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Monday, May 5, 2008

Girl Trouble

Girl Trouble

Author: 4ng3legg

Uzumaki Naruto was panting.
Sweat poured down his face and bare chest.
His cheeks were flushed and his entire body felt like it was overheated.
“H-had enough…?”

Naruto grinned up at the figure speaking, “Just about…”
“Yah… me, too. It’s time we turn in. Even we aren’t inexhaustible.”
Naruto nodded and released the Kage Bunshin no Jutsu – Shadow Clone Technique.

His clone disappeared in a cloud of smoke and Naruto clutched his head, suddenly dizzy due to accumulating all the mental and physical stress of his clone.
The dizziness dissipated and soon he felt normal. Well, relatively normal.
He was still hot, tired and sweaty.
But that was okay. It was a good feeling resulting from hard work.

Naruto stripped until he was nude and took a dip in the nearby creek.
It was cold but refreshing and soon Naruto felt more refreshed.
Not completely well, though and this disturbed him a little.

Naruto had always been able to recover quickly but that morning he’d woken up feeling a little ill.
That was rare.
He never got colds or illnesses. Naruto was the epitome of masculine health at 18 years of age.
But that morning had been different.

Naruto visited his good friend Haruno Sakura briefly but she waved it off as ‘nothing to worry about.’ She told him to rest for the day and if he felt worse tomorrow, she’d prescribe him something.
Naruto had shrugged off the advice. Working hard always made him feel better and he was sure it would help in this case.
So he’d spent the day training.

He took a break around 1 PM to grab a bite to eat with his girlfriend, Hyuuga Hinata.
She looked worried when he mentioned he wasn’t feeling so well that morning so when she asked if he was feeling better, he’d lied so she wouldn’t continue worrying.
She was adorable when she worried, of course, but he loved to see a smile on her soft lips.
And it certainly made him feel better when, after a picnic lunch, he’d sat with his head resting on her lap and took a short nap in the cool meadow.
Hinata woke him up with a kiss and, unfortunately, left soon after to help her cousin, Hyuuga Neji, with something.

Now, he decided it was a good time to stop.
Naruto redressed in his sweaty clothes and decided he’d better take a shower before meeting Hinata later.

He looked out across the cool, quiet meadow and decided he could try one more jutsu before he stopped completely.
Which one, though? Nothing hard. Something quick and easy. Simple.
Naruto grinned. He’d do a simple Henge no Jutsu – Transformation Technique.
Naruto formed an image in his head – a beautiful 18-year-old woman. Black hair instead of his usual blond but he kept his blue eyes. She would have a curvaceous figure – the inspiration no doubt coming from his luscious girlfriend.

Image fully formed, Naruto performed the needed hand seals and poof!
Naruto examined his hands and arms – all thin and delicately formed.
He peered into the creek and saw his reflection.
He had to laugh out loud. He – she – was gorgeous!
Naruto chuckled and posed at the reflection in the water.

He shook his head and suddenly felt very dizzy.
Naruto sat on the floor and waited for the dizzy-spell to pass.
He made a mental note to see Tsunade tomorrow. Hokage or not, she was the best medical nin in the village and Naruto figured he needed the best.
A few minutes and Naruto felt more or less normal. He stood up and put his hands together to release the jutsu.

Naruto blinked. Nothing.
He tried again, “Release!
Sweat formed above the full upper lip of the beautiful woman he’d transformed into.
“RELEASE!” He cried out, his voice that of a sultry-sounding woman.

Twenty minutes later and there was no change.
No matter what he tried, the Henge would not release.
He tried other jutsus and found he could work them just fine.
Finally, he decided he needed to talk to Tsunade now.

Naruto walked through the main Entrance gates of Konoha. It was getting dark but the street lights had yet to be lit.
Naruto looked up and saw two familiar faces, keeping watch.
“Who’re you? You can’t just waltz in here!” Hagane Kotetsu called, “Come here, out of the shadows and let us see you.”
Naruto walked over, “What’re you talking about? It’s me.” He said, momentarily forgetting his problem.

“Who are you?” Kamizuki Izumo asked, his face suddenly pale.
Naruto stared at the two. Both of them were staring at him.
Kotetsu had a strange smile on his face, “I’d have remembered a girl as pretty as you.”
Naruto nearly screamed, “G-girl!!” He stopped when he remembered his problem.
“Shut up, Kotetsu!” Izumo said, elbowing his friend, “This is no girl.”
“Tch – yea.” Naruto grimaced, glaring at Kotetsu. He was glad Izumo wasn’t a complete idiot. He could tell it was Naruto.

“This is a beautiful woman.”
Naruto paled and stepped backwards away from the two shinobi, “Guys, it’s…”
“Don’t pay any attention to this honey-tongued jerk.” Kotetsu said, “Maybe you and I could go out sometime…?”
“A beautiful woman like this would never be interested in a weirdo like you, Kotetsu!” Izumo barked, “I’m sure, though, we could have some fun.”
Naruto did scream when Izumo winked ever-so-slowly.

As the two friends watched the beautiful woman run away, literally screaming, they exchanged a look. They couldn’t chase after her. They had guard duty.
“You don’t think she was dangerous, right?” Kotetsu asked.
“She had on a Konoha forehead protector.” Izumo reasoned, “She’s one of ours. But… how come I’ve never seen her before?”
“There was something, though…” Kotetsu murmured, “…definitely familiar about her.”
“We didn’t even get her name.” Izumo sighed, “I wonder if we’ll ever see her again.”

Naruto ran all the way to his apartment, jumped in through an open window and slammed the window shut behind him.
He stood there, panting and twitching.
The looks Kotetsu and Izumo had been giving him!
He felt like… a piece of meat.
Naruto could practically hear them panting when they talked to him. No, her!

Naruto stared down at his beautiful body.
Why did he have to make her so beautiful!?

A sudden movement on the bed made Naruto shriek.
The figure in the bed sat up and shrieked, too.
Finally, Naruto realized he was screaming due to his own girlfriend.

“Hinata!” Naruto breathed, “Oh… oh jeez… you scared me…”
Hinata stared at him, “W-who are you!?”
“What? Oh! Oh – it’s me, Hinata! Naruto!”
Hinata stared at him then finally activated her Byakugan – White Eyes.
Sure enough there was that familiar chakra signature.

“Why are you running around in a Henge?” Hinata demanded, “And why’re you screaming your lungs out?”
“I’m stuck like this!” Naruto said, slumping into a chair, “I tried out a Henge and then I couldn’t release the jutsu! I tried everything.”
“I’m not kidding. I came into the village to see Tsunade but at the gates…” He stopped and turned red.
Hinata thought Naruto was a very beautiful woman – especially with the red in her cheeks.

Naruto coughed, “Kotetsu-san and Izumo-san… they, uh… they… hit on me.” He said, casting his eyes down.
“They beat you up?”
No, they… they were flirting with me.” Naruto flushed and looked up at Hinata, who was fighting a smile.
“Hinata!” Naruto moaned, “Don’t laugh! It’s not funny!”
Hinata grinned, “I’m s-sorry, Naruto.”

She stood up from the bed and Naruto realized she’d been waiting for him.
She wore an old button down dress shirt that Naruto had given her a while ago – and nothing else, it seemed.
“H-hinata…” Naruto murmured.
“I don’t mean to laugh, really.” Hinata said, floating over to him, “It’s just kind of… silly. But you should see Tsunade-sama.”
She touched Naruto’s cheek and pushed his hair back behind his ear.
Her long black hair back behind her ear.

“W-wait!” Naruto said as Hinata pulled on her pants, “What about tonight?”
Hinata gave him an odd look, “What about tonight?”
“We were going to go out…”
“Oh, I was tired. I didn’t feel like going out…”
“Then we were going to stay in.” Naruto said pointedly, “Either way – I’m happy.”
Hinata’s eyebrows rose, “You… want to stay in?”
Naruto grinned, “Yea!”
“With you? L-looking like that?”

Naruto looked down at himself.
Boobs. Nice ones, too.
Naruto looked at Hinata.
Boobs. Even nicer ones.
He didn’t see a problem. Only winning.

Hinata laughed when she realized what was going through his head, “Oh no.”
“Naruto, I’m not sleeping with you when you look like that.” Hinata took off the shirt and Naruto saw that she wore no bindings beneath.
Hinata grinned and pulled on her regular t-shirt and coat, “How do I put this, Naruto?”
She zipped up her coat, “I like dick.”

Naruto whimpered.
“Now go take a shower because I can smell you from where I’m standing and get dressed. We’re gonna go see Tsunade-sama.” Hinata said, gesturing to the bathroom.
“What’s the point?” Naruto snarled, crossing his arms over his generous chest.
“If Tsunade-sama is able to fix your little problem, Naruto.” Hinata murmured, leaning in close, “Then we can come back and I can fix another problem of yours.” She purred into his ear.
“Uwah…” Naruto mumbled, unable to get out anything more intelligent.
“Shower.” Hinata said, standing up straight, “Don’t worry. I’ll wait for you.”

Fifteen minutes later found Hinata wrapping Naruto’s chest up for him.
Naruto purred, “Are you sure you don’t want to…?”
“Positive.” Hinata said, “There. You’re done.”
“These are kind of uncomfortable.” Naruto mumbled. He grabbed his bound breasts, “Yours feel better.”
Hinata laughed, “Nice try, though.”

Naruto pulled on a t-shirt and a pair of pants and pulled his sandals on.
“I’m hungry. Let’s eat first.” Naruto said, clutching his stomach, “Tsunade-sama will still be there. She ain’t going no where.”
“Are you sure, Naruto? People are going to see you.” Hinata pointed out.
Naruto flushed. He hadn’t thought about that but he was hungry and he knew for a fact that he hadn’t gone grocery shopping recently.

His stomach rumbled as if to make the choice clear.
“We’ll eat fast.” Naruto said, “I’m sure no one will see us.”
Hinata nearly laughed out loud as she thought about this statement.
This night was bound to be a total disaster.

“Naruto,” Hinata said, giggling behind her hand, “You want to make sure no one sees us by eating at the restaurant everyone goes to?”
Naruto grimaced. In hindsight, eating at Ichiraku’s Ramen Stand may not have been the smartest choice.
But he was here now and starving.
At the moment the stand was empty save for himself and Hinata.

“Hello!” Hinata called, interrupting Naruto before he could call out his usual greeting of, ‘HEY OLD MAN!’
“Ah, Hyuuga Hinata!” Teuchi, the owner, said when he saw her, “Welcome! And who is your lovely friend?”
Naruto grimaced.
“Ah, this is my distant cousin,” Hinata lied neatly, “Aoki Hitomi.”
“Aoki Hitomi?” Ayame, Teuchi’s daughter, repeated, “Ah! It’s very nice to meet you Hitomi-chan.”
Naruto nodded, “N-nice to meet you, too, Ayame-chan.”

Teuchi and Ayame exchanged a look.
“How did you know my name?” Ayame asked, “I didn’t say it…”
“I told Hitomi-chan, all about this place before she came to visit. I’ve told her all about you Ayame!”
“Ah! I see.” Ayame smiled, “What can I get for you?”
Naruto decided not to take a chance and asked Hinata to order for him.

Behind them, a figure entered the stand, “Good evening.”
Naruto paled.
That voice! That familiar voice!
And then another voice, “Ah, good evening.”
That OTHER voice!
Naruto turned slowly and saw, to his horror, there stood Hatake Kakashi – his sensei! And Jiraiya! Ero-sennin! Perverted Hermit!

Almost in slow motion, Kakashi’s visible eye and Jiraiya’s eyes slowly turned to Naruto.
“Well…” Kakashi murmured, “Hello.”
Naruto cringed and realized, beside him, Hinata was shaking with laughter.
“Not. Funny.” Naruto hissed.

Hinata waved her hand a moment then turned to the two men, “Kakashi-sensei! Jiraiya-sama! I’d like you both to meet my distant cousin, Aoki Hitomi! She’s visiting for a short time.”
Kakashi and Jiraiya shoved each other trying to get to the seat right beside Naruto.
Kakashi made it.
Jiraiya, grumbling, sat beside Kakashi.

“It’s so nice to meet you,” Kakashi said, “I’m Hatake Kakashi. I’m a Jounin in this village.”
“Oh.” Naruto whispered.
“And I’m THE HERMIT OF THE LEGENDARY SANNIN! THE TOAD DEMON OF THE MYSTERIOUS MYOUBOKU MOUNTAIN! THE GREAT JIRAIIIIIIYA!!” Jiraiya roared, striking a pose in the small cramped area of the Ramen Stand.
“Enough of that!” Kakashi said, giving Jiraiya a look.
“Ignore him.” Kakashi said to Naruto, “He’s easily excited.”
“Oh?” Naruto gave a nervous laugh.

Hinata clutched his arm, trying not to fall off her stool from laughing too hard.
“I, uh… I think I’ve heard of you… Jiraiya-sama…” Naruto said, trying to think of good conversation.
“Aren’t you, uh… also a, uh… a writer?”
Jiraiya and Kakashi exchanged a look.
“I am.” Jiraiya said warily, “Although, I’m sure a sweet young lady like you has never read my books.”

“Sure I have!” Naruto said smiling, “I’ve skimmed a couple…” He glanced over at Hinata who was staring at him with a smile plastered on her face.
He looked at Kakashi and Jiraiya who were also staring at him.
“You… read my books?” Jiraiya said slowly, “And do you… enjoy them?”
Naruto flushed, “I… I don’t BUY them. My… uh, my BOYFRIEND reads them and I looked at them and they were okay, I guess. I didn’t have a lot of time to look them through, you know… I, uh, well…” He rambled on, eventually trailing off into silence.

Teuchi set down two bowls in front of Hinata and Naruto, “Enjoy!”
“Ah! Finally!” Naruto exclaimed, reaching for a pair of chopsticks, “Itadakimasu!” Naruto called out.
“Itadakimasu.” Hinata repeated.
Naruto began wolfing down the ramen – boiling hot.
He was draining his bowl of the broth when he looked over and saw Kakashi and Jiraiya staring at him, their eyes wide.

Naruto swallowed hard and set his bowl down, “Uhh… delicious!”
Kakashi stared at Naruto as if he could see right through him, “Don’t I know you?”
Naruto chuckled nervously, “I’m sure we’ve never met before! Ahh, Hinata – are you finished? We should be going.”
Hinata shook her head. Naruto looked into her bowl. It had hardly been touched!
“I like to savor my food.” Hinata said, patting her lips with a napkin.

“Oh good.” Kakashi said, “Then we have time to talk more!”
Naruto stared daggers at Hinata. She winked at him and mouthed, ‘Love ya!’
Naruto leaned in close to her and murmured in her ear, “When Tsunade-baachan fixes me up, you’re going to pay for this, Hinata. No. Sleep. For. You.”
Hinata flushed but continued eating.

And so our story begins!
Reviews always appreciated!

Hinata pulled the name 'Hitomi' out of thin air, amirite? It means 'pupil (of the eye)' and is usually given to girls with especially beautiful eyes.
I thought it'd be funny since Hitomi is supposed to be Hinata's cousin, when the Hyuuga's are known for their eyes and Hitomi merely has blue eyes. Maybe I'm the only one giggling at that. :P
Aoki means, if i'm not mistaken, 'blue tree(s)'.

Also - i LOVE Kotetsu and Izumo. They're SOOO cute! I want to see more of them. You'll see more of them around, too, in this story.

Thanks for reading!

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