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Monday, May 5, 2008


Pairing: Kurenai X Kakashi

Rating: M

Author: Sapphire720

Title: Passion

I got this title idea from the song Passion by Utada Hikaru. It was the song for Kingdom Hearts 2. This story is a one-shot story for my second favorite couple Kakashi and Kurenai. It is also my second fan fiction, first lemon, and first completed story. Please review if you have the time and/or opinion, Thank you. ;)


Author: Sapphire720


She stepped into the hot water and moaned as the heat soothed her tired muscles caused by her very recent mission. She sighed as she thought about it.

‘At least it was successful.’

She was thankful that Kakashi was here, it added a great advantage having him for a partner.

They were expected to have completed the mission in three days but it only took two and instead of heading back to Konoha with the sure chance of another mission, the two decided to relax in an inn. Besides, it wouldn’t hurt anyone; at least she hoped so.

“All right, I’m going to take this time to relax.”

She sank further into the water and closed her eyes. As the minutes passed and as Kurenai began to relax she felt a pair of hands slowly trace her body, from her neck to her breasts and over her nipples. They hardened slightly before one hand dragged lazily across the area just below her navel and the other slid down her leg. As it drew ribbons down to her knee then up the inside of her leg, she felt her body give a sudden shiver even though the water was steamy. Her excitement rose and she wanted more, mentally she commanded that they do more... mentally those hands were milky white with familiar gloves on them.

When the finger met with the button above her womanhood, it circled and pressed...and then it fell limp. Kurenai opened her eyes and brought her arms up and folded them under her breasts.

‘How long has it been?’

She sighed and stared at the tiles ahead of her. It was a few minutes she was in the hot water when she heard the doorknob turn and the door swing open. Whirling around she faced a man with silver hair and a mask over his mouth; it took a few seconds to recover from the initial shock and register that it was Kakashi. She looked up from her position clueless. He had taken off everything except his pants and spandex undershirt.

Kakashi looked down at her, his eyes wide in surprise, frozen in place. She opened her mouth to speak but found she’d forgotten how to in the last few seconds. He stared at her face taking notice of her eyes and lips in his own secret astonishment and overbearing want. Their crimson color always entranced him in that way and her clever and stubborn will had always amused and turned him on.

She sucked in a breath as he kneeled beside her and reached out to take a piece of hair framing her face in his hand. All Kurenai could do was stare at him slightly pink in the face with a blank mind. He moved his hand to her face and around the flesh at the edge of her eye staring into them. He leaned his face closer to hers.

Snapping out of her daze she focused in on his eyes, silently asking what they were doing. Once Kakashi saw it, he stopped just two inches from her face.

“I’m sorry...Kurenai.”

He hung his head a little and looked up into her eyes again.

“Just forget that I came in...sorry.”

She swallowed the lump in her throat when he did that; point his head down and look up at her. Something in that gesture made her want to kiss him.

‘Do I feel bad for him? Or is it that I need someone to be with.’

As he somewhat shamefully leaned back, she reached out and grabbed the hem of his mask. Kakashi stared at her in surprise. Kurenai, unsure of whether she should initiate a physical relationship with this man, looked him in the eyes; one black and one the color of her own with a defined scar slicing through from one eyelid to the other. His trademark lazy eyes were now alert with the concentration of being in a battle and were somewhat pleading and sincere. The spandex, slowly but surely, peeled away from the bottom portion of his face revealing the most beautiful lips she had ever laid eyes on. Then she leaned in and laid hers over them, closing her eyes. Immediately, both felt sparks of excitement as an electric feeling ran throughout their entire bodies.

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