slowly, “H-hitomi-chan…?”
Hinata peered at him, “Are you okay, Izumo-san?”
Izumo grinned slowly, “She kissed me.” He closed his eyes and relapsed into unconsciousness.
“I think he’ll be fine.” Naruto said.

“What happened?”
Naruto and Hinata turned to see Hyuuga Neji approaching.
“Is Izumo-san okay?” Neji asked.
“He’s fine.” Naruto said, “Come on, Hinata. We’ve got to go.”
“Who are you?” Neji stared at Naruto.
“Oh, it’s just N-“ Hinata started to say.

“Aoki Hitomi!” Naruto interrupted, “I’m Hinata’s cousin.”
Neji gave Naruto a weird look, “No, you’re not. I’d know you if you were.”
“Not if I’m from Hinata’s mother’s side.” Naruto said, knowing full well that Neji had no contact with Hinata’s distant relatives from her mother’s side of the family.
“You are?”
“Yes, Neji-kun.” Naruto said, “I’ve come for a short visit. I’m staying with Hinata in her room.”
Hinata stared at Naruto, “Huh?”
“Come along, Hinata-chaaan.” Naruto called, “We must see the Hokage!”

Neji grabbed Hinata’s arm, “Is she really your cousin?”
“So… she’s not really related to me, right?”
Hinata shook her head, “Ew! Why are you asking me, Neji-niichan? Are you planning on asking her out?”
“She’s very beautiful. Obviously she comes from elite stock. And if she’s not related to me by blood, it could be a very desirable match.” Neji said reasonably.
“You have no idea how disturbing this conversation is to me, niichan. But I’ve got to go. You… you keep away from her.” Hinata suppressed a shudder and ran to catch up to Naruto.

“So you’ll tease Neji and you’ll kiss Izumo, Naruto. Should I be worried?”
Naruto smirked, “I only said that to Neji because when he sees me at your house – in your room – tonight, he won’t be suspicious.”
“You’re not staying with me in my room!” Hinata protested, “Why can’t you stay in your own apartment?”
“You told everyone and their grandmothers that I’m your cousin. Why would I stay in Naruto’s apartment if I’m your cousin?” Naruto grinned.
“Then you can stay in one of the other rooms!” Hinata pointed out.
“I could.” Naruto agreed, “But I’m not gonna.”

“Sorry! Tsunade-sama has retired for the night, Hinata-chan.” Shizune said, “She said she’s feeling a little under the weather.”
Under the weather my ass.” Naruto muttered under his breath, “She’s off getting wasted on sake.”
“Excuse me?” Shizune looked at the beautiful but sullen looking girl, “Do I know you?”
“My apologies, Shizune-san.” Hinata said, “But it’s very important we talk to Godaime-sama.”
Shizune peered at Naruto for a long time, “Well, I’m sorry but it’s impossible. It’s late, Hinata-chan. It’s about time you go home and rest. Come back tomorrow and I’ll make sure you’re the first to see her.”

Naruto followed Hinata silently to the Hyuuga compound and into the large Main House.
“Are you okay?” Hinata asked as Naruto slumped onto her bed.
“No. I’m a girl and I don’t know why I can’t change back into my self. And all the guys are acting freakin’ weird! And I’m pretty sure when Kakashi had his arm around me, he touched my boob. Have you got any idea how creepy it is to have your own teacher trying to feel you up? Also, it may have just been my imagination but when I was walking away from Neji I thought I heard him activate his Byakugan to look through my clothes!”
Hinata grimaced. She wouldn’t put it past Neji.

“Hinata!” Naruto murmured, “I’m starting to freak out…”
Hinata gasped and pulled him into her arms, “I’m sure it’s nothing to worry about, Naruto! I bet tomorrow when you wake up, you’ll be all better!”
Naruto nuzzled her neck, “Hinata?”
“I bet I’ll feel a lot better if we… you know…” He pressed his lips against her neck, “Please?”
Naruto touched her knee and slid his hand slowly up her thigh.

Naruto looked up at her.
She smiled gently and pressed a kiss against his lips, “I’m sorry.”
Hinata pulled back and slammed her forehead into his.
Naruto dropped like a sack of potatoes.
“I’m really really sorry.”

Well, that's one way of getting out of sex. Amirite!?

So, wow! Ya'll have really responded to this story! There's been a lovely response and all good reviews. Ya'll rock.
Thank you to all my readers and reviewers and people who favorited and alerted!

Now - I think there's only one more chapter in me for this story. I can't really see it going anywhere far. I just started it to be silly.
But in the next one, we'll see more of the boys of Konoha.

Who knows who else might stop in?

Kakashi and Neji are dirty. We all knew it. Har.

Oh and poor Izumo. I didn't mean to make him so pathetic. Let's just say 'Hitomi' is SO HOT, she turns guys into puddy.


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