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Monday, May 5, 2008

Passion chapter 2

Author: Sapphire720


Kakashi and Kurenai pulled away from their first kiss and opened their eyes to stare into the other’s, wondering if the feeling wasn’t only one-sided. Then, tilting their heads they went in again. Kakashi brushed her lips with his tongue hoping to enter. She parted her lips open and touched the tip of his tongue with her own which made him thrust his over hers and proceed to swirl around it in a exploration. Neither could breath but they really didn’t feel the need to.

She combed her fingers through his hair surprised to find it was still silky soft. He put one hand on the back of her head and the other on her hip. As time went on, they only got more heated in passion and soon he was in the water, on top of her fully clothed. She opened her legs for him to lay between as bubbles from his clothes rose to the surface and the clothes themselves got darker from being wet. Kakashi pinned her arms above her with his left hand and explored her body with his right. Rubbing, molding, and pinching her into a world of ecstasy, she didn’t seem to mind that she was being held down in dominance. In fact, she was enjoying it even though she had never let anyone ever be in that position. Being the take charge person she was and a ninja, who had to always watch for traps, wouldn‘t let anything of the sort happen. But it was Kakashi, and Kurenai couldn’t bring herself to even imagine him ever betraying her.

She only pulled her arms free to place them on the hem of his pants as he started to kiss her neck and nibble her ear, she craned her neck away impulsively as the overwhelming feeling swept her senses. Then she pushed down his pants and whatever might be under as far as she could before he kicked them off. After that she pulled the spandex up over his head and off his arms. Kakashi smiled and resumed kissing her, both of them relishing the feeling of their skins making contact; especially when his member was on the mound of flesh above her womanhood. He had both of his hands on her waist as he directed himself to her entrance, his tip asking for permission by prodding it gently. An upward thrust along with labored breathing answered him.

He slipped his penis into her making loud moans emit from both of them and stayed there for a few seconds so they could get adjusted.

Coming out halfway before thrusting inside of her, he then pulled out to the tip before repeating the thrust. Kurenai writhed beneath him so he took her hands again above her and held her there with one hand, the other on her waist. She could only think of trying to make him go faster and wrapped one leg around his waist so she could follow the rhythm better. Going so hard and fast, they both felt like they were going insane with pleasure.

Kurenai had never felt like this before, she pushed her other foot against the tub as he rocked against her swiftly. Her hands tried to fight against his one hand and her hips bucked harder against his in a attempt to somehow feel more of him. His hand was still on her waist for balance and his forehead rested in the crook of her neck. It was getting to be overwhelming, being inside Kurenai, having her muscles coax him into another plane of reality. Kakashi met his body with hers much harder as he increased the speed. The water was splashing around them and out of the tub, the both of them screaming with the excitement and pleasure of it.

Their bodies were in sync as they got closer to the climax. Kurenai moaned loudly, her hips bucked wildly while she held his body close. He continued to hump afterwards and bended his head down to flick her nipples with his tongue before suckling softly on it. Sighing, she played with the hair on the back of his neck when he grabbed her thighs tightly and pumped his penis into her three more times before exploding into her.

Even though they were both in water, there was sweat cascading down their faces. Kakashi laid on her breathing hard as she was just catching her breath. A few minutes passed when they were both just totally quiet. She was the first to speak.

“What now?”

He honestly didn’t know what to say. The whole experience was his best and yet they only did so little. He wished they could do more, he already wanted her again and he knew that he’d want her tomorrow and after that too. But this was obviously a one-time thing.

“We get dressed, I guess.”

She felt a little pang in her chest at how dismissing he was towards what they just did. Waiting for her to say something with his eyes closed, she was still playing with his wet hair. She then stopped and rubbed his shoulder, starting to get up.

“Okay then.”

Lifting his body up off her, he got out and held her hand for her to follow. She bent down to pull out the drain plug and picked up their clothes before following him into the warm room. Opening his duffel bag, Kakashi got out clean clothes and turned to ask Kurenai if they should leave now. Her eyes were on his body and when he turned around, her eyes widened when they caught sight of the penis that was just in her. It became erect again and now she didn’t feel like leaving. They had already done it, what was the harm of doing it again?

With this reasoning, she walked up to him and wrapped her arm around his neck, glad that his manhood poked her stomach. The other hand went around it and felt it stretch even more in her hand. ‘Damn, he’s bigger than I thought.’ Putting her thumb on the tip, she rubbed gently before taking the whole shaft and feeling it.

“It’s like satin..”



She led him to the king-sized bed and gently pushed him down.

Surprise took over Kakashi’s features as he was being lead to the bed by her. In the tub, them having sex was just a matter of circumstance but now, she was basically saying she wanted him. His ass hit the cold sheets and Kurenai kept following and pushing with that one hand still on his dick. He crawled backwards with his elbows, keeping his eyes locked with hers, until they were at the pillows. She reached up to kiss him sweetly, then went down with the kisses.

They went down his jaw.. to the side of neck... up to play with his ear since it drove him crazy.. straight to the skin above his nipple and then going around in clockwork fashion before licking the nipple itself and then gently nipping and sucking it. Proceeding, she went down his abs to the area between his navel and penis and planted small butterfly kisses. Taking her time, she used the hand on his penis the whole time.

Kakashi’s breathing was labored as he watched his fantasy come true. He wanted her to put her mouth on him, but he knew she wouldn‘t. The rest of his dick and his balls ached to be touched and she knew this. She wanted to torture him, though he had to admit the kisses he was getting felt good and made shivers run up his spine.

The soft set of lips on him started to go lower and he wondered if maybe she would suck him, even just lick him. He stared hard at her lips hoping they would keep going and then almost as if she knew she looked up and smiled evilly. The kissing stopped and Kurenai lowered her head until her mouth was right above his dick.

It was bad but right then she wanted to be bad. She would tease him even though he’d probably get angry. She held his penis right below her mouth and opened wide. He thrust up a little and she backed away.


It wasn’t his fault but he would have to control himself while she did this. Kakashi grabbed at the sheets and pulled as he braced himself. Then she opened her mouth wide again and lowered it over him, not yet touching, just having it there with only hot breath making contact. She looked up at him again and loved how he looked at her desperately. Instead of closing her mouth, Kurenai pulled away. She did it again two times; making believe she was going down and pulling away before her lips made any contact.

The whole time Kakashi just stared, wanting her to just lick him. Damn it, he had actually had dreams of this and she was playing around. He would’ve begged her to do it for him but he resisted for the sake of his dignity.

Kurenai stared into his eyes and then admired his naked body. She wasn’t going to do it but her mind was slowly changing. Looking into his eyes again she seriously thought about giving Kakashi an actual blow job. Sticking her tongue out unsurely she looked at him. Meanwhile, Kakashi thought she was playing around again. He laid his head back in frustration but it shot up when he felt the wet softness.

Placing the end of her tongue on his tip she circled it curiously and felt his hips jerk. Kakashi was staring down at her in amazement.

“Congratulations. You are the first to get me to do this and I don’t even know why.”

She opened her mouth and put it on his penis circling it with her tongue and then sucked gently on it. Her teeth lightly grazed him as she pulled off.

“Tell me what to do.”

“Suck how you just did but harder.. and your teeth, don’t let them graze me..”

She repeated what she did to his tip, sucking on it as she felt his wetness. This time she made sure to keep her teeth away as she pulled off. Licking down the side of the member she bent her head sideways and sucked at the bottom. Then she gently kneaded his balls testing if it would hurt him or not. When he moaned she kept on.

Kakashi had his eyes closed with his mouth slightly parted. Then he forced his eyes opened to see her. It was his fantasy; looking down and seeing Kurenai sucking his dick.

Liking the sound she made come from him she licked up and decided to go deep. Sticking as much of him into her mouth she reached the middle before it felt like she would gag. Stopping she sucked him off hard bobbing her head up and down. Some of the cum mixed with her saliva slipped down his shaft as she did this. As wanted, Kakashi was moaning louder and grabbing at the sheets. Picking her head up she stared at in his facial expression curiously. His eyes were staring at her in pleasure and he looked like he was on cloud 9. It excited her to see Hatake Kakashi like this so she held her hair with one hand and his dick with the other. Going down again she made it all the way and continued sucking while her head went up and down. She sucked him all the way to the top and then swirled her tongue around him.

His hips were jerking up again uncontrollably and she kept on loving how she made him like that.

“I’m going to cum, move or it’ll get in your mouth.”

She was glad to her that he was being considerate of her but she wanted to taste more of him. He looked down with his eyes wide as he grunted, actually glad that she didn’t stop.

“Ahh shit! Suck harder! Ungh!”

She did what he said and sucked harder while making her mouth run sprints up and down his length. He was hot and silky and she could feel the veins on him.

“Unh ahh-! Mmmm! Shit! Uuunnngghhh - I’m going to cum!”

His hips jerked up and poured into her mouth his cum. She felt it’s heat as she took the task of swallowing it. He came so much though that she had to pull off and felt the rest come on her face.

Opening his eyes, Kakashi looked down at Kurenai who had his cum all over her face and some at the corners of her mouth. She didn’t look mad but instead touched the substance and rubbed it between her fingers. He smiled, completely satisfied, at her and after a minute or so sat up. She sat there between his legs and looked at him, licking the corners of her mouth.

“..You don’t taste bad.”

Looking at her playfully he hugged her to him and laid the both of them down. Then he kissed her and wiped his cum off her face, using it to rub her clit. Making it all slippery he put two fingers in her, then went in and out with them. She moaned and moved to lay on top of him as they made out for a few minutes. He could taste himself in her mouth and it made him glad to know she had it there on her own accord. Pulling his fingers out of her tight entrance he grinned devilishly at her when she looked at him with disappointment.

“It’s my turn Kurenai.”

Kurenai’s eyes widened as Kakashi flipped her onto the bed, kissing her neck, he slipped one hand to her clit. She let out a small shriek before he drowned her out with his lips and then when she ceased he went down, stopping briefly to have his tongue play with her nipples.


Soon he was right at her entrance. Still using his fingers to tease her clit Kakashi took the time to look at her in wonder.

“You’re really wet Kurenai, it’s... odd.. how much I’m getting turned on by the sight of it.”

“Kakashi, please...”

He looked up to her and saw a face full of want. She was rubbing her nipples tactfully as he watched silently with his mouth parted. Deciding that now was the time he stopped rubbing her with his fingers and replaced them with his tongue.

Hearing Kurenai’s labored breathing got him excited. Moving his tongue down to her entrance Kakashi delved into it. Screaming in pleasure, she grabbed the bedpost behind her and pulled.

Never before had anyone done this and it was incredible. The feeling of his soft, wet tongue going inside her and moving was unbelievable. Grabbing harder and the post, she tried to hold in any noise but gave up when he rapidly flicked his tongue in and out of her.

The whine that emitted from Kurenai got him excited. Yet he wanted her to beg and he also wanted to hear her say that he was better than anyone else she ever had.

Stopping suddenly Kakashi didn’t know why it had bothered him... what he had just thought. The thought of men other than him doing this to her instantly created a strange mix of anger, sadness, possessiveness in his chest.

“Please Kakashi..”

Looking up at her face he wondered who else witnessed that same expression. Then forcing himself out of his state of jealousy he worked his ministrations on her until she shrieked and pulled on that bed post making it crack. Then he stopped.

“Who else have you ever been with?”

Looking down in exhaustion and disbelief, Kurenai quickly thought of the names and told him. It was only a couple of men but one stood out.


She couldn’t believe he was asking this right now.

“How long? How many times?”

Now Kurenai leaned up but was pushed back down by him. She furrowed her brows impatiently but held her tongue as his continued to pleasure her. Licking her lips from the pleasure she halted her breathing when he stopped.

“..For a few months. We only did it three times because of missions.”

Seemingly satisfied, Kakashi licked her clit before suckling it gently. He continued playing with her, making her scream and thrash. Plunging his tongue in again she breathed rapidly and then thrust her hips to the air and orgasmed.

The feeling was an incredible mix of pleasure and pain. Her pussy dripped with clear liquid and clenched with the orgasm and her moans rang throughout the room.

Without letting much time pass Kakashi came back up to capture her nipples and Kurenai relished the feeling while combing her fingers through his hair.

“Tell me... that I’m the best you’ve ever had.”

Kurenai’s eyes snapped open and met his eyes at her breast. He was looking at her with a cockiness in his eyes.

‘He wants me to tell him that so is ego will feel good... ass.’

“No, idiot.”

Kakashi’s lips came up to hers and dominated her. Covering her body with his, Kakashi pinned her down and opened her legs with his knee. The whole time Kurenai kept his eye contact and smirked, letting him do whatever it was he planned.

“Let’s do this again then, Kurenai.”

She smirked and then licked her lips in ecstasy as he entered her again. Intertwining his fingers with hers, he bent low to her neck and sucked on it. She laughed a bit and then moaned as he used his tongue to write her name. They both could feel her nipples turn into pebbles again. Kurenai moved her hips up and wrapped her legs around his waist possessively. He let go of her hands and leaned closer to her.

“You ready?”

Looking at him questioningly, Kurenai then felt him pump roughly into her making her wince and let out a held in breath. Continuing he pushed and pulled, in and out of her hard and slow. He himself was wincing from holding back from busting a nut. Then with the all control he had, Kakashi stopped to look down and see tears in her eyes.

“Are you alright?”

“Yes, it’s just so much and at once.”

He saw that she was in no pain and continued only to stop when her hips started bucking.


“..Huh? Wh-what?”

“Say it.”


He smiled and pushed into her hard again, holding her tight to control his own reactions. She moaned loudly and gritted her teeth.

“Say it.”

“You’re the.. you’re the most-... conceited ass I’ve ever had the pleasure to fuck.”

Laughing Kakashi kissed her gently on the nose before thrusting in a few more times to drive her even more crazy. Then he stopped.

“Just say it.”


With unforeseen strength she turned him over onto his back and held his arms over his head then went up and down on him herself. Finding himself in a bad position Kakashi couldn’t do anything as she drove him deeper to climax and he couldn’t hold it in with her over him. Watching her breasts bouncing and her dazed eyes he grabbed them and kneaded them roughly.

The both of them continued and screamed and moaned as everything from sight to sound made them closer. Screaming Kurenai laid on a grunting Kakashi and came. A few seconds later he let go and his seed shot into her.

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