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Monday, May 5, 2008

Girl Trouble chapter 4

Girl Trouble 4
Author: 4ng3legg

“C-chouji! Shikamaru!” Naruto said, standing up, “D-don’t do anything! It’s me—“
Chouji thrust a bag of chips into Naruto’s face, “Y-you can have the last chip!”
Naruto and Shikamaru gasped in astonishment. Chouji never let anyone have the last chip!
Naruto glanced at Hinata.
She was chewing on her nails anxiously, “T-take it, Hitomi. It would be impolite to refuse…”

“Y-yea… uh… t-thank you, Chouji…” Naruto’s hand shook as he reached into the bag and took out the last chip.
Normally the barbeque-flavored potato chip would have been delicious but Naruto felt terrible for fooling his good friend.
“How do you know my name?” Chouji asked as he crumpled the empty bag, “I’ve never met you before.”
Naruto swallowed the lump of food in his mouth, “S-sure you have!”
“No, I think I’d remember…”

Yelling voices reached Naruto’s ears, “She’s not over here, Izumo! Check over there!”
Naruto stifled a scream, “Help me!” He cried, jumping behind Chouji, “These weirdos are after me! I have to get to Old Lady Tsunade!”
Shikamaru’s eyebrows disappeared into his hair.
“Sure, we’ll help you.” Chouji said, “Right Shikamaru?”
Shikamaru nodded slowly, “Sure we will… what’s your name again?”

“Hotaru.” Naruto said.
“Hitomi!” Hinata barked.
“HITOMI!” Naruto blushed, “I… I’m just so… you know, nervous.”
“Chouji,” Hinata directed, “You go distract Jiraiya-sama. Shikamaru, you trap Kotetsu-san and Izumo-san. I’ll get Hitomi to the Hokage. Got it? Go!”
“Right, Hinata-chan!” Chouji jogged away to find Jiraiya.

“Hmm…” Shikamaru said, “Good luck, Hinata-chan. Naruto.”
“Yea, thanks.” Naruto said, grabbing Hinata’s hand, “See you, Shikamaru.”
“How did you figure it out?” Hinata asked with a laugh.
“Waitasecond!” Naruto said, finally realizing what Shikamaru had said.

“Haha – Naruto is the only person who calls Tsunade-sama, ‘Old Lady’.” Shikamaru grinned, “It’s a good thing I heard him, though. I was this close to doing some totally out of character.”
“Like what?”
“We don’t have time for this.” Naruto said, not wanting to hear what Shikamaru had almost done.
“Let’s just say Temari would not have been pleased.” Shikamaru laughed and walked off, “Don’t worry about Kotetsu-san and Izumo-san. I’ll get ‘em.”

“Did you notice, Naruto?” Hinata asked as they jogged towards the Administration Building, “Shikamaru didn’t do anything crazy!”
“But he said he didn’t do it because he’d realized it was you! That’s it, Naruto! If you tell all the guys that it’s you then they won’t chase after you anymore!” Hinata said.
“Maybe but they’d totally make fun of me!” Naruto whined, “And Neji and Kakashi would probably kick my ass for tricking them!”
“But you didn’t do it on purpose!”
I know that.” Naruto said, “But they don’t.”
“Then this whole situation is going to get crazier! And you won’t have anyone to blame but yourself.”

Naruto pulled Hinata into a dark alley.
“Why’re we stopping?” Hinata asked.
“Shh! I see Neji and Rock Lee up ahead.” Naruto muttered, “Neji has his back to us but I think Lee may have seen us.”
Hinata peeked out from behind the wall and saw Neji being pulled away by Tenten.
Lee was waved at them but his eyes were on Hinata!
Hinata ducked back, “Uh oh…”
“Come on, let’s go around this building.” Naruto ran down the alley to a gate and jumped over.
Hinata followed.

They made their way around the building and walked out the alley. Lee was no where to be seen.
“Whew.” Naruto sighed, “That was a close one.”
Two hands descended on both Naruto and Hinata’s shoulders from behind, “What are you doing?”
“Lee-kun!” Hinata gasped, “Y-you followed us!”
Lee looked at Hinata and then at Naruto, his already wide eyes growing wider.

“Is… is this the cousin I’ve been hearing about?”
Hearing about?” Naruto whispered.
“Neji can’t stop talking about her. Tenten-chan is not happy.” Lee said, “It’s so nice to meet you, Hitomi-chan. I’m Rock Lee!”
“N-nice to meet you.” Naruto said, pushing Lee’s hand off his shoulder, “I have to go.”
“Do you mind if I accompany you, Hinata-chan? Hitomi-chan?”
Yes.” Naruto muttered.
“T-thank you, Lee-kun,” Hinata smiled nervously, “You’re so polite.”

A sudden explosion made everyone jump and Naruto looked up to see Izumo and Kotetsu fiercely battling with Shikamaru on a rooftop.
“Kage Mane no Jutsu!” Shikamaru called as he sent his shadow out to connect to theirs.
“Get back Izumo!” Kotetsu yelled.
“Shit! He got me!” Izumo roared, “I’m stuck! Attack him, Kotetsu!”

Kotetsu wasn’t looking at Shikamaru anymore. He was staring down from the rooftop, “I see her, Izumo! She’s right down there with Hinata-chan and that fuzzy-brows-kid!”
Lee grimaced.
Izumo struggled harder against Shikamaru’s jutsu, “Help me get out of this, Kotetsu!”
Kotetsu pulled his gaze away from Naruto and looked at Izumo. He slowly smiled, “See you, Izumo!”

“What!? D-don’t leave me here like this!” Izumo screamed, “Kotetsu! KOTETSU!”
“Too late anyway!” Shikamaru cried, “Got you, too, Kotetsu-san!”
Kotetsu looked down and realized that when he’d been distracted by the beautiful Hitomi-chan, he’d been caught in Shikamaru’s jutsu.

“AHAHHAHAAH!” Naruto laughed, pointing at them, “Let’s see you get me now!” He shook his butt at them and smacked his hip, “Ooh! Yea, you want me but you can’t have me! Yea!”
“You’re freaking me out.” Hinata murmured.
“She’s even beautiful when she’s taunting us.” Izumo cried.
“She is! She is!” Kotetsu agreed.

Lee followed Hinata and Naruto as they made their way to the Administration Building.
“Why did you want to accompany us?” Hinata asked Lee.
“Eh? Oh, well, it’s just polite. Besides, Tenten dragged Neji off so I didn’t have anything to do.” Lee grinned, “Also – you two were so freaked out looking that I thought you might need some help.”

The sound of gigantic footsteps were heard and Hinata looked back to see a giant-sized Chouji holding Jiraiya in one hand and Kotetsu and Izumo in the other. A tired-looking Shikamaru was sitting on Chouji’s shoulder.
“Where are you taking us!?” Jiraiya yelled.
“Don’t worry, we’re not going to hurt you.” Shikamaru assured him, “We’re just gonna take you for a nice dip in a cold lake.”
“Hitomiiiiiii!!” Izumo called as Chouji drew father and farther away.

“So…” Naruto said as they continued walking, “You’re not attracted to me?”
Lee smiled, “Hitomi-chan, you are obviously a very beautiful girl. I’m not blind after all. But I cannot be attracted to you.”
“Why?” Hinata asked.
“I love another!” Lee said, “My beautiful Sakura-chan! She and only she holds the key to my mighty heart! YOSH!”

“Awesome!” Naruto said happily, giving Lee a pat on the shoulder, “You’re a good guy, Lee!”
“HAI! Thank you, Hitomi-chan! IT IS THE POWER OF YOUTH!” Lee roared.
“…” Naruto grinned nervously, “…right…”

“Ah, Hinata-chan! You’re finally here! Tsunade-sama is waiting for you.” Shizune called from the door of the Administration Building.
“Thanks for walking with us, Lee!” Naruto called, waving goodbye.
“No problem!” Lee called, “See you around!”
I sure hope not…” Naruto muttered.

“Are you sure it was a simple Henge?” Tsunade asked, peering into Naruto’s eyes, “I mean, if you say it made all the guys crazy.”
“Well, not quite.” Hinata said, “Shikamaru didn’t go crazy because he figured out it was Naruto.”
“Lee didn’t go crazy because he’s already crazy about Sakura-chan.” Naruto said as Tsunade squished his face between her hands, “Is that necessary?”
“Tch.” Tsunade sniffed, “I’m just trying to see if there is a way to make you ugly, Naruto.”
“Jealous?” Naruto said, chuckling.
“I won’t hesitate to smack you.” Tsunade warned, “In any case, I think I know what happened.”
“WHAT!?” Naruto and Hinata asked together.

“According to your story, Naruto, you’d been feeling sick?”
“Y-yea… but I’m not anymore.”
“No surprise. You probably had a virus. But it wasn’t just any sort of cold virus or flu virus. This virus attacked was attacking your chakra system.” Tsunade explained.
“M-my chakra system!? Am I going to die!?”
“Nah,” Tsunade chuckled, “But when you performed the transformation technique, the virus attacked more fiercely because your entire body structure was changing so it didn’t have the strength to fight off the virus. When your body finished the transformation, it attacked the virus and killed it but the virus left behind some side-affects. It wouldn’t allow you to return to your real form because it was attacking the chakra nerves that now resides near your chest and ovaries.”

“His ovaries!?” Hinata yelped.
“YEP! Right in the baby maker! Since your real form doesn’t contain ovaries, the virus wouldn’t allow you to change back. Anyway the jutsu won’t wear off until the virus dies completely. I’ll give you some medicine, Naruto, and the jutsu should wear off sometime tomorrow.” Tsunade smiled, “Ok?”
“B-but, Godaime-sama, that doesn’t explain why all the guys were going crazy!” Hinata said.

“Oh, that. Well, it seems that due to how hard, Naruto was working, he’d worked up quite a sweat. Am I right?”
“Yea – well, when you changed into a female, your body began releasing pheromones in mass quantities. Not to mention the Kyuubi heightens everything about you, Naruto. It made your pheromones EXTRA strong. That’s why Izumo and Kotetsu were the worst affected than anyone else. They met you when you still hadn’t taken a shower so they got a full blast of your pheromones, Naruto. After you cooled down in the shower, the pheromones reduced and that’s when you say you met Kakashi and Jiraiya.”

“But why were they acting so crazy? They didn’t get hit as bad as Kotetsu-san and Izumo-san.” Hinata asked.
“Tch – because those two are plain old perverts.” Naruto answered.
Tsunade laughed, “Probably, yea.”
“And Neji-niichan? He was acting pretty weird.”
“Closet pervert.” Naruto said.

“I suppose that also explains why Chouji-kun, Shikamaru-kun and Lee-kun were almost normal when you met them.” Hinata pointed out, “They weren’t hit as hard as Izumo-san and Kotetsu-san.”
“Ok, boys and girls. That ends our Q and A session! Let me give you your medicine, Naruto and you can be on your way.” Tsunade said, walking to the door, “Just keep out of sight of Izumo and Kotetsu. Those poor guys don’t need anymore torturing.”

When she returned, Tsunade watched Naruto to make sure he took the full dose of medicine.
“Yech.” Naruto said, shaking his head, “I’m gonna need some ramen to get this terrible taste out of my mouth…”
“Anyway, Naruto,” Tsunade said, “You said you could perform your jutsus fine after the Henge?”
“Yea, I just couldn’t return to my normal body.”
“Well, I already explained that, blondie – you were stuck in a female body but Naruto?”
“Why didn’t you just henge into an ugly girl?”

“Naruto, I think it’s okay if you return to your own apartment now.”
“Nope! I’m not leaving your side until I’m back to my old self.” Naruto said, snuggling down into the Hinata’s bed, “Comfy!”
“Then maybe I should sleep in a guest bedroom.”
“Not on your life, Hinata!” Naruto said, pulling her into the bed, “You’re stayin’ riiiiight here.”
He nuzzled her hair, “Don’t worry. I’m not going to try anything.”
Sure enough, within minutes, Naruto was sound asleep.

The Next Morning

Naruto awoke with a start.
He sat up and looked around the room groggily.
“Where am I?”
Beside him, Hinata slept peacefully.

“Oh yea…” Naruto swung his legs off the bed and stood up. He stretched and shuffled sleepily towards Hinata’s bathroom.
It was still dark and Naruto fumbled around for the light switch. Finally, he found it, shuffled to the toilet and unzipped.
It wasn’t until he was washing his hands that he realized he had his dick back.
Two seconds later he was back in bed.

Hinata felt warm.
Unbearably warm.
She felt hands. Hands on her breasts and her stomach.
Hands that were touching and rubbing and…

Hinata’s eyes flashed open, “W-what…?”
“Shh shh…” Naruto murmured.
“Naruto!” Hinata hissed angrily, “I said I didn’t want to…!”
“You said you like dick.” Naruto murmured into her ear. He pressed himself against her back.

“N-naruto…” Hinata gasped. The body pressed against her was definitely not that of a woman!
“Must have changed back while we were asleep.” Naruto whispered before he kissed the skin beneath her ear, “I remembered what you said.”
Hinata shivered at the feel of his warm breath on her skin.
“Do you remember what I said?” Naruto said against her skin.
“W-what?” Hinata whispered.
“No… sleep… for… you…”

He pulled her onto her back and leaned over her, “And right now, you’re wearing way too many clothes… let’s fix that problem!”
Hinata giggled when Naruto’s large, cool hands slid beneath her sleeping shirt, “Ohh… your hands are cold.”
“All the better to tease you with.” He laughed before he began licking her collarbone. His cool fingers found her breasts, causing her nipples to harden instantly.
“Oh!” Hinata moaned loudly.
“Shh, shh…” Naruto murmured, “We’re in your house full of your male relatives.”

“T-they’ve got to be… uh… s-sleeping…” Hinata whispered as his clever hands made shambles of coherent thoughts.
“I thought I heard footsteps…” Naruto said, lifting his head, “Did you…?”
“Don’t stop!” Hinata whispered, pulling him back down, “Anyway, I didn’t hear a thing…”
Naruto grinned.

Hinata pulled him closer, her hands pushing up his shirt impatiently.
Naruto sighed when he felt her hands on the skin of his back.
Hinata made a noise of protest when one of his hands left her breast.
She moaned when the rogue hand slid between their bodies and moved to push down her thin pajama bottoms. Her fingernails dug into his back.

Suddenly Hinata heard the footsteps Naruto had mentioned earlier.
“N-naruto!” She whispered hurriedly as she shoved him off of her, “Run!
“W-what?” Naruto struggled to understand what had just happened.
Suddenly the door exploded and Neji stood in the midst of the splints. The veins around his eyes testified to his Byakugan being active, “NAAAARUUUUTOOO!!”

The End.

Hope you all enjoyed! And I sure hope that my explaination made sense:P

So before I go I wanted to ask ya'll a favor:

I want to do a fanfic starting the story from the beginning but making everything steampunk.
For more information visit my userpage. I'd like to collab with someone but if not collab, than I definately wouldn't mind someone to bounce ideas off of


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